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    During my mapping session today I wanted to try something I haven't really ever done before.. draw concept art and then build a scene based off of it. As you can tell I am a very talented drawing artist But I gotta say it actually helped with the direction of the scene overall
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    The shadow/light play, and the dark atmosphere makes me lust for this.
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    You don't get lockpicks until Assassins.
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    No, we don't have that data. Missions can be spread across multiple mirrors.
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    I might have to check that out because keeping the passwords localized instead of on a server would be my preferred choice. It's either this, or buying a Pi to setup my own Bitwarden server. I don't understand why you would want to encrypt the database using Vera Crypt. It is encrypted already by KeePass, isn't it?
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    One more thing that might be useful: due to lowered precision of BSP processing, I sometimes get leaks from brush walls or floors that are only touching by the edges (as when you use Make Room function with a cube). The leaks will go away when walls or floors actually touch each other, e.g. floors and ceilings extend by wall thickness, etc.
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    This is a long shot if there are no other signs of light-bleed or internal leaks, but are there any non-opaque brush surfaces (like caulk or nodraw) in the problematic wall, including surfaces you can't see because they're flush with an adjacent brush? (Caulk is opaque in a certain sense, but internal caulking has given me light-related headaches before. I sometimes use shadowcaulk for that reason.)
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    Nope, Jedi, you are innocent . This problem has been there all along.
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    Shoot, forgot to try that. I'll give it a go now.
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    Ahhh I was sure you got them earlier. Ok thanks.
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    Link to animated material I made.
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    Did you move the radius of the light as I suggested? You should be able to move it so that it doesn't overlap the interior room, and the move the light center so that it stays on the torch.
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    No, I didn't because I had hoped for a solution that doesn't require a recompilation. In that case the feature can only be added to the base mod and not my patch! So will this be done in the next TDM release?
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    Welcome back and thanks for the feedback. I know about the localisation string, but I didn't want to add new words to several lang files without settling on the words first. Did you add the code changes from my game/ModMenu.cpp code to darkmod_src, recompile and use the new binary from the 2.07hotfix branch? If you see the "Set finished" button and it does nothing, then this code is missing in the darkmod binary.
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    Okay, I'm back from holiday now and could finally test it. I disagree about the "Refresh List" part, "Refresh Mission List" fits perfect and explains better what is meant, so I fixed that. But the main problem is that "Set finished" does nothing yet! This button would need to set the mission to finished in the missions.tdminfo file. Also for now it isn't correctly implemented for localisation, you need to assign a string instead of using direct text...
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    The advice people often give in this situation is, when you really can't find the source of a problem, you just clear the problem area or brushes and re-build it from scratch with a very clean building style. If you can track it down to a small area, then that's not so bad, but if it's a larger area, that might be more effort than it's worth, especially in your case of otherwise being on the verge of release.
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    Yup, setting light to noshadows works correctly. If visportals work correctly and there are no leaks, you can try setting up a func portal to see whether they're closed when player is outside. A lot depends on where the door opening is, but just for testing purposes, you can set it to very small value. http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Visportals#Visportal_switches:_func_portals
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    Is it possible to use custom CSS to correct this? Like this: pre.ipsCode { background-color: #333; }
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    What is the minimum required OpenGL version to run The Dark Mod? Will it work with OpenGL 2.1? I have some nice vintage 7900GTX SLI system to build that I would love to run the game on. I don't expect any bells and whistles like soft shadows etc, just playing on minimum settings. And If it works now, will it work in the future? like some engine update that will require OpenGL 3.3 or 4. Please for info.
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    My first thought as well. If the light is sealed off properly by brushes and visportals, it just won't be rendered. It's either an internal leak or visportal not closing. You can use func portal, if you need to control it better (proximity based).
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    You could try moving the light radius away from the interior and shifting the light center so it stays by the wall. Or a more complex option would be a script that turns the light to noshadows when you enter the building. edit: Actually, have you tested for internal leaks? If the light is in a visleaf that can't be connected to the player while in the interior, then the shadows shouldn't be calculated.
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    Not future, it's the present already. Just from the forum members alone, @Epifire and I have been using Substance tools for a year or two. It's very helpful and very affordable, even for hobbyists.
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    This substance generator looks cool...
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    Necroing the thread to add that the book is now free (though a Scribd account seems to be required in order to download an actual file instead of reading in the embed): http://www.hourences.com/product/the-hows-and-whys-of-level-design-2/ The e.t.a. for the 3rd Ed. seems to have slipped a bit though.
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    can I move the topic or delete it completely?
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    A bit more progress. It turns out AF files have 'contents' and 'clipMask' settings which https://www.iddevnet.com/doom3/afs.html fails to document. In both D3 and TDM, your typical human body ragdoll has something like this: contents corpse clipMask solid, corpse However, while looking at D3's env_swinglight_round.af, I noticed: contents corpse, playerclip clipMask solid, body, corpse Armed with this knowledge, I've managed to make a tree, a ragdoll and an idling human func_animate solid to the player. (Though the tree's solidity is dodgy; I suspect its AF just doesn't fit the visual model well, but af_showBodies and its relatives aren't working on my idAnimated entities, so I can't see.) I'm still having trouble with solidity when I try to make a func_animate play a walk anim instead of standing in place.
