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  2. That’s awesome, I’m glad this is getting traction. I’d push my wife to do it but she’s already reluctant to give a couple one liners for my own mission.
  3. All the three libs which I posted have debugging info, so stack trace should show OpenAL function names on crash.
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  5. Minor update: Contacted Shadow Creepr. She's working on it in her free time, she'll be sending the files over to my e-mail in batches. Hopefully her recordings will go well.
  6. Can we have a test build with the debug version of OpenAL so that @lowenz can show us where it crashes inside the lib?
  7. Ehm... not directly. Is it too bad when you copy the wanted version over SVN package, then build, then rename executable? Repeat it three times, and you have three executables, each with its own version of OpenAL.
  8. I will need to check that @grayman's bug first
  9. "Mine"= the one you posted here some time ago *GeForce Ti 1050 -> working with some scene parts black (A New Job FM) *RX 570 -> working but ALL THE SCENE is black (geometry is there)
  10. Unfortunately, there's constant shortage of content creators. Ideas are nice and all, but don't expect anyone to jump in and start making stuff based on your suggestions anytime soon. Better learn how to make such content yourself
  11. Learn rigging and get to work on animating those AIs, young man.
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  13. I wish I could come up with a witty retort or actual solution, but the first thing to come to mind is "i dunno lol".
  14. Given that we don't even have the manpower to get the updated werebeast working well enough to release, who are you expecting to "do some different fantasy humanoids"?
  15. Maybe we could do some different fantasy humanoids from beastmen, but still not the common ones like Dwarf, Elf, Orc, Goblin, Troll, Ogre, etc. The Silver-Skinned Kothringi and Eyeless Orma from Elder Scrolls were pretty unique subspecies of human from the swamps of Argonia, and for a horror aesthetic, the mutant Freaks from the otherwise-disliked Thief 2014 were a good monstrous humanoid, although they were still referred to as "strange man-beasts" in a newspaper article. Perhaps something like debased troglodytes, or more Lovecraftian fishmen, less sympathetic than the Kurshok I chose as my namesake, or ghouls from Pickman's Model.
  16. Well, "potentially"... We have that one concept from Plutonia, and that one is years old. Do the math. The Volta 2 ones are the only ones available right now. I have to wonder whether they could be included in the core mod...
  17. So we technically only have 1 true race of beastmen, the chimp-like ones in Volta 2, and one potentially on the way, the Mantians.
  18. Probably because it looks similar, but with heads on boneless limbs instead of hands. It sounds like an evil Lovecraftian potato.
  19. Now I see "Debug with inlines" as an option. Isn't it possible to add ALL the 3 OpenAL Soft versions to the project and select one in the build process? So we got 3 possible binaries for x64 and 3 for x86.
  20. Working again Any recent GLProgs package to test the build?
  21. Thanks for your kind words, though I'm sorry to hear you ran into problems. I've gathered that some of my contraptions were unstable.
  22. Thanks for the praise! I'm glad you appreciated the attention to detail, I feel like I almost went overboard in this one adding little details that the vast majority of players won't find. The side missions thing is probably going to be a staple for my missions, along with secrets, since they're so much fun to add in and most players seem to enjoy that.
  23. @Springheel

    I'd like to ask: Could the Fire elemental article at the wiki be unlocked ? It's very out of date at this point, we've had a working FE in the core game for a while now, and it has appeared in some of the missions. I'd like to update the info and a more crisp screenshot of the elemental that I've already prepared.

    Also, could we have the main Universe article and The Empire article briefly unlocked, just so I could add a Category:Universe tag to those ? They are currently entirely unclassified on the wiki and it's a pain always needing to look them up separately (and not very good navigation for new players searching for info on the wiki).

    Also, was the Builder Characters article vandalised that it's also off-limits ? Some of the other character articles (for thieves, noblemen, etc.) have been expanded over time with new entries, as the number of missions (and their contributions to the "lore") has grown, but that article seems stuck in the Tears of St. Lucia era of the project. After 10 years, I think the less set-in-stone universe articles should be slightly more open to occassional updating.

    Thank you for considering this ! I appreciate any help I can get while trying to update minor but useful stuff on the wiki. Lately, I've expanded some of the more stub-like, previously unfinished articles on gameplay concepts (especially tools and weaponry) in places where they were still lacking. It might seem the wiki has loads of interesting and detailed stuff, and though that's true, some articles really need more regular updating. 

  24. Another urban FM I absolutely loved. It was nice to see even more content and detail compared to the first part, including the extra challenges which were an unique idea. Some of the objectives required noclipping or looking at the hints in the first post, and I also experienced the bug where one of the hidden doors wouldn't open. I'm looking forward to seeing a part 3, if and when you plan on creating such a thing... your approach makes for some of the best FM's I've played so far.
  25. Another great mission that definitely deserves my praise. Your attention to detail was once more in top shape, I loved exploring this one and finding several of the high up areas and funny little secrets. It's also fun to have so many side missions and areas with non-hostile NPC's that say "hi" when you walk in.
  26. The term "werebeast" implies that it's a shapeshifter. I don't know if that's in the wiki or not, but I know my original intent when I added them was that they were some type of lycanthrope. They're not a race and wouldn't have their own culture, though pagan tribes may look on them favourably (shamans or druids might learn to shapechange into beasts).
  27. It sounds cool, but how come the pictures in that link are of a Dead Hand from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?
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