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#397716 Springheel's Modular Building assets, 2.05

Posted by Springheel on 27 November 2016 - 11:35 AM



edit:  I've created a video series to showcase the new modules and give examples of how to use them:  http://forums.thedar...ls-205-modules/


Hope you enjoy them!  There might be a bit of a learning curve, but before you know it you'll be creating scenes like these:

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#422106 TDM 2.06 Released!

Posted by Springheel on 27 May 2018 - 02:47 PM

After a lengthy public beta phase, we are proud to announce the release of The Dark Mod 2.06!

The Dark Mod has undergone a lot of reorganization under the hood. A substantial amount of work was done to improve rendering performance and overall framework tech. Legacy OpenGL methods have been replaced with their equivalents in modern OpenGL. This is also the first TDM release to offer a native 64-bit build.

A full changelog can be viewed here, but some highlights include:

Better Visuals: Duzenko and Stgatilov have implemented a Soft Shadows option that finally removes the sharp edges of TDM shadows. This has a huge impact on the visuals of TDM missions. This option is currently labelled “Experimental” in the menu as we have had reports of issues on certain hardware. See here if you are experiencing flickering or other problems.

Better Sound: EFX audio now allows users without Creative hardware to enable EAX in the menu—a feature that processes reverb data and changes sounds based on the surrounding environment. Currently, only a few maps, like Volta 2: Cauldron of the Gods, by Kingsal, are set up to use EAX effects, but since all users can now benefit from it, mappers are encouraged to use this feature going forward. Interested mappers should see here.

Better Menus: The TDM menus have also been given a visual update, boosting the resolution and adjusting the graphics for widescreen monitors. Durandall has added scrollbar functionality to the mission menus, and Obsttorte has implemented a new menu option that allows users to customize the size and opacity of HUD elements, complete with a visual preview.

New Assets: A new set of Springheel's architectural modules is included in this release--a set of 50 models for creating church interiors. A number of new models have been added to other sets. Also included is a huge number of new prefabs, allowing mappers to quickly and easily create detailed map sections, as demonstrated in Springheel's Speedbuild series.

Better Mission Intros: This is the first TDM release to offer video codec support other than ROQ. TDM 2.06 allows for FFMPEG video support, which means that mappers will now have an easier time adding video briefings to their missions.

Better Gameplay: An error that kept food from restoring health has been fixed, and all food will now restore a certain amount of health when eaten. Guards can now sleep and wake up while seated.

Better Performance: Finally, experimental multi-core support is included for the first time, via patches from Cabalistic's VR branch. While this can cause performance enhancements, it is currently in "Experimental" form as some users may experience random crashes with this option enabled. Uncapped FPS is also now an option for users after this update.

To update, simply run the tdm_update.exe file in your darkmod folder. Please be aware that old saved games will not be compatible with 2.06, so finish any missions you might be in the middle of first!

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#391849 TDM 2.04 released!

Posted by nbohr1more on 12 July 2016 - 04:48 PM

The team here at Broken Glass Studios is very pleased to announce the latest update to TDM!
The update to 2.04 is primarily a bugfix release but has over a year's worth of fixes. Some changes will be noticeable right away, while others will take a while to appear in new maps.
To apply the update, simply run the tdm_update.exe file in your darkmod folder. (Note that saved games from earlier versions will not be compatible with 2.04, so finish any missions you are playing first).  Some of the improvements are listed below.  To see the full changelog, see below -


Better Coordinated Searching:
The changes in 2.03 caused AI to develop a choke-off pattern to more accurately reflect how people in groups would coordinate a search effort. It was found that this change often caused AI to remain stationary around the last known whereabouts of the player (causing the player to wait endlessly for the cooldown process). 2.04 now prompts isolated AI to move around more and investigate hiding spots within a radius of the alert region. This will give players more opportunities to make daring escapes or maneuverability to better reach a point of advantage to the AI.
Ai now noticed dropped weapons!
Even the TDM team developers were surprised to find that no prior release had code support for AI noticing dropped weapons. This has been added so now all your weapon hiding antics are meaningful as expected!
Grid Based Inventory option:
We were fortunate to gain a new mouse navigated grid-based inventory manager thanks to a new forum contributor, Durandall.Thank you! To activate, bind a key to _impulse30 in the console or Darkmod.cfg. For example -

