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    Ok, one last post with pipes. Reworked the whole thing a bit and added some more variants. But first things first: 1. Initial concept (material/blockout) 2. Exploded view with the pipe kit. All variations were made with this set, I cut the straight pipe to proper length where needed. 3. Base version. 4. V2 5. V3 Okay, no more pipes for at least two months now
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    Hi all, First off let me say that TDM has renewed my faith in gaming at a time where bloated, soulless open world/multiplayer gaming seems to have taken over. There's real passion behind each level released, not a whole bunch of filler added in by devs working death-shift hours. This, the numerous S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Skyrim mods are pretty much all I play now. The only small suggestion I would have, if it hasn't been suggested a million times already, is perhaps getting a Moorish/Middle-Eastern setting going. The whole 1001 nights context would be an open pallette to explore. I personally can't wait to sneak around some Sultan's palace or some long forgotten tomb in the desert. Just my 2 cents. Anyways, keep up the great work all! Cheers, g0kud0
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    A wonderfull mission, full of great atmosphere and cool details! I had a weird bug though: the guy in the room next to Anna tried to open the door when I sneaked by and he got stuck, so I heard a continuous thumping and thought there was a monster behind it, maybe connected to Anna's curse! Luckily while searching Anna's room he somehow got unstuck, but speaking of Anna's curse, if you update the mission maybe you could remove a hand from the chest so it makes more sense? I also noticed that you made it so that only the lids of all containers were frobable which makes getting loot out of them much easier. Would it be possible to use a def trick or something to make this work with other missions too? Or is the only way to do that for the mission authors to implement it themselves?
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    you should only sell royalty rights and not copy protect rights as that leads to a dark in dirty tunnel where the mod would be banned from using the sound effects and music that originated in the mod. Selling the other rights means the mod would lose the rights to use them.
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    Very good FM overall. Simple and elegant mapping, with a bit of intrigue and some nice stuff to find. It's not always often you see a change of scenery in TDM, the pier theme was a nice idea.
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    Those look pretty amazing, any plans on making dirty/rusty/greenish versions?
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    Yeah, I've heard the map has ballooned in size and complexity. Looks like it's going to be pretty insane.
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    In regards to the ambients I dug through the soundsahders and found the authors of each of those files you mentioned: gregorian - Muze ss_catacombs - ShadowSneaker ss_derelic - ShadowSneaker underground_darkness_loop - Schatten basement01_loop - Schatten church - mrDischarged As for tracking down those authors to purchase royalty rights? I'm unsure. Maybe someone else on the team can help out there, or a google search might point you in the right direction. Also for the sound effects that's a whole other ball of wax. Each of those are typically sourced on a commercial-free license and come from a large variety of places such as freesound and sometimes ones that individual authors have recorded. We don't have a purchase system setup as money never changes hands here, and tracking down the authors for those would take a long time. If you had individual sound files you were interested in, you might be able to track down those authors, but you would have to go to each of those. As i'm pretty sure we don't own any of the music/sfx included with the game.
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    I wanted to fit one more in, redesigned the courtyard containing my pool, reduced sightlines and again, fixed those blasted VPs,
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    A little necromancy here, but I tested the things in the package and couldn't get any of them to work. Although there were no errors, none of the animations would play (when the AI was supposed to run it just walked, no pain was played when damaged, etc) and the ik didn't appear to do anything (AI bounced up steps as before). I don't know what to make of that, but I've uploaded them to SVN in case anyone else wants to have a look. When opening up the animations that work vs the ones that don't, I see the two have different numerical values for each bone. I suspect that's a problem, but don't know exactly what those values mean. Working animation: "origin" -1 0 0 // "Bone001" 0 5 0 // "Bone002" 1 32 2 // "Bone003" 2 56 3 // "Bone004" 3 56 6 // "HeadBone" 4 56 9 // Non-working animation: "origin" -1 63 0 // "Bone001" 0 63 6 // "Bone002" 1 63 12 // "Bone003" 2 63 18 // "Bone004" 3 63 24 // "HeadBone" 4 63 30 //
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    Actually, I just went in and tested this, and the werebeast DOES appear to have a ragdoll--he collapsed when I killed him (though the legs bend the wrong way). So now I'm not sure what's keeping him from being usable, beyond a limited range of animations.
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    One last sneak peak from Shadows of Northdale Act 3. Lord Edgar's estate!
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    https://www.polygon.com/2019/9/19/20874384/french-court-steam-valve-used-games-eu-law French court rules that Steam’s ban on reselling used games is contrary to European law Sometimes I do have to remind myself that there really are places in the world where governments don't just metaphorically suck off corporations all day, and on the flip-side, actually stand up for consumers' rights. Sadly, I don't live in one of those places. I think if I did though, I would actually buy more games. Kind of ironic! Over here, they brainwash the masses with superfluous scandals in order to make sure citizens are distracted from the gradual erosion of our rights. "Did you hear what random celebrity/random elected official said/did yesterday?!?!" No, I didn't, and I don't care.
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    And when you look up, that view can still give me chills. Forests are a thing now.
