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  2. Fanatastic mission, joebarnin, I enjoyed it alot! There were few thing at the end that baffled me:
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  4. Problem: crash on x64 after map load inside nVidia driver. x86 just works. Puzzle: qglFlushMappedBufferRange does not seem to be doing anything. x86 works great without it. x64 still crashes after map load. No crash on Intel. Edit: NM, driver bug. Went away after driver update. As for flushing, should we not unmap the buffer every frame?
  5. Conarium was cool but a tad walking simulator for my tastes, it was surprisingly very stable and bug free for the majority of the gameplay but it did add a bug that made me stuck for some time... IMO because of a bad design choice. At the end of the game, you are inside a temple and you need to get out, you have a pickaxe but it is context sensitive (bad idea), you can't bring it up unless the game lets you, so I see a wall that shows the symbol that you can break it but no matter how many buttons I pressed, I couldn't chose the pickaxe, only when I took a few steps back away from the wall did the pickaxe show up, why couldn't I bring it up near the wall, I was to use it to break the wall after all!
  6. Did this in svn. The persistent mapping path only for now. Will add fallback for incompatible drivers later. The extension seems to be supported for all GL4 drivers, even though it was only cored in 4.4.
  7. Alberto, Thank you for reporting the issue. I would like to know at which time the installer hangs on your system. (or is it the updater? ..I think it is) To temporary solve your problem, download and run the latest tdm-updater from the download page. If it hangs during the download procedure: rerun the updater until all the files are downloaded. Or download files from moddb. For all users, it is known that the updater can crash or stand stil, when its downloading files from a slow/unstable server. Maybe the updater on your system stands stil/crashes during downloading the files (from a unstable tdm-mirror) too, alberto? (to me, thats normal. because how the updater reacts to the the unstable/slow tdm-downloadmirrors) I will look into your reported download bug of my installer. ---- My installer consist of the installer and the updater. The installer create the tdm folder, sets permissions/shortcuts, generate an uninstaller and download/runs the separate tdm-updater. The tdm-updater (created by the tdm team) checks and downloads the tdm-files from the tdm-filemirrors. During my test, I Confirm that the TDM installer for windows, fails to download the tdm updater from taaki's webserver. (Taaki location is online, but the installer fails to download it. dont know why yet) But the installer react on it by unpacking and using an old tdm-updater. The new and old updater runs (with his quirks) great, as it should be. Without an internet connection, the installer does the things mentioned above. But without an internet connection, the new and old updater crashes stops (or crashes?) immediately, after hitting the continue-button to start the download procedure. And it doesnt display any messages, but In the tdm-update log you will see it cannot find the list with tdm mirrors. Then tell the people to only use the updater And avoid several beginner problems, by following the wiki: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation (The tdm installer is created to do the things mentioned in the wiki automatically.) As far that i know of, the tdm-updater for linux doesnt build the binary, its download it. At this moment, I only maintain sometimes the source of the tdminstaller on github. People of the team compile the installer it and place it on the tdm website. If you want to improve the my tdm installers, please let me know. You can find the source of the tdm installer for windows (and others) on my github page: https://github.com/freyk22 tdm installer for windows github info page: https://github.com/freyk22/tdminstallerwin tdm installer for windows source file https://github.com/freyk22/tdminstallerwin/blob/master/src/darkmodinstaller.nsi The source of the updater can be found on the svn-server (i think) https://svn.thedarkmod.com/publicsvn/darkmod_src/trunk (more info, see tdm download page: http://www.thedarkmod.com/downloads/)
  8. I add that error on my side two times, in both it was a semicolon ; at the end causing the problem values "value1;value2;value3;"; // this is wrong in two ways it has two extra semicolons values "value1;value2;value3" // right way
  9. Well, I just think that this was the intent. It maybe did not work out as intended, but it is too late to change that...