  • bind t _impulse30

Pickup up stuff without clunking:
In previous TDM versions, players would often create unintentional alerts by clunking candles, bowls, or other moveables against the table-top when trying to lift them. This became so frustrating that Sotha and Goldwell began using stationary snuff-able candles in their missions to avoid this scenario. Now the grabber more smoothly moves objects into manipulation range and with a middle-click centers them on the screen directly in front of the player for easier manipulation.
Improved Breakables:
While developing breakable display cases for an upcoming mission, it was discovered that the whole breakable system was in poor shape. Crack decals would disappear after a small amount of time, rotated models would spawn pre-fractured, objects thrown through glass with zero-health would simply pass through without shattering it, and the fracture code itself caused a memory leak and save-game crash. SteveL spent a great deal of time sorting out these problems and updated the glass shader rendering as well.

Better looking Glass:
Along with SteveLs rendering fixes, AluminumHaste repaired or improved many of the stained-glass materials. Finally, I improved the flask glass shader (using fixes discovered by Obstortte and Arcturus).
Decal Fixes :
One of the oft-mentioned visual annoyances has been decals that seem to pop over distant objects rather than staying on their associated surface. This was tracked to OpenGL depth offset range behavior. It seems that Doom 3 has this set to an absurd 600 units (probably to work with DepthHack particles, which are a precursor to soft-particles in modern engines). 2.04 changes this range to reduce or eliminate this problematic behavior. This will also reduce the likeliness of z-fighting in missions and save on some overdraw.

Quicksave Backups:
A new quicksave safety system has been implemented. Save files are now written with alternating filenames rather than repeatedly overwriting the existing file. For a variety of reasons, the host OS has run into problems with rapid requests to write and overwrite these files leading to either corrupt or lost saves. The new system should be far less prone to this. It currently alternates between two files but can be set to any number you prefer with the com_numSaveGames console argument.
Improved Load Times:
While not a huge jump, it was found that particle bounds were determined via a lengthy Monte Carlo simulation. This has been scaled back to a simpler bounds calculation resulting in shorter map loading.

Sound Fixes:
Sound values are now prevented from being sent to the audio device with negative volume (invalid values) causing popping sounds. A new override system allows mappers to replace the ambient sound easily with another sound of their choice.

Russian & Romanian language improvements:
Thanks to the hard work from folks at the Darkfate Community, we now have better Russian translation and fonts.Similarly, the Romanian translation has been fixed to remove characters which do not have associated fonts yet for a more legible Romanian interface.

For the past few releases, freyk has been creating an installer tool to assist users who are not good with portable file setup in Windows or address dependency issues in Linux. We are now adding this tool to the official installation page as an alternate option.
Bug Fixes:
As with any release, general bug fixes have been addressed. Of major note is the Card Player savegame crash, breakable savegame crash, AI scooting themselves out into the void, and a fix for a memory leak in the SEED system. Logspam has been significantly reduced in both the LOD\SEED system and in DMAP compiling leading to dramatic performance improvement in the latter.




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#402413 Let's Map TDM With Sotha: The Bakery Job

Posted by Sotha on 23 February 2017 - 02:45 PM

Hello! I'm making a small/tiny 1-5 room mission, and recording the building process as a video. I'll upload the videos here as I go forward with the project. The series should give new mappers some idea what it takes to make a TDM mission. It will also teach the basics of modular building.
ATTENTION! These videos fully document the build process of the mission. If you want to play the mission without spoilers, please refrain from watching the videos until the mission is released and you've completed it. Massive spoilers start now!
Part 1: Introduction


Part 2: Modules


Part 3: Basic Geometry


Part 4: Basic Backyard


Part 5: Interior Details


Part 6: Backyard Details


Part 7: Lights


Part 8: Monsterclip & AI



Part 9: Objectives & Readables



Part 10: Sounds



Part 11: Finishing Touches



Part 12: Briefing & Packaging



Part 13: Betatest Fixes


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#321479 TDM 2.00 (standalone) released!

Posted by Springheel on 08 October 2013 - 08:31 AM

It's finally here! Announcing the new, standalone TDM 2.0!!

There are a tremendous number of changes in TDM 2.0, but I'll try to summarize them all.

Standalone: First and most importantly, The Dark Mod is now completely standalone, which means you no longer need to own Doom3 to play it! We have spent a tremendous amount of time and energy replacing all the sounds, textures, particle effects, and models that we had been using. Hopefully this will open up a whole new audience of people who didn't want to have to purchase a different game in order to try The Dark Mod.