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    ____________ is a rapist. Fill in the blank, post an essay somewhere, and you have ruined or at least severely derailed a life. No evidence, and no police report was ever filed? No problem. Social media is the court. In this specific case, it looks like Jeremy Soule deactivated all social media accounts, and his "agency representative" is also not responding. This could be the right move, as saying nothing is probably better than making a generic apology for "the hurt I've caused" if you think you are innocent of the major claims. Say the wrong thing, and it will be used to beat you into the ground. Update: He has denied the allegations. Accusations against two others in the industry came out in solidarity later, with one accusation from someone who allegedly grifted tens of thousands of dollars from Kickstarter backers without delivering a product. Pursuing false accusers in a real court is possible, but could be difficult and will cost you tens of thousands of dollars, if not $100k+. Anyone who is actually raped should seek help from the police immediately, so evidence can be gathered before it is too late. If the #MeToo movement can reduce the stigma of reporting rape, and force departments and prosecutors to seriously investigate claims, that is a good thing. Earlier in the year, it was reported that Soule had not been contacted by Bethesda about doing the score for TES 6. It might stay that way now that Soule is being dragged into the mud. But given the abject failure of Fallout 76, Bethesda may be incapable of putting out quality games anymore. Time to move on?
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    I don't disagree with any of that. It really is one rule for the elites and another rule for the rest of us, particularly with authority figures and politicians. For example, in the UK the government have passed laws allowing widespread surveillance of internet users while conveniently excluding MPs and their communications from the scope of the law. Similarly, the anti-sex-discrimination laws that apply to normal workplaces have specific exclusions to allow gender quotas for political candidates. But let's not needlessly introduce race (or other personal characteristics) into the discussion when it doesn't have any actual relevance. All that does is create artificial division which doesn't benefit anyone except the elites themselves. If the "little people" want to stand up to the elites, they need to work together, not divide themselves into meaningless groups based on superficial characteristics and then spend time squabbling over things which happened decades or centuries ago and which none of us have any control over.
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    What's even more important is their age and height.
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    Malware is bad, but... That looks pretty damn cool, specifically the spawning of so many windows that it looks like you are flying down a 3D tunnel.
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    Oh no, I don't mean to discourage anyone from testing, but there's a huge difference between any feedback and quality feedback – and that's dev's time. This is even more important in non-professional environment, since everyone here does it in their free time, so any effort not to waste it is very, very appreciated. Bugtracker is more for developers, so they can easily move through a logically structured documentation about problems and their causes. If you don't have time to contribute towards that, it's fine, you can always mention your problems casually in the forums, and at some point someone else will document it properly
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    ...and three more for good measure. I'll keep compiling the assets I've put together and upload some more in the next few days.
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    Right, it does not send anything to GPU but see my OP - it makes the CPU do too much constant work when it filters the stages to decide if it has to send anything.
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    The forum mods are (I was pretty sure this was posted somewhere, but I can't find it atm): Greebo Grayman Melan New Horizon stgatilov taaaki (mostly high level maintenance) and myself A few additional people have mod power in particular forums. Ah yes, Aidakeeley/Blueskybullet/etc (I forget some of the other aliases he used). One of the few other people we have ever banned.
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    Somewhat off-topic, but I'd like to ask whether I can upload the official screenshots for TDM FMs to an image category on our wiki ? I'd source them from our ModDB.com account, the Images gallery we have for TDM. In case we decide to give missions separate short articles in the future and would want to attach a screenshot gallery.
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    Only time will tell I suppose. It had been sort of a mistrust/worry among friends I'd spoken too and that kind of thing isn't earned back in an instant. People have to be shown their work has some protection here, so this is the first logical step to achieving that.
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    Everybody sees the value of Bikerdude and respects what he has achieved and done for us. That's why the team held back on going down this route for so damn long. What you maybe don't see right now is that many valued members already left the mod because of drama with BD. There are also numerous people who have expressed concerns that their released assets might get plagiarised etc. This must not happen in our community. So, this is actually an effort to prevent more harm to the team and the community. I am honestly really sad to see BD go, but I also fear that him staying might cause more harm in the long run.
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    He's everywhere. I suppose he's the closest we have to a Garrett figure (though quite different in many ways). Thanks for the commendation. I just felt we need some articles to plug a few white spaces in the documentation.
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    Great work there! Also just to let you know the protagonist in Shadows of Northdale is Corbin.
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    If you require your mission to be uploaded and/or updated on the official server or if you need to change the description/screenshots associated with your mission then please feel free to send a PM to one of these people: AluminumHaste - Click here to send a message directly Nbohr1more - Click here to send a message directly New Horizon - Click here to send a message directly Thank you!
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    Read frictional Games blog entries about what makes good horror, they are gold. This is some of the things i think about what makes good horror, in a horror game a good story is important, is used to catch the player and make him want to continue in spite of the fear. Good Horror gameplay to me is the following, never but never overuse cheap scares like jumpscares, never use monster closets, etc, horror should come from the situations/environment the player is in, not from sudden loud bangs and things flying at the player face. In a slow paced horror game never over expose your monsters, use the player mind against them, if they don't know what the full monster looks like their mind will fill the gaps and more times than not they will make them be more scary than they really are. Don't make the player into a killing machine that destroys any fear the player has about the monsters.