  10. Hey thanks for the offer duzenko, unfortunately i'm not using TDM version of idtech 4 but a custom fhDoom version of the engine, but in the case of the "a transition does not have a valid destination var windowName::matcolor" I found out what the problem was... On a peace of script code I did this: windowDef { ... float set 0 if("set" == 1){ onTime 1000 { do this } } else { onTime 1000 { do that } } } But it should be done like this: windowDef { ... float set 0 onTime 1000 { if("set" == 1) { do this } else { do that } } } The error message indicated a totally different windowDef from the one with the bad logic, and made me spent hours chasing the bug, making me think the macros where the problem, when in this case they were not, I deleted all the macros from the gui (fortunately made a copy before that) and the gui still didn't worked, only when I disabled each windowDef one by one did I found what caused the problem. About what you could do in the c++ side to solve that, like I said i'm not using TDM engine, but if it suffers of the same problem you could try improving the gui scripting error reporting, if possible and the TDM team thinks is necessary and/or something urgent. Another thing you could try to implement, is make it so anyone making TDM guis can use colors defined with #define on transitions as well, instead of having to use definevec4 in the Desktop window, i'm sure that will help everyone using idtech 4. IMO where idsoftware failed when creating the gui scripting language was the inconsistency of how colors/etc is defined and/or used, sometimes is 1,1,1,1 other times is 1 1 1 1. one time you don't need quotation marks other times you need them, etc. Btw sorry for the slightly off topic, I was able to change the gui scripting so you can call onNamedEvents on the gui itself, using the same code has used in Quake4 guis: namedEvent "eventname"; is a really nice thing to have, that I think everyone should have it, using this you don't need to recompile the engine to run onNamedEvents. It was so easy to implement that I was surprised why idSoftware never implemented it but only Quake 4 team did ( I never saw the quake 4 code so I don't know if they implemented it using the same method). Here is the peace of code that does the magic: GuiScript.cpp /* ========================= Script_NamedEvent ========================= */ void Script_NamedEvent(idWindow *window, idList<idGSWinVar> *src) { idWinStr *parm = dynamic_cast<idWinStr*>((*src)[0].var); if (parm) { window->GetGui()->HandleNamedEvent(*parm); } } Add the gui cmd to the command list guiCommandDef_t commandList[] = { { "set", Script_Set, 2, 999 }, { "setFocus", Script_SetFocus, 1, 1 }, { "endGame", Script_EndGame, 0, 0 }, { "resetTime", Script_ResetTime, 0, 2 }, { "showCursor", Script_ShowCursor, 1, 1 }, { "resetCinematics", Script_ResetCinematics, 0, 2 }, { "transition", Script_Transition, 4, 6 }, { "localSound", Script_LocalSound, 1, 1 }, { "runScript", Script_RunScript, 1, 1 }, { "evalRegs", Script_EvalRegs, 0, 0 }, {"namedEvent", Script_NamedEvent, 1, 1 }, {"setCursor", Script_SetCursor, 1, 1 } }; Then on the gui itself just define a onNamedEvent like always and call it inside the gui itself, onAction for example, using: namedEvent "eventName";
  11. Most beginner mappers won't make textures at all, but they will feel the limiting consequences of not optimized assets. They would have more freedom with enough preset skins and optimized assets, as they would hit performance limits later than sooner. Even now you can see the consequences of that approach: many missions look same-ish and they are unoptimized, or they limit mappers a lot. It's the same as if the assets had fewer editing options, but with all the disadvantages
  12. But the way it is, creating skins is easier for people with little to no experience in creating textures. You can simply create a skin by exchanging one material with another. No need to create a texture from scratch. That (I belive) is the versatility Springheel meant: The easy possibility to create new skins.
  13. Not really the case of companies vs. hobbyists, as e.g. CS mappers or Skyrim mappers have to do the same, so the engines they use work as expected (i.e. maintain high framerate in competitive online play, or make the gameplay in TES engine as smooth as possible (which isn't easy from the get go). Mappers don't need high number of materials per model to have versatility, they need a decent number of skins.
  14. If it's something needing a fix on the C++ side, I can look at it but I will need a test package.
  15. duzenko

    Raspberry Pi 4

    Where is the source code the compiled from? What they should have benchmarked was Doom3 BFG which is a much more modern, performant, adapted for current hardware version. Number wise, FPS = TDP. Aren't there Intel Atom based micro PC's that can do the same thing faster and easier?
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  17. Ok, this is strange. The last time I worked on it, the animations were working. The IK was implemented via trial and error by me, as I had no real knowledge about it. I just copied, what I could find in other AI and tried to transfer it to the Werebeast. The main problem (as far as I can remember) were slopes above a certain degree, which made the animation look very unnatural (anything above 20-30°, if I remember correctly). This was also the reason, why I stoped working on it: I simply did not know what I was doing and transfering what I could find was not enough to make it work properly In case, the files on SVN are not up to date, this is the lastest version I have: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t97u6lm914fen7o/werebeast.pk4?dl=0 I had problems with my hard drives some time ago and had quite a lot of data loss, so these are the only files I have. Another reason that dampened my motivation.
