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  2. I do not know where to post this (@Springheel: If not fitting, please move it to an appropriate section) If all mission objectives have been reached, the player shall says some final words.
  3. 1, AI walks from path note 1 to path node 2 to path node 3 2. Due to player's actions (using switches etc), path node 2 is not availably anymore (becuase it is maybe located on a trap door) 3. When path node 2 is not available anymore, AI shall go straight to path node 3
  4. There is no easy way to make a luteplayer react to player's actions. Thus, an lute playing AI would be very helpful with the following properties: - variable skins - at a certain alarm level, lute player stops playing lute and so does the designated sound files...when alert level decreases, lute player, starts again playing the lute and the designated sound file start playing once again - at a very high alarm level, lute player drops the lute (and sound file stops) and runs away
  5. If TDM runs badly on the laptop, are you sure you are using the discrete GPU to play it (if applicable?). Getting Nvidia Optimus to work is a pain in the ass, but on my thrift store AMD+Intel laptop, I just run DRI_PRIME=1 ./thedarkmod.x64 and it runs on the AMD gpu rather than the Intel one, which indeed, struggles to play the game. Thief 1 and 2 run wonderfully under Wine. Thief 3 does run pretty well too, I think. But I don't spend much time with that game because of the severe bugs that were left in it, for example you get stuck floating and can't jump. That happens on Windows too.
  6. If you need functional props (models mapped to entity defs), this is probably the best section: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/forum/4-art-assets/
  7. Zorin seems OK. The big problem I have had with Linux on laptops is there is always, ALWAYS, some incompatible hardware that requires some custom config of files somewhere, and it's hard to google answers to specifically your own exact issue. Linux is not nearly as plug and play as Windows is, since Microsoft is the juggernaut that can spend billions on development and driving the market where Linux cannot, this makes sense. With Linux you always have to do some config coding. So I use Linux as a hobbyist OS on some devices with the expectation that it'll just die or fail to work one day, but I like Windows and how it feels and looks and how well it customizes, and how stable it is. I know there are privacy issues, but that's just the day and digital age we live in. Cameras are everywhere, Facebook and Google track your every page view, your purchase histories get sold every time you buy something from any store, financial companies leak or get hacked exposing all your data, and governments store everything personal about you in databases everywhere. It's a bit harsh to singly blame Microsoft for collecting your data when other companies do way more damage to your privacy, and purposely.
  8. Where belong the wishes for new entities or prefabs?
  9. Oh, okay, status updates just show up in the activity feed like regular posts, except that you can reply to them right from there. Yeah, I prefer the old method, but I have no idea how to set things up that way.
  10. Testing status updates.

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      Testing comment

  11. There are a few reasons why this is different from SEED. You can control where you position objects exactly using CTRL+MMB during pasting, not just up to 25 you bring from the clipboard, but collections of objects. You can then adjust each one individually from within Radiant, as I was doing in the video, just because I accidentally placed objects in the same location. As far as I understand, SEED operates during the map compile process and each object can't be fine-tuned in Radiant. It's the same with the concept of bringing terrain in from Blender as individual brushes, so mappers have control over everything right there in Radiant.
  12. It seems like you can click the Unread Content link on the right and choose Status Updates from Content Type picklist. But it's not as straightforward as it was before the upgrade.
  13. Where? I only see options to view posts.
  14. It seems like it doubles the functionality of the SEED tool in DR? I only used it to reduce the drawcall count for stuff like blades of grass, so I'm not 100% sure, but it looks like it from the wiki description.
  15. status updates seem to be in the activity tab at top of the page. between browse and leaderboard
  16. I probably haven't explained it clearly enough, so here's a video of what I'm talking about with this:- http://www.violationentertainment.com/temp/VE_Radiant&101_1907.mp4
  17. I can't find any option to adjust forum likes. I did turn status updates on, but I'm not sure where they appear now. Still figuring out this new system.
  18. You can still download the missions from within the game itself.
  19. Hi doc.loner, I also missing the missions, but you can browse the Fan mission forum. On mostly every thread starting with "fan mission:" is a download link. You can retrieve the missions from there.
  20. I'm currently looking at migrating my systems ( couple of laptops & desktops ) to l*nux I've looked at a few distro's & Zorin looks reasonable, the front end isn't too much of a shock to a life long windows user for a start I've set it up on a couple of laptops, one dedicated & one dual boot which went without a hitch I even put TDM on it, runs like a drugged slug on the laptop but I'm impressed it runs at all as it's a really low spec machine I just use for testing, basically I'm ironing out any issues before I tackle my main machine as I earn a living with that one If anyone knows any major issues with Zorin (based on Ubuntu) please shout out Also I'm looking at the possibility of running the existing W7 installation inside a virtual machine & isolating it from the network, I'd really like to do it without reinstalling windows & just let W7 sort out the sudden disappearance of half it's resources, anyone know if that's doable ? I may just ditch W7 as I can't think of any apps I use under W7 that haven't got equivalents under l*nux, I'd quite like my thief installs to work but I can ask on ttlg for that
  21. To be more precise, overlapped shadow-casting lights are the problem. More than two of these overlapping can be a pain on older hardware. What you can do, and that works very well for non-extinguishable or "ambient" lighting, is to have one "key light" that cast shadows, and several other noshadow "fill lights", e.g. to mimic light bouncing off surfaces. Modern games go even further and use noshadow lights to guide player's eye to certain spots, or to add some artistic touch. Often they don't even have a light source (they're not diegetic), so they look a bit unrealistic, but surprisingly, that rarely feels jarring or out of place, at least in a more or less finished environment. If you need examples, take a look at e.g. Skyrim or Dark Souls series.
  22. There are lots of little tricks you can use too. It's lights overlapping a surface that has the performance hit. So you can tweak the light boxes just so they don't overlap. Or you can have a large overlapping light with shadows turned off, and then sneak in smaller shadowcasting lights to make a few key shadows. (There's a whole wiki page on performance optimizations and tweaks too that every mapper should know about.)
  23. Yesterday
  24. I don’t know sorry! It was an issue during the beta that was fixed. I booted up the mission on my end and I can hear all of the footstep sounds without any beeping.
  25. I see there are footstep sounds in the pk4 file included for the player. I wonder why it won't use them.. I downloaded the pk4 into the fms folder and then the game said "new mission available". Then i "installed" it. The new models and all work - but the footsounds won't for some reason.
  26. It happened again -.- this time I tried to figure out which file was corrupted by removing them one at a time, and once I removed the file called "filters" DR booted back up as normal, and I didn't have to delete my user preferences and redo them! Yay! That was a real pain in the ass last time.
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