In addition to going standalone, the following improvements have been made:

AI Improvements: There have been lots of additions and fixes to AI behaviour; characters will now greet each other more regularly, and will properly call for help when they're in trouble. Guards can now hear slightly better, and we have included a new AI Vision slider to the menu, so the player can adjust how sensitive they want AI vision to be. Characters react to bodies in more varied ways now. A bug that made AI very easy to kill has been fixed. Archers will draw melee weapons if the player gets too close. Guards will turn towards doors that open unexpectedly. There are new vocals for specific situations, like when guards are getting shot at and can't see their opponent. Searching behaviour has been improved. Plenty of old bugs, like the one where AI would sometimes attack with an empty fist, have been fixed.

New Gameplay: AI can now hear collapsing bodies, especially if the body is wearing plate mail and falls on a hard surface. No longer will a guard stand oblivious while his friend collapses to the ground two feet behind him. The player will have to give some thought to where they take down opponents if there are other guards in the area.

Audio Improvements: In addition to replacing dozens of Doom3 sounds, two new vocal sets have been added to the game. Footstep sounds have been improved. Big changes have been made to the sound propagation system that will allow mappers a lot more control over how players hear sound; for example, mappers can now make doors block different amounts of sound depending on their thickness, or can control how much sound passes through windows or small holes.

Graphical Improvements: You should notice a number of improvements to some character models, especially the skeleton, townsfolk, and beggar characters. Arrows will now leave blood-stains.

There have been plenty of other bug-fixes, like removing the ability to hide in the shadow of an object you're carrying (no more sneaking under a crate umbrella). See the full change-log here: http://wiki.thedarkm...new_in_TDM_2.00

Updates to Missions:

Because of the removal and replacement of Doom3 assets, some missions that used them are no longer compatible with TDM 2.0. About two dozen missions have updated .pk4s to fix these issues. New players can ignore this, but if you're playing missions that you downloaded before 2.0, you may have trouble trying to run them. Most are fine, but a few missions will just crash while loading, and others will load but will have odd visual problems. It is highly recommended that you delete all previously downloaded missions after updating to 2.0!

Going standalone has been a mammoth undertaking. There were literally hundreds of assets that needed to be replaced, and around seventy maps that had to be checked to see whether any of those replacements broke anything. We've been testing for months, but it's almost certain that we missed something, somewhere. If you see a black texture, a model buried in the floor, or something else unusual in a map, please let us know. If it was caused by 2.0 changes, we'll make sure we fix it in the next update.

Thanks to everyone on the development team, and those in the community that helped us replace missing assets and test missions!

To update your TDM installation, simply run the tdm_update.exe file in your darkmod folder. Your darkmod folder no longer needs to sit under Doom3, and you can move it wherever you like (though make sure it is still called "darkmod"). (If the updater fails to start, check to see if a _tdm_update.exe file (note the underscore) has been created in your folder. If it has, rename _tdm_update.exe to tdm_update.exe and run it.)

To download TDM 2.0 for the first time, please follow the download instructions on the website here: http://www.thedarkmod.com/downloads/

Not sure what TDM is? Watch an introductory video here:

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#415352 Fan Mission: Volta II - Cauldron of the Gods by Kingsal (11/30/17) UPDATE: v2.0

Posted by kingsal on 30 November 2017 - 08:34 PM


Hello everyone! I'm excited to bring you Cauldron of the Gods, the second mission in the Volta series.

This mission is large, so I'd expect anywhere from 1.5 - 2+ hours depending on your play style.

**Hard and Expert difficulties increase AI awareness, patrols, and amount of health potions in the level.**



Download version 2.0 (requires 2.06):

Cauldron v2.1

Available in the in-game downloader.



Andrew Bartmess - The Thief / Narrator
Goldwell - Bellero / Drunk Nobleman
Yandros - The Manbeasts
Epifire - Builder props
Drdocker - Rock models
**See cauldron_v1/models/model_credits.txt for full list.
Music Credit:
Ghast, Gigagooga, Sephy, Spadey
**See cauldron_v1/sound/sound_credits.txt for full list.
Scripting help: 
Obsttorte, SteveL 
Special thanks to these awesome beta testers: 
Bikerdude, Boilder's_hiss, Epifire, DrDocker, FinalBoss, Goldwell, Judith, Springheel


New to TDM?