  18. A little necromancy here, but I tested the things in the package and couldn't get any of them to work. Although there were no errors, none of the animations would play (when the AI was supposed to run it just walked, no pain was played when damaged, etc) and the ik didn't appear to do anything (AI bounced up steps as before). I don't know what to make of that, but I've uploaded them to SVN in case anyone else wants to have a look. When opening up the animations that work vs the ones that don't, I see the two have different numerical values for each bone. I suspect that's a problem, but don't know exactly what those values mean. Working animation: "origin" -1 0 0 // "Bone001" 0 5 0 // "Bone002" 1 32 2 // "Bone003" 2 56 3 // "Bone004" 3 56 6 // "HeadBone" 4 56 9 // Non-working animation: "origin" -1 63 0 // "Bone001" 0 63 6 // "Bone002" 1 63 12 // "Bone003" 2 63 18 // "Bone004" 3 63 24 // "HeadBone" 4 63 30 //
  19. So this is the last I can see on the topic. I guess those animations/ik was never tested? edit: Ok, gave it a quick whirl...the ik isn't very convincing at the moment (if it's working at all), and I can't get the included pain or run animations to work. In fact, none of the animations offered by Destined appear to do anything, though I don't see any obvious reason why.
  20. Hello guys i'm working on a more complicated main menu for my game and some things seem to cause confusion to me, specially the use of macros with #define and #include. From my search, idsoftware never used #define in their guis and only used #include esporadically, in conjunction with .pd files and not .gui files, what makes me confused, is that some idtech 4 users use or used #define and specially #include to also include .gui instead of .pd, on my tests this seems to be error prone. But i've seen menus that work fine with them in, so my confusion... when I define a macro for example, #define height 640 and put it at the top of the gui file like so: #define HEIGTH 640 #define WIDTH 480 windowDef Desktop { rec 0,0, HEIGTH,WIDTH ... } That works But this causes problems #define WHITE 1,1,1,1 #define BLACK 0,0,0,1 windowDef Desktop { rec 0,0, 640,480 backcolor BLACK // This works transition "windowName::matcolor" "WHITE" "BLACK" "200"; // this does not work } To try to solve that I did #define WHITE 1,1,1,1 #define BLACK 0,0,0,1 windowDef Desktop { rec 0,0, 640,480 definevec4 "white" 1,1,1,1; definevec4 "black" 0,0,0,1; backcolor BLACK // This works fine matcolor WHITE // again this works fine transition "windowName::matcolor" "$desktop::white" "$desktop::black" "200"; // this works...until it seems it doesn't... } But sometimes it works others times it seems to cause problems, like error "a transition does not have a valid destination var windowName::matcolor", specially because the gui error messages are not very good at saying what is really wrong... Ultimately I want to know how others that worked in idtech4 GUI, dealt with this? Right now by the looks of it I should avoid using #define macros and just do it like idsoftware did, work on the values directly. But man macros would really make life much easier...
  21. No way. Quake 2 was a very popular game, compared to the Thief's. Shooters are a very popular genre, also today. Thief will never get any further development from the people involved, or the owners of the intellectual property. If you're waiting for that, then you'll die waiting. There's not even interest from players in regards of such games anymore these days, and, back in the days, it was already pretty niche.
  22. Holy moly this is exciting, the imagination is running wild with the possibilities.
  23. Actually, I just went in and tested this, and the werebeast DOES appear to have a ragdoll--he collapsed when I killed him (though the legs bend the wrong way). So now I'm not sure what's keeping him from being usable, beyond a limited range of animations.
  24. RTX is a complete dead end, watch this before continuing:
  25. One issue impacting ray tracing in games will be the terminator artifact. It looks like this, and you'll se it in Quake2RTX. The proper way to solve it is to use very high polygon models, which obviously comes at a huge cost. Basically if you have lights that cast sharp shadows, especially the sun, you get jagged stair-step artifacts because of the low polygon model. http://www.creativewithjaakko.com/2017/07/27/low-poly-artifacts-in-cycles/ Pumping up the render samples will NOT make this go away.
  26. jaxa

    Raspberry Pi 4

    Doom 3 on Raspberry Pi 4 with the GPU overclocked to 600 (620?) MHz, up from 500 MHz. 960x540 resolution. FPS fluctuates a lot but is usually near 20. The SoC's VideoCore VI GPU can theoretically support OpenGL ES 3.1/3.2 or Vulkan 1.1, which may improve performance, but don't expect drivers to support any of that for another year or two. Maybe OpenGL ES 3.1 sooner. DarkRadiant 2.6.0 x86 is available on the Debian repository and is running.
  27. echoing all the sentiments, this is a great one! I cheated a bit (between tips here and noclip) and still didn't find everything - a sign of a densely packed area that rewards careful observation. looking forward to your next fm
  28. Even tho i'm not using HDMI i'm using DVI so i'm using a digital interface. 1- I personally don't mess with gamma on games unless the game itself asks me to do that at init. 2- If you are talking to main users (not mission makers) IMO unfortunately the intuitive thing to do for many users, is to bright a game using the monitor/game gamma option, if the team wants to change that, perhaps a hint should be shown at game load saying to use the main ambient light? 3- Color banding doesn't seem to be a problem to me, at least never got distracted by it, but that is me. If I want to see it fixed? If is not hard and doesn't change the game looks to much, imo go for it.
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