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    I'm looking for a small number (3?) of beta testers for my new mission "The Heart of Saint Mattis". It'll be ready for testing in the next day or two. Sign up here, and once we get a quorum I'll create a topic in the Beta Test section. Regards, joebarnin
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    @Sourav Try this binary https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oq_rtHxeliRAK3HBOYxAVEoBuTfnD5eq/view?usp=sharing
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    I remember making these mockups but I couldn't handle the code alone to do it myself, here s one of them:
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    I know it's dumb but you have to click on that tiny white circle instead of the thread's title to go to the first unread post. Yeah, tiny. little. circle.
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    TDM 2.07 is the last version to target OpenGL 2.1 2.08 will be targeting 3.1 Sorry, we don't have resources to maintain that kind of compatibility (and neither the old hardware to test on) If anyone wants to add a legacy backend port we'll accept that contribution.
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    An alluring & titillating French voice, and Martin L. Gore is singing background. Hmm...maybe DM should have done it this way back in the eighties!
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    That's the last thing I saw about this map. http://shalebridgecradle.co.uk/testing/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=3012&start=15
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    I'm trying to break up the monotony of flat surfaces a bit, in similar fashion to what modern games do. Typically though, you'd need photoscanned assets or hi poly sculpts that go both as bakes for low poly geometry, and then for flat tiling materials. Since this is way too time-consuming for one person, I decided to take slightly more simple approach, where I'm just modeling shapes based on tiling material made with Substance. The result is similar to what parallax mapping would do, except no "jelly effect" and hopefully less stretching. Good thing is that this geometry doesn't need to cast shadows, and every stone is like 50-100 triangles, so not that much. So far the engine seems to handle that without any problems, but I'll wait with my optimism until I get both walls and floor covered with this additional geometry
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    I'm excited for this Jack! First real working area I've accomplished, a little forest meadow that leads up to some skinny trails. I hope to rival BD's forest from Alberic's Curse at least in terms of atmosphere. If I portal it properly it just might be doable and run ok. Sorry for garbage resolution. How's that, Jack fixed the brightness for me.
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    Early shot from Hidden Hands: The Lost Citadel (Part I: The Weir) The mission will consist of three parts.
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    Official stable version of Blender 2.80 is out.
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    Back in the day when Stan Ridgway was singer with Wall of Voodoo they did a cool version of a famous J. Cash song:
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    That's true. And you can use the filters to hide the obscuring patches. It's OK, but - you only see one character at a time (i.e., can't have multiple "create entity" viewers open) - without heads - can't change default zoom level, as you bounce among characters. Always have to rezoom. On a different topic, I'm playing around with water inside a sunken ship for the next mission. Info about floating objects was slight, so after researching it and doing some experiments I created a wiki page, attached. Could you instantiate it for me (and review as time allows)? Please also link from the [[Water Tutorials]] index topic. Thanks. Objects Floating in Water.txt
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    A screenshot from Shadows of Northdale Act 3 (and my first on the new forum!). Corbin will be venturing to this mysterious island just off the coast of Northdale to break into the infamous inventors guild.
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    It's an RPG with immersive sim elements, so not really GTA. And just because it's not a clone of Deus Ex it doesn't mean it's not a similar type of game.
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    Compression artifacts under 2.05/6 when the normal compression was turned on. Gone when it was off. Even in 2.07 turning normal compression off shows increased vram use.
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    How did this happen xD
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    IMO mappers should retain ability to write their own frob shaders. I had some fun with it, I'd love to experiment further with its look, and I only know the shader code, no programming language. TDS frob highlight is basically a cubemap overlay with blue tint, that can be useful if toned down a little. Without any color it actually looks like silver. But it does go away if there are strong lights around. Blend add stays there, but if it's a solid color across an object, you can't see it well either. You either need some kind of pattern, maybe like those diagonal stripes in Superhot shaders, or a "real" outline that is based on object shape and depth test. But isn't it even more expensive? http://www.michalorzelek.com/blog/tutorial-creating-outline-effect-around-objects/
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    My map have specific lighting (or rather lack of it) so this issue may not occur without thick fog AND lack of other lights. Dim light source is attached to the player. Obviously the image's contrast is maxed out.
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    Cheers! Ack, this is a good point. Here they are brightened.
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    Weird. I wonder what curl is doing different than the Java code I use. swiftmazes is the only server which won't report the Content Length for a mission when doing URLConnection tmpConnection = new URL(url).openConnection(); tmpConnection.getContentLength(); That's why that tool needs to ignore swiftmaze with respect to the checking file sizes... unless I figure out what I am missing. All I get is the following, and digging deeper into possible options and alternatives to modify the behaviour of the URLConnection did not reveal any insights so far either. Transfer-Encoding=[chunked], Keep-Alive=[timeout=5, max=100], null=[HTTP/1.1 200 OK], Server=[Apache/2.2.29], Connection=[Keep-Alive], Date=[Tue, 28 Apr 2015 20:39:33 GMT], Content-Type=[text/html]}The official internal name for "Thief's Den" is now 'thiefsden', as should be the name of the pk4. See http://missions.thedarkmod.com/get_available_missions.php
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    Canada's best since Neil Young. Period. I have to admit, they do a lot of covers (most popular perhaps their take of the Townes Van Zandt song "Waiting around to die" used in an episode of "Breaking Bad", season 2), but this is why I bought all three available albums from them (and I liked all of them):
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    Well, there is a third mission in the storyline that finishes the arc. The story is completed, and I finished about two thirds of the map. But I burned out before finishing it. Biker has added a few extra areas since then, but is working on Crucibles now. If there were an experienced mapper who wanted to work with me to complete the 3rd mission, I'd be open to the idea. But I won't be going back to it on my own.
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