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    To any core team members and senior devs: If you're willing to provide voice acting supervision/QC for the following audio project for the core game, please let me know. We need a supervisor from among the core team, preferably one who's worked with audio and contributing voice actors before, to get this project properly completed. Any sustained help with providing quality control minded feedback to the VA (not just technical things, but performance feedback) is deeply appreciated. It's been a while since the core game received any new VA, and this is one particular old gap that could be filled with a completed side-project like this one.
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    Shadow Creepr of TTLG.com has provided samples for what might become our female player voice set: Emphasis on might, as this is still in development.
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    Welcome, SC. Hope you'll have a good time here. Thank you for all the contributions and willingness to help out.
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    Wow, so many "likes" in just a few days. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
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