-This level might be challenging for new players. I'd recommend playing the tutorial first.

- I'd also recommend playing Volta and the Stone before this mission.

Stuck or having a problem?
A couple screen shots:


I hope you enjoy it!


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#426764 Fan Mission: The Warrens (by grayman) (2018/9/1)

Posted by grayman on 01 September 2018 - 03:54 PM

Announcing the release of the fourth William Steele mission!

Attached File  mission_start.jpg   286.03KB   0 downloads


Steele is in what’s left of the quarantined Warrens, where he searches for the elusive murderer Gyles Deacon and evidence that Deacon was responsible for murdering Steele’s parents.


The William Steele Missions

The Warrens is the fourth of several Steele missions. Altogether they'll tell a story of corruption, greed, and revenge. At some point, I might package them as a campaign, in addition to the single missions. (We’ll see about that.)


If you haven’t played WS1: In the North, WS2: Home Again, or WS3: Cleighmoor I suggest you complete those before playing WS4: The Warrens.


The mission is available from the in-game download page.


In addition, it can be obtained here. Place ws4_warrens.pk4 in your fms folder. TDM will recognize it as a new mission.

Build Time

Nearly 4 years.




The Warrens is ready for translation.




This mission is the first William Steele mission to take advantage of EFX, so make sure you turn that on.


Thanks to the TDM team for creating a terrific platform for storytelling and stealth gaming.


Thanks to my beta testers: Abusimplea, Aluminum Haste, Bikerdude, Boiler's_hiss, Cambridge Spy, ERH+, nbohr1more, Ubersuntzu, unfairlight, and Xarg.


Thanks to Goldwell for his voice work on the opening monologue and the voice on the cylinder.


Thanks to Sotha for a praying animation for the priest.


And thanks to YOU, for playing!


Known Issues

If you experience low frame rates, please consult the 
Performance Tweaks page on the Wiki.


This mission requires TDM 2.06 or later.

The William Steele story relies a lot on readables. Please try to read every readable you find.

Most importantly, Enjoy!



Attached File  ws4_warrens_2018-09-01_16.27.53.jpg   248.25KB   2 downloads

Attached File  ws4_warrens_2018-09-01_16.28.54.jpg   294.11KB   1 downloads

WS5: Deceit


With luck, Deceit will be released before the end of the year. (We'll see.)

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#419363 Fan Mission: Sir Taffsalot's Sword (by grayman) (2018/3/18)

Posted by grayman on 18 March 2018 - 03:59 PM

Announcing the release of Sir Taffsalot's Sword.
Attached File  sirt.jpg   685.93KB   1 downloads
This is my tribute to Sir Taffsalot (Gary Pugh), whom we recently lost. He was a valuable contributor in mission creation, beta testing, and idea contribution.
You are tasked with recovering Sir Taffsalot's ceremonial sword, which has been stolen from him and spirited away to the mansion of one Lord Asher. While dealing with (or avoiding) Asher's guards, you need to find the sword and a couple special objects related to Sir Taffsalot. Since Asher isn't a nice fellow, there is (of course) the need to also find evidence he is up to no good.
You can obtain a copy through the in-game downloader. It requires 2.05 or later.
Build Time
Roughly three weeks to build and three weeks to beta test. Thanks to my testers Amadeus, Bikerdude, and Epifire.
Initially, this mission is not ready for translation. As soon as I'm certain there are no killer problems, I'll produce an I18N-ready version.

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#368824 So, what are you working on right now?

Posted by fllood on 27 March 2015 - 08:10 PM

Got back to DR and added a few rooms to my WIP  ...







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#389603 Fan Mission: Volta and the Stone by Kingsal (05/26/2016)

Posted by kingsal on 26 May 2016 - 08:05 PM

Hello Everyone!

I've been a fan of the TDM community for some time now.  Over the last year or so, I've been chipping away at an FM of my own and it's finally ready for release.


Volta and the Stone

Attached File  volta_logo.jpg   77.9KB   1 downloads

Volta and the Stone is a fairly large Thief-style mission (Lord Bafford's Manor).

It is the first mission of a campaign that follows the Thief and his encounter with an archaic and powerful force.

The campaign will span from robbing noble houses to being hunted by malevolent creatures from beyond the Veil.  

The emphasis is on creating a mood and tone that will hopefully feel familiar to fans of The Dark Mod and the original Thief games.


Available through in-game downloader.