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    I found this awhile ago, and thought it was a really interesting look at what can make an effectively terrifying gaming experience: One of the things I try to ascribe to when designing spooptacular levels is to try to keep players in the dark (mostly figuratively, sometimes literally...). At times, the scariest thing you can do is let the player's imagination run wild, as mentioned in the above video. The Cradle from TDS, for example, does this perfectly; the opening section has no enemies to speak of, but the creepy ambient sounds, atmosphere, worried commentary, and scripted events give us a taste of what we can expect while leaving us guessing as to what we'll eventually find ourselves up against. First playthrough, most players are likely psyching themselves out, wondering what horrible thing is waiting for them around the corner. Doing this in TDM, you'd probably have to keep a few things in mind. 1. Fear stems from powerlessness. The more in control you are, the less afraid you'll be. To branch off that, veteran players will likely be harder to scare than newer players, since they're the ones who know how things work (e.g. I can consistently dance rings around the zombies in Thief, since I'm now very familiar with their behavior). This is why the alien in Alien: Isolation works so well; because it adapts to your actions, even seasoned players never quite know what it's going to do, therefore making it completely unpredictable and bringing back that element of tension. I don't know that it's possible to vary TDM AI behavior like that, but I will say that implementing something new or very infrequently seen could be an effective strategy for scaring players. 2. Jumpscares can be effective, but are ultimately cheap. I'd say limit them to maybe one per mission, if even. Any more just gets old. 3. Gradually easing players into it might potentially be effective. My hypothesis is that slowly building up tension (e.g. through notes that get progressively more disturbing as you go) vs dumping it all on at once can cause that uneasy feeling to creep up on them unconsciously, but that could be up for debate. 4. Environmental storytelling will likely play a big part in setting the mood. Just setting up a small scene in a single room (e.g. the fireplace is all charred, the tools have been knocked over, the grate is crooked, the curtains over there are scorched, and there's a trail of ash and burnt charcoal leading to that door over yonder...) can build on the sense of wrongness and get the player asking "what happened here... or do I even want to know?". 5. Different things will scare different people. Some folks are total arachnophobes. Others really hate creepy dolls, or shadow people, or undead, etc. I don't know if it's worth playing up those fears or not (especially considering you have no idea who's going to play your mission, when, or with what kind of mindset), but possibly worth keeping in mind. 6. Really good sound design can make a huge difference. Definitely a no-brainer, but you don't want something like Yakety Sax playing in the background But at the end of the day, TDM is an immersive sim, which means there's a lot of moving parts to consider, from interest curves to core gameplay loops, that could tie into a good horror experience. Personally, I enjoy more subtle horror that ramps up over time, but there's a lot of wiggle room and many viable ways to design a good scary mission.
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    First of all, no I did not forget about or abandon this project! I've been busy working on one of the most complicated parts I had to dive into so far, which took both a great amount of work as well as some developer learning in the process. I'm also working on a ton of games and animations at once, making it very hard to find the time. Today I finally have something new to offer. I'm happy to announce that the mod now has its own original bow! It is a compound bow, designed to look modern while otherwise working in a very similar fashion. It's still incomplete, but I managed to finish the bow and arrow models as well as the animations... I still haven't looked into how I'll "teach" the AI how to use it, and new sounds are the next priority. Currently there's only an implementation for the broadhead arrow, but a container arrow has been prepared for implementing the equivalents of other arrow effects (water, fire, etc). The original compound bow model and texture was created by ScoutingNinja and is licensed CC0, you can find it on its Blendswap page. The 1st person animations for it were created by me from scratch, also CC0 as far as I'm concerned. As usual, you can find and try out TheDarkModule from its Gitlab repository. Let me know what you think!
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    Below is an updated list of all the barks existing in current scripts. This should be used as a base for any new scripts. Syntax is: Line Title: ["sound def name"] Actor direction filename, "example line" x suggested # of lines Total Lines: approx 270 (including grunts and coughs) Sound files should be in .wav format, mono, 44100 project rate, ================================================================================================= Tone and Attitude Dialogue should be generally modern, North American English, but with a slight renaissance flavour. The more educated the character, the more renaissance-speak is appropriate. Avoid modern-sounding words and phrases (eg, "What's up?" "Roger that" or "I'm going to kick your ass"). But at the same time, this isn't Shakespeare--the dialogue has to sound fairly natural to modern English speakers. AI Characters In order to create a variety of character types, vocal sets will be created for various "characters". A character, in this sense, is a distinctive voice, personality, and way of speaking. ================================================================================================= AI STATES: Relaxed Relaxed, Idle: ["snd_relaxed"] You're relaxed and going about your regular business. You aren’t expecting any trouble. You’re talking to yourself, so lines should be muttered in a low tone of voice, and punctuated with sighs, pauses and mumbling. idle01 "*sigh* A few more hours to go…." x10 Throat clearing/ coughs x3 Sighs x2 (you’ve had a long day) Humming and/or whistling an idle tune x2 Sneeze x1 Relaxed, Armed: ["snd_relaxed"] You're an armed character, probably a guard on patrol. You’re not expecting any trouble, but are ready to defend yourself if necessary. You are muttering to yourself about your shift or other combat-related concerns. idle_guard01 "Hmm, I’ve got a bad feeling about this shift.” x3 Sleeping: ["snd_sleeping" ] You're fast asleep and dreaming. A few snores, maybe a mumbled word or two. sleeping01 x2 Reacting to World: ["snd_reaction" ] ["snd_state3"] You are relaxed, and have just looked at something non-suspicious, like a book, or a playing card, or your reflection in a mirror. You make a grunt or comment, either pleased or not. Currently these lines are used primarily for AI playing cards—they make a comment after looking at their new card. They should be delivered without too much emotion. reaction01 “Aww.” [annoyed] x4 AI STATES: Alert These barks are meant to tell the player that the AI has seen or heard something. Observant: ["snd_alert1" ] ["snd_notice_generic"] You notice something subtle but aren’t sure what it is. Doesn't seem like anything serious. You are talking to yourself, so you should not be particularly loud and may trail off. to_observant01 "Hm?" x4 Observe a Sound: ["snd_alert1h" ] Same as above, only these lines refer specifically to a sound. to_observant_heard01 "What’s that sound?" x2 Observe a Sight: ["snd_alert1s"] Same as above, only these lines refer specifically to seeing something. to_observant_saw01 "Did I see something?" x2 Notice Something: ["snd_alert3" ] You notice something suspicious, and it caught your attention enough to warrant going over to check it out. You’re still not sure what it is, and you’re still mostly talking to yourself, but you're less casual now. to_searching01 "What's that over there?" x4 Notice A Sound: ["snd_alert3h" ] As above, you hear something loud enough to make you want to investigate. to_searching_heard01 "What’s making that noise?" x2 Notice A Sight: ["snd_alert3s" ] As above, you see a brief motion in the shadows. Better check it out just in case. to_searching_saw01 "What's that in the shadows….? “ x2 Notice A Sound, with company: ["snd_alert3hc" ] You're with friends and you hear something loud enough to make you want to investigate, even though it’s probably nothing serious. searching_heard_company01 "Listen, did you hear that? Let’s check it out." x2 Notice A Sight, with company: ["snd_alert3sc" ] You're with friends and you see a brief motion in the shadows. Probably nothing, but you should investigate. searching_saw_company01 "Did you see something over there?" x2 Settling Down: ["snd_alertdown0" ] You noticed something, but you haven’t found anything to worry about. It was probably nothing, and you’re going back to whatever you were doing. These lines are muttered to yourself. alertdown_to_idle01 "Hmmm, nothing now...." x3 Settling Down after hearing something: ["snd_alertdown0h" ] As above, but lines refer to hearing. Whatever it was is gone now. Go back to your business. alertdown_to_idle_heard01 “Just some wind." x3 Settling Down after seeing something: ["snd_alertdown0s" ] As above, but lines refer to seeing. You caught a glimpse of something moving, but it appears to be nothing. Moving on. alertdown_to_idle_saw01 "Just shadows." x3 Settling Down after noticing something suspicious: ["snd_alertdown0sus"] You saw something suspicious---an open door or a rope hanging down--and have searched the area. You can't find any intruder, but you're sure something is afoot. These lines are muttered to yourself. alertdown_to_idle_suspicious01 "Well, I don't see anybody, but something's not right." x3 Alerted by Something: ["snd_alert4NoEvidence"] You notice something that makes it clear that there's someone there, but you don't know exactly who they are. You don’t know for sure that there’s a threat, but you’re all business now, and your lines are directed to the mystery figure in the shadows. to_agitated_searching_noevidence01 “Let’s not have any trouble…come on out so I can see you.” x4 Alerted by Intruder: ["snd_alert4" ] You suddenly see or hear something that makes it clear there’s someone there, and you already have enough evidence to know that it’s an intruder. These lines are an aggressive challenge to the hiding enemy. to_agitated_searching01 "Hey, who goes there? Show yourself!" x4 Idle, On Guard: ["snd_alert_idle" ] You've seen an intruder or been told that there is one. You're on your regular patrol, but you’re no longer relaxed. You’ve got your weapon out, and you’re ready for trouble at a moment’s notice. You’re muttering to yourself. alert_idle01 “I’m ready for him.” x3 AI STATES: Searching Searching for Someone: ["snd_state4SeenNoEvidence" ] You’ve seen or heard enough to know that there’s someone around here, hiding. It might not be a threat, but if they’re hiding, then they’re obviously up to no good. You’re looking around for them. These lines are stern and generally directed at the hiding figure. searching_no_evidence01 "If you’re here, I’m going to find you." x6 Searching for Someone with company: ["snd_state4SeenNoEvidence_c" ] As above, but you're with friends. "We're going to find you, you know." x3 Give Orders to Friends ["snd_giveOrder"] You're searching for someone when friends arrive. Give