Or here (Updated to 1.1)




A few notes

  • 2+ hours of gameplay. 
  • Normal difficulty is intended for new players. Hard/ Expert for most of the TDM community
  • EAX is set up, but relatively unsupported.
  • Features lots of custom art/ sounds/ and intro video.


If you are stuck or need help:

Please PM me or post spoiler free in this thread. I will make an FAQ with hints as they come up!


Thanks: Bikerdude, Oldjim, Taquito, Melan, and Goldwell for beta testing.

Special thanks: to FinalBoss and Tins for early alpha testing.


I hope you enjoy it!


Attached File  Volta_and_the_Stone_01.jpg   48.44KB   1 downloadsAttached File  Volta_and_the_Stone_02.jpg   32.15KB   1 downloadsAttached File  Volta_and_the_Stone_03.jpg   53.19KB   1 downloadsAttached File  Volta_and_the_Stone_04.jpg   42.54KB   1 downloadsAttached File  Volta_and_the_Stone_05.jpg   47.9KB   1 downloadsAttached File  Volta_and_the_Stone_06.jpg   30.45KB   1 downloads

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#373272 So, what are you working on right now?

Posted by Johannes Burock on 20 June 2015 - 03:45 PM



And as a direct picture with a bit less resolution:


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#434089 So, what are you working on right now?

Posted by Goldwell on 06 February 2019 - 11:53 AM

Currently closing off the first mission in Act 2. Just doing some last minute detailing, adding AI patrol paths and then it's done.


Chapter 1 starts off with the player exploring the Grimwood district trying to find out just what that mysterious tablet we found in the thieves guild is. Chapter 2 has us breaking into the Northdale Imperial Bank and Trust to find out what's inside the safety deposit box which we found the key for, also from the thieves guild in act 1.


Both missions will be arriving in 2019.


Here's some screenshots of the Grimwood district









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#429559 So, what are you working on right now?

Posted by ERH+ on 27 October 2018 - 12:27 PM

Would be nice to hold this lamp off centre, in up-right corner of FOV, so the shadows would be more decieving - but don;t know yet how to do this.


And yes, this is yet another forgotten keep in the middle of a marsh. I just love this theme. But this time it's family reunion.
















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#420410 Big Fat THANK YOU!

Posted by Jabberwocky on 17 April 2018 - 11:23 AM

I found this game a few days ago and I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone involved. The amount and quality of work you have done is amazing. I've gone through the Tutorial, A New Job, Tears of St. Lucia and Sir Taffsalot's Sword (which I understand is an homage to a recently deceased member of the community) and I'm amazed and speechless. And, moreover, all this for free from a community of fans who create it in their leisure time. WELL DONE, EVERYONE, AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THIS! You seriously rock!

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#389337 Beta test for Volta and the Stone.

Posted by kingsal on 20 May 2016 - 02:31 PM

Hello Everyone!

I've been a fan of the TDM community for some time now.  Over the last year or so, I've been chipping away at an FM of my own...


Volta and the Stone

Is ready for release, but only after a little beta test.

Attached File  volta_logo.jpg   77.9KB   2 downloads


Volta and the Stone is a fairly large 2-3 hour Thief-style mission (Lord Bafford's Manor). It is the first mission of a campaign that follows the thief and his encounter with an archaic and powerful force. The campaign will span from robbing noble houses to being hunted by malevolent creatures from beyond the Veil.  The emphasis is on creating a mood and tone that will hopefully feel familiar to fans of The Dark Mod and the original Thief games.


I'm looking for a few beta testers to help with the release (5 or so people).

I'd ask that beta testers have some time available to give constructive feedback and willing to explore a fairly large level.  Please PM for a download link.


Thanks everyone!


Now for a few screenshots:

Attached File  Volta_and_the_Stone_03.jpg   51.2KB   2 downloadsAttached File  Volta_and_the_Stone_04.jpg   40.89KB   1 downloadsAttached File  Volta_and_the_Stone_02.jpg   30.78KB   1 downloadsAttached File  Volta_and_the_Stone_01.jpg   47.08KB   1 downloadsAttached File  Volta_and_the_Stone_07.jpg   39.17KB   1 downloadsAttached File  Volta_and_the_Stone_06.jpg   29.11KB   1 downloads

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#388848 Fan Mission: The Accountant 2: New In Town by Goldwell (2016/05/09)

Posted by Goldwell on 08 May 2016 - 10:48 PM


Author Note:
Thank you for downloading and playing the sequel to The Accountant 1: Thieves and Heirs this FM picks up right from where we left off in accountant 1.
This is the second part in my five part series following Corbin on his journey to discover who and what the accountant is.
This mission is a little different to what you may expect from a Thief mission but still has plenty of classic Thief moments as well. This is the largest mission I have ever built with an average play through lasting between 2 - 3 hours.
A few aspects in game are different to what you may expect as well and those are:
- Candles are pinchable (frob to put out instead of pickup)
- Food has been hot fixed so now it heals you for 10 health points when eaten
- Doors that are missing handles means you cannot enter that room/building
- All secrets can be found before you enter the sewers
As a little piece of fun trivia there is a small cameo in my mission from a very special guest. He is a longtime voice actor in the industry and you may know him from roles such as Deckard Cain in Diablo, Captain Price in Call of Duty, Elder Lyons in Fallout 3, or just about any Nordic character in Skyrim.
In addition to all of the fantastic people who have helped me along the way I have personally spent a lot of time, effort and energy devoted to bringing this out to you all so I hope you can enjoy the fruits of my labor and have fun!


Attached File  a.jpg   105.55KB   0 downloadsAttached File  b.jpg   70.65KB   0 downloadsAttached File  c.jpg   103.2KB   0 downloadsAttached File  d.jpg   91.83KB   0 downloadsAttached File  e.jpg   60.98KB   0 downloadsAttached File  f.jpg   62.51KB   0 downloads
Available via in-game downloader

File size: 358 mb

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#341560 Forum Rules

Posted by Springheel on 24 March 2014 - 08:17 PM

The rules here are generally few and limited to what is necessary to keep the forum an enjoyable place for pleasant discussion.

Members of the TDM forum are expected to act like grownups and if they repeatedly demonstrate that they can't they will be asked to leave. This means:

1. Do not engage in name-calling or other personal attacks.

Attacking ideas, even vigorously, is fine. But don't attack the person.

"You're stupid." -- personal attack

"Take your stupid comments and go away." -- near enough to being a personal attack

"That's a stupid comment" -- snarky, but not a personal attack

"I think you're completely wrong and here's why" -- preferable reaction

The flip side of this is that if someone attacks your opinion, don't react as if they've attacked you personally. If you share your opinions publicly you are consenting to have them challenged.

2. Don't harass other members.

This generally refers to continually posting messages that boil down to nothing but "I don't like you" when talking to a specific forum member. This gets boring quickly, even if you're managing to do it without breaking rule #1.

3. Life's not fair.

Neither is this forum. Not every infraction is going to be dealt with equally. Members who are generally positive and helpful build up social credit that makes it easy to forgive the occasional slip. People who are continually negative and offer nothing to the community will get far less leeway.
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#378797 So, what are you working on right now?

Posted by Melan on 03 October 2015 - 08:44 AM

More of Penny Dreadful 3:





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#349701 Fan Mission: Penny Dreadful 2 by Melan and Bikerdude (2014/07/8)

Posted by Melan on 08 July 2014 - 02:16 PM


Penny Dreadful is a fan mission series dealing with the exploits and misfortunes of Gerald Foxley, lowlife and common opportunist. To stick with the theme of lurid and disreputable pulp literature, these missions are planned to be nasty, brutish and short (more or less). They also allow me to experiment with gameplay ideas which do not fit TDM standards.

In the first episode, The Grail of Regrets, what started out as a routine case of extortion ended with Gerald in the possession of the eponymous Grail. In the second, we will quickly learn that his newfound fortunes would be even shorter than anticipated...

All the Way Up

"Some say sudden wealth is a blessing, but those people are suckers. Me, I am the more careful kind. So when it turned out The Grail of Regrets, this sinister relic I dug up from a long-forgotten undercellar, brought in an unexpected number of the rich and influential, I knew my only course of action was to sell, and do it quickly.

My best offer came from Archibald Flint, the boss of Fiddler's Hill and its merry men: one of the bigger names in the business, and as they say, the occult. Not that I would say no: if a man like him wants something, an independent can only hold out so long as he has contacts left - or fingers. Trouble is, someone else also wanted to do him a favour...

On my way to Fiddler's Hill, I took a shortcut through Willett's Bridge, an antique thoroughfare bypassing some of the slums I wanted to avoid. The place enjoys a bad reputation - high tolls, confiscated cargo, and a series of gruesome accidents. Not the best place to be seen carrying a precious relic, but when you are in a hurry it is easy to make mistakes.