them something to do." "Check over there." x2 Giving up after search: ["snd_alertdown0SeenNoEvidence" ] You’re pretty sure you saw somebody, but you've searched around and can't find anyone. This bark is played as you give up the search. You still don’t know for sure that it was an intruder, but you are pretty annoyed. You’re talking to yourself. alertdown_to_idle_no_evidence01 "Someone’s idea of a joke, I guess." x6 Agitated Searching: ["snd_state4SeenEvidence" ] You know for sure there is an intruder around, and you’re looking for him. You’re deadly serious now. Your lines are directed at the intruder himself. searching_evidence01 "You can't hide forever, rogue!" x6 Agitated Searching with company: ["snd_state4SeenEvidence_c" ] As above, but you're with friends. Your lines are either directed at the intruder or suggestions for your comrades. "I'll check over here!" "You can't escape us!" x3 Agitated Searching, unarmed: ["snd_state4SeenEvidence" ] You know for sure there is an intruder around, and you’re looking for him. You're unarmed though, so you’re not really sure you want to find him. You’re directing the lines at the intruder, and you should sound somewhat uncertain. searching_evidence_civilian01 “Hey, I know someone is hiding here…what do you want?” x4 Giving up after Agitated Search: ["snd_alertdown0SeenEvidence" ] You have confirmed there is an intruder but he's given you the slip. You've searched for him, but haven't been able to find him. You're giving up for now but you aren't letting your guard down. These lines are primarily delivered in a frustrated tone of voice. alertdown_to_idle_seen_evidence01 "Damn, he must have gotten away." x6 Giving up after Agitated Search, unarmed: ["snd_alertdown0SeenEvidence" ] You know there’s an intruder around, and you looked for him and didn’t find anyone. You don’t have a weapon, so you are rather relieved that you don’t have to deal with an armed criminal. alertdown_to_idle_seen_evidence_civilian01 “Phew, it looks like he’s gone.” x4 Joining a Search: ["snd_helpSearch"] You find some friends already searching for an intruder. You join them. "I'll help you look." x1 Ask for Help: ***** No Def Currently **** You’re in trouble; you found a guard and are telling him to come with you. “Follow me!” x1 Return with Help: ***** No Def Currently **** You’re not equipped to fight, so you ran away from the intruder, got help, and came back. The intruder is still here, so you point him out. gotten_help01 "See, just like I told you. Get him!" x1 Return too late with Help: ***** No Def Currently **** You went and got help, but by the time you got back the intruder was gone. You’re flustered and upset. gotten_help_gone01 "He was right here…look sharp, he’s probably hiding!" x1 COMBAT AND PURSUIT Spotted the Intruder, armed: ["snd_to_combat"] ["snd_to_combat_monster"] You have come face to face with the intruder. You are pulling out your weapon and getting ready to charge. These lines are shouted to the intruder. to_combat01 "Surrender or die, villain!" x5 Spotted the Intruder, armed, with company: ["snd_to_combat_company"] ["snd_to_combat_company_monster"] You have spotted the intruder and are getting ready to charge. Luckily, you have some friends with you. to_combat_company01 "Look there! A Thief!" x2 Spotted the Intruder with a body, armed: ["snd_spotted_player_with_body" ] You see the intruder, and he’s carrying a body! The fiend! spotted_player_with_body01 "Put that body down and surrender!" x1 Spotted the Intruder, unarmed: ["snd_to_flee" ] You have spotted the intruder. Oh no! He’s got a whole bunch of weapons, and you don’t have any! You are panicking and getting ready to run, and are yelling for help. to_flee_civilian01 "Help, there's an intruder!" x3 Lost Player after Pursuit: ["snd_lostTrackOfEnemy" ] You are chasing the intruder when suddenly he disappears. How did that happen? He can’t be far. lost_track_of_enemy01 “Hey! Now where did you go?” x3 Hit by Arrow: ["snd_taking_fire" ] You’ve been hit by an arrow from an unseen foe. You’re hurt and angry. You might be calling out for help or shouting at your attacker. hit_by_arrow01 “Come into the open and try that again you bastard!” x2 Running Away: ["snd_flee" ] You’re unarmed and are running away as fast as you can, but the intruder is coming after you! This is life or death, so you’re shouting in panic to anyone who can hear you. flee01 "Help me!" x2 Running Away, hurt: ["snd_flee" ] You’re armed and have been badly wounded by the intruder. You’re running away as fast as you can, yelling for help or begging for mercy. flee_hurt01 “I surrender!" x3 Running Away, event: ["snd_to_flee_event" ] You've seen something terrible, like a man killed right in front of you, and you're running away. to_flee_event01 "I've got to get out of here!" x2 Coming to Assist: ["snd_assistFriend" ] (is this used?) A friend of yours is in a fight and you are on your way to help them. You call out to let them know you're coming. assist_friend01 "I'm here! I’ll go around this side!" x2 Fighting: ["snd_combat_melee"] You're locked in deadly combat with an intruder. These lines are delivered as you swing your weapon, so should be quick and full of a sense of action. combat_melee01 Generic combat grunts (“hiyah!”) x5 Fighting, winning: ["snd_combat_hit_player" ] You are locked in combat with the intruder, and have just bashed him with your weapon. You take a moment to taunt your opponent. These need to be said quickly, as the fight is still going on. combat_hit_player01 "This’ll be over quick." x3 Fighting, winning, with company: ["snd_combat_hit_player_company" ] As above, but you have friends in the fight. combat_hit_player_company01 "Look, I got him!" x1 Fighting, losing: ["snd_combat_blocked_by_player"] You are locked in combat with the intruder, and he has just hit or blocked you. You realize this might not be as easy as you thought. These lines should be short. tdm_ai_pro_combat_blocked_by_player01 “So you CAN fight!” x3 Pain: ["snd_pain_small"] ["snd_pain_large"] Something just hurt you. Ouch! tdm_ai_pro_pain_small01-03 Small grunts (“ow!”) x3 tdm_ai_pro_pain_large01-03 Serious pain (“Aaaaiieee!”) x3 Throw Something at Intruder: ["combat_throw"] The intruder is visible, but you can’t get to him. You're angry and throw something. combat_throw01 "Take THAT!" x2 Shoot Arrow: ["combat_ranged"] You're an archer, shooting arrows at the intruder. combat_archer01 "Hold still…." x1 Frustrated: ["snd_cantReachTarget"] ["snd_cantReachTargetMonster"] The intruder is out of reach (such as standing on a stack of crates or across a chasm) and you can't reach him. You don’t have anything to throw at the moment. enemy_out_of_reach01 "You think you're safe there? Come here and fight me!" x2 Killed Intruder: ["snd_killed_enemy"] ["snd_killed_monster"] You’ve won the fight. Taunt the intruder as he lays dying at your feet. Make sure at least one line can be used for non-human opponents. killed_enemy01 “That was too easy.” x3 Die, Quiet: ["snd_knockout" ] You didn’t see it coming, but someone just hit you from behind and took you down. Make a grunt, but as the name suggests, it's kind of quiet. die_quiet_1 "UNH" x3 Die, Loud: ["snd_death" ] You’ve just been killed in battle by an armed intruder. These lines should be start with a loud scream of pain, then sputter your dying words (if any). die_loud01 "GAHHHHHHHHHHH" x3 Die, Drowning ["snd_death_liquid"] You've drowned. Gurgle. drown01 "gurgle" x1 Blinded: ["snd_blinded" ] You have been blinded by a flash of light. blinded01 "I can't see!" x1 Hit By the Player No Damage: ["snd_failed_knockout" ] The player tried to blackjack you but failed. What an idiot. failed_ko01 "Ow, Wha--? Was that your best shot?" x1 Gassed: ["snd_airGasp"] You have been caught in knockout gas. Cough, sputter and pass out. This should be quick--a second or two at most (it's fast gas). cough_noair01 "..cough cough" x1 FINDING EVIDENCE You have found or observed something that looks out of place. You aren't seeing or hearing the intruder directly, but something that might be a sign that one was here earlier. Find Something Suspicious: ["snd_foundSuspiciousItem" ] You’ve noticed something unusual, like a rope hanging from a rafter, or a knocked over chair. You can’t immediately assume there’s an intruder, but you’re sure something is not right. You’re talking to yourself. find_something_suspicious01 "Hmmm, that's not right." x4 Find a Weapon: ["snd_foundWeapon" ] There is a weapon lying on the ground. People generally don’t leave their weapons around for no reason, so you’re suspicious. find_weapon01 "There shouldn’t be a weapon here…" x2 Find a Door Open: ["snd_foundOpenDoor"] There is a door open that shouldn't be. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything, but maybe it does. notice_door01 "Who left this door open?" x2 Find Lights Off: ["snd_foundLightsOff" ] The lights are off, and they shouldn't be. Strange. References should suit any type of light. notice_lights01 "Who put out the light?" x3 Find Lights Out, Flame: ["snd_foundTorchOut" ] You notice a torch or candle that should be lit has gone out. You're only mildly suspicious. notice_lights_flame01 "The wind is always putting those out." x3 Relight light: ["snd_yesRelightTorch" ] You’ve found a a light that is off, and you decide to relight it. Should not refer to type of light, as it could be electric or torch. relighting01 "Guess I'll light it back up." x2 Refuse to relight light: ["snd_noRelightTorch"] You’ve found a light that is off, but you have no intention of relighting it. Should not refer to type of light. not_relighting01 "There should be a servant around relighting those." x2 Find Blood: ["snd_foundBlood"] There is blood on the floor. There has obviously been a fight of some kind. This is serious. These lines are said to yourself. notice_blood01 "Blood? Someone has been attacked.” x2 Find Body, generic: ["snd_foundUnconsciousMale"] ["snd_foundUnconsciousFemale"] You find a body on the ground. There is no obvious sign of trauma, so you’re not sure what has happened. You're calling to your friends about your find. Some lines should be generic, without reference to gender. notice_body_generic01 "Someone fetch a surgeon!" x2 notice_body_female01 "There's a woman hurt here!" x1 notice_body_male01 "There's a man on the ground here!" x1 Find Corpse: ["snd_foundDeadMale"] ["snd_foundDeadFemale"] You find the body of someone who is obviously dead. You are shocked and/or angry and are yelling an alarm. Some lines should not refer to gender. notice_corpse01 "Murder! Someone's been killed!" x2 notice_corpse_female01 "She's dead! Murder!" x1 notice_corpse_male01 "Murder! There's a man killed!" x1 Find Corpse, Comrade: ["snd_foundComradeBody"] *** is this team based? *** You find a comrade of yours, murdered. You are outraged. You call out a warning to your allies, or a threat to the one who did this. notice_corpse_friend01 "Someone's killed one of our men! [gritted teeth] They’ll pay for that when I find them." x1 Find Pocket Picked: ["snd_notice_pickpocket"] *** not currently used *** You had something on your belt, and now it's gone! Did you drop it? notice_pickpocket01 "Hey, where did that go?" x2 Find Something Stolen: ["snd_foundMissingItem"] You’ve just noticed something significant missing that shouldn't be. You've obviously been robbed. While your first reaction might be quiet, the line should include a yell to your friends. notice_theft01 "Gone? Hey! There's a thief on the premises!" x3 Raise the Alarm!: ["snd_raise_alarm"] You know something is seriously wrong…perhaps you’ve found the lord murdered, or you’ve found the master safe open. You need to alert everyone within earshot. raise_alarm01 “To