The ramshackle mansion above belongs to a man named Messer Montrose, a factor who lords over the place with a group of thugs, and whose contacts with the Bailiff of the nearby jail has made him above the law. His men were waiting for me high above the city, and after a savage beating, threw me over the bridge down into the muddy streets. And so..."

Download links:
MEGA (43 MB)

...and the mission downloader!

***Performance warning***:due to its construction, this mission's hardware requirements exceed the TDM baseline. The mission has been tested on a variety of configurations, and generally produces acceptable frame rates on contemporary or slightly out of date hardware. Some older PCs may experience significant slowdowns in the open areas, which may render the mission unplayable for some people. I offer my apologies for this inconvenience -- optimalisation should be credited to Bikerdude, while the remaining problems are all mine. You will need TDM 2.02 to play this mission.


  • There are multiple ways to accomplish your objectives, and even more to explore the mission - although some are less obvious than others.
  • There are no lockpicks in this mission, as Foxley can't use them; also, he is no master thief when it comes to stealth - be careful! Brute force, if necessary, is legitimate.
  • There is no poll to rate the mission because I do not believe in them. Your comments are welcome in writing, however!
  • You can find my concept art in the PK4 file. These images obviously contain heavy spoilers.
  • This mission series predates, and is thus unrelated to the Penny Dreadful TV series.

Special thanks: to my testers; Airship Ballet, AluminumHaste, Lux, Obsttorte, Premier, Skacky and Xarg for detailed and thorough feedback, which has been invaluable. Springheel for the custom GUI and loading screen, RJFerret for help with objectives, Goldchocobo & Co. for voice acting, Grayman for gib generation and, last but not least, the Canon Texture Project for various canonical textures.


1.1 update note: This mission has been released in an updated version. This update contains a number of small bugfixes, it adds slightly more equipment on lower difficulties, and cuts down on file size by removing duplicate assets which have been incorporated into the TDM core since the mission's release (43 instead of 102 MB!). Thanks are due to my testers, Bikerdude, lowenz, nbohr1more and Oldjim. :)

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#315760 Fan Mission: Penny Dreadful by Melan (2013/07/28)

Posted by Melan on 28 July 2013 - 02:11 AM


Penny Dreadful is a new fan mission series dealing with the exploits and misfortunes of Gerald Foxley, lowlife and common opportunist. To stick with the theme of lurid and disreputable pulp literature, I plan these missions to be nasty, brutish and short. I will work on them when I get burned out with the campaign, or after we finish it.

The Grail of Regrets

"A few days ago, I received note from a man by the name of Grimy Morgan. I have bought the odd trinket from him before - he is one among the hundreds of workers labouring to keep Bridgeport's electricity supply going, and his kind always finds the most unusual things...

Morgan rigs water arrows in his underground lair, and occasionally, he is able to palm the odd piece of wind-up machinery when his superiors aren't looking... and most aren't looking too hard. This time though, he promised something more, a passage he'd discovered below the power junction he works in.

Morgan hasn't contacted me again, and I am starting to think he may be looking for other offers, or thinking of getting his hands on whatever's there on his own. So much for gratitude...

Whatever this is, he should have learned to keep his mouth shut. My name shall not be Gerald Foxley if I cannot claw my share from his hands - the only question is how much punishment he is prepared to take before paying up...

Download links:
MEGA (24 MB)
...and the mission downloader!


  • There are usually multiple ways to reach your targets - although some are less obvious than others.
  • There are no lockpicks in this mission, as Foxley can't use them; also, he is no master thief when it comes to stealth - be careful!
  • There is no poll to rate the mission because I do not believe in them. Your comments are welcome in writing, however!

Special thanks: to my testers, Bikerdude, skacky, TylerVocal, nbohr1more, Springheel and Premier, for detailed and thorough feedback. Springheel for the custom GUI, loading screen, and much appreciated criticism. Bikerdude for several performance and aesthetic fixes. All mistakes remaining are mine.


1.1 note: This mission has been released in an updated version. This update contains minor bugfixes, and cuts down on file size by removing duplicate assets which have been incorporated into the TDM core since the mission's release (24 instead of 72 MB!). Thanks are due to the betatesters of this new version, Bikerdude, lowenz, nbohr1more and Oldjim.

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