arms, to arms! ” x2 Warning--Recently Found Corpse: ["snd_warnFoundCorpse"] You recently found or heard about a body and are relaying the information to any friends you see. Don't take too long with these, as the AI could be walking past each other while delivering the line. warn_found_corpse01 "Pass the word, there's a murderer on the loose!" x3 Warning—We’ve been Robbed: ["snd_warnMissingItem"] You know you've been robbed and you're telling your buddy about it. warn_missing_item01 "We've been robbed! Keep your eyes open for an intruder." x3 Warning--Recently Saw Intruder: ["snd_warnSawEnemy" ] You saw or were warned about the intruder not too long ago, but he escaped. Now, you’re warning others about him. warn_saw_enemy01 "Look sharp, we have an intruder on the premises." x3 Warning—Something is not Right: ["snd_warnSawEvidence"] You haven’t seen an intruder, but you’ve seen evidence that there is one around somewhere. You’re warning your friends about it. warn_suspicious01 “Be careful. There's some strange stuff going on tonight.” x3 Recieved Warning: ["snd_warn_response"] Someone just warned you about trouble. You give a quick response as you pass by. respond_to_warning01 "Got it." x3 Admonish Friend: ["snd_admonish_friend"] A friend or neutral just did something you didn't like, such as drop a plate on your foot. You're expressing your displeasure. admonish_friend01 "Be careful, will you?" x2 Greetings Since greetings can be made to friends or strangers, delivery should be fairly neutral. Also, there's no way to know whether the AI have seen each other once or twenty times before greeting each other, so typical "hello" greetings should be limited in favour of casual comments or questions that can be answered 'yes'. Greetings are not exchanged between sitting characters, so assume that the greeting is a quick one as AI pass each other. Not every greeting is needed for every vocal character. The thug, for example, has special greetings for female characters because he's a sexist pig, but not every character needs those. Greeting, Generic: ["snd_greeting_civilian_to_civilian"] A generic comment or question as you pass someone. This is used as the default greeting if no other greeting applies. greet_generic01 "Having a good night?" greet_generic02 "Oh, there you are." x4 Greeting, Guard to Guard: ["snd_greeting_guard_to_guard"] You spot a fellow guard on patrol. Greet them or ask a short 'yes' question about their shift. greet_guard_to_guard01 "No trouble tonight?" x3 Greeting, Guard to Civilian: ["snd_greeting_guard_to_civilian"] You’re on patrol and see a civilian. You gruffly tell them to stay out of your way. greet_guard_to_civilian01 "Go about your business." x2 Greeting, Civilian to Guard: ["snd_greeting_civilian_to_guard"] You’re a civilian and you see a guard on patrol. You don't want any trouble. greet_civilian_to_guard01 "Don't mind me." x2 Greeting, to Nobleman: ["snd_greeting_noble_male" ] You see someone high on the social ladder and greet him. greet_to_noble_male01 "Greetings your Lordship." x1 Greeting, to Noblewoman: ["snd_greeting_noble_female" ] You see a lady high on the social ladder and greet her. greet_to_noble_female01 "Greetings my Lady." x1 Greeting, to Priest: ["snd_greeting_cleric"] You pass a Builder Priest and greet him. greet_to_cleric "Good evening, Father." x1 Greeting, to Inferior: ["snd_greeting_noble_to_civilian"] You’re high on the social ladder, and see someone beneath you. You’re better than them, and your greeting conveys that. greet_to_inferior01 "Stand aside, you." x2 Greeting, to Inferior Guard: ["snd_greeting_noble_to_guard"] You’re high on the social ladder and see a guard. You greet them by evaluating their performance. greet_to_inferior_guard01 “Stay alert, man.” x2 Greeting, to beggar: ["snd_greeting_beggar"] You see a beggar. greet_to_beggar01 "Away with you." Greeting, to female: ["snd_greeting_civilian_to_female"] greet_to_female01 "Out by yourself, lady?" Greeting, to pagan: ["snd_greeting_pagan"] You greet an unwashed pagan, probably with disdain. Greeting, to Builder: ["snd_greeting_builder"] You greet a member of the Builder Church (not a priest). Greeting, to Citywatch: ["snd_greeting_citywatch"] You greet an officer of the watch. Response, Generic: ["snd_response_positive"] You have been greeted by someone who is a social equal. Delivery should be monotone and noncommittal, as these could be responses to lots of different greetings. response_positive01 “Yeah, yeah.” x3 Response, to Superior: ["snd_response_positive_superior"] You have been greeted by someone who has a higher rank than you. Your response should be stiffer and more official. response_to_superior01 “Yes, sir.” x3 Response, Negative: **** No Def Currently **** You have been greeted by someone who is a social equal, and are responding to their question negatively. These should be delivered without much emotion. response_negative_1 “Not really.” x2 Conversation Question: ["snd_convo_question"] You strike up a casual conversation with a nearby friendly. These are used for mission-specific conversations set up by the mapper, and are not used by default. The questions must be evaluation questions, appropriate for "good/not good" style answers. (They may eventually be used for AI sitting next to each other for extended periods of time) convo_question01 "How's your day going?" convo_question02 "How was dinner?" convo_question03 "What do you think of this dress?" convo_question04 "How did you do in the game last night?" convo_question05 "How were the bear pits the other day?" Conversation Answer: ["snd_convo_answer"] This is an answer to the question above. The answers should all be of the "good/not good" variety. convo_answer01 "Not too bad, really." convo_answer02 "Ok, I guess." convo_answer03 "You don't want to know." convo_answer04 "Better than I thought, actually."
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    And to add to that list, just relax and go and have a go at some mapping, we all had to learn some where.
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    I'd like to apologize to the whole community for my recent rantings. I am not one to be making decisions on what is fitting to the core mod, not an I educated enough to know the amount of work required to bring certain aspects of the program to life. I have just as much of a desire to see this game to be perfected, and instead of venting I should be educating myself so I can contribute more to raise the level of quality for all to enjoy. I was just speaking my mind. I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes or undermine their work. Especially when it comes to people like SH, who there is no comparison that his devotion to TDM is far more dedicated than my own, and his work on the mod proves it. That goes same for you Obs. I don't want people dismissing what I have to say because I sound like a Debbie Downer. I guess I'm just frustrated more people aren't as passionate about seeing the game blossom. I wish I had skills to contribute in more areas than sound design, testing and storylines/continuity. My ego got the better of me and I shot my mouth off. Thanks for putting me back in my place and reminding me of the big picture. You guys deserve a lot of praise for the work, and I have lots of praise too, I generally don't mention those things because I already view them as exceptional, so for some reason I don't feel it's necessary to talk of things I adore. From now on I will make a stronger effort to express my satisfactions as well as disappointments. I know first hand how much negative criticism can get under someone's skin, just as positive criticisms can really help make someone feel great. And positive reinforcements are much more driving to fuel creativity and additional work than negative. Cheers guys.
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    Mista, I've stepped up a while ago getting the werebeast (created by Diego) into the game. But guess what, it is more complicated as you may think and I didn't had the time to get it done right now (although it is on my to do list). I know I'm late to the party but I have to say that I'm always amused about this kind of discussions. In fact there is only a very small amount of contributors for TDM, so it is not like we are dismissing 10 contributions per day. And if something does not fit the quality standards, noone is going to tell a possible contributor that it's work isn't worth beeing added, but instead everyone who can is trying to help the person improving his work by giving him advices or offering help. This counts for Springheel, too. So I really don't see the point in you attacking him. Especially considering that he is much more critical in regards to his own work (which is quite a lot) as towards the work of others. But yes, he is the quality officer and as such it is his duty to ensure a certain standard. And this includes constructive criticism. The latter is the base of each collaborative work. So if you can't deal with it, than this is an issue with you, not with the community. And btw., your critics were NOT constructive.
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    Give me a Patreon with a livable wage and I'll make a campaign a month.
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    As someone once said, we don't take donations in money, but we happily accept donations of time. There are lots of ways to contribute ... most of all making an FM, then making assets (textures, models), doing fan art or writing fan fic, or commenting and being part of the community. We consider those kinds of things as donations.
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    It's most likely outside the range of most mission authors, but the player having voice over triggers at different spots are what furthered the story a lot in this other game that I like a lot called Thief, they had a dedicated voice actor that did voice overs during gameplay and it was one a highlight of the game. Maybe if the mission author can post to ask someone for help doing voice over work and be able to give someone a script to read off of. I know Goldwell does good voice overs for this kind of thing.
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    Athanasus II. Emperor of whole civilized world first hammer of empire builders church... I think he need at least 3 more titles.
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    For more authenticity you may make one of them to have been abandoned/abused by their real parents at some point (their identity is still known) - very likely dysfunctional families were present in those times, as during hard moments there may be a turning point that unveils how a person really is. The idea may be further developed to have caused a sort of a state of mind specific to the character's possible drama as a consequence to those events (especially if they are from childhood).
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    As a player that's the main problem with a lot of the fan missions I played so far : Everybody and their dogs keep detailed journals and write down notes for everything, and that's often the only way the story is told. Now I understand how hard it could be to come up with other solutions to embed a story, but I think it could be less redundant if : 1 - Personal writings weren't so often blatantly displayed and kept secure, hidden or at least kept away from curious eyes 2 - Journals/notes weren't so talkative 3 - Written elements were more diversified. I don't see this often bills, accounts, activity reports, drafts, etc. Remember the Bafford's manor, there was an underground room where he kept his accounts : A glance at it and we get clear hints on what kind of activity he was involved in, yet it was just pages of expenses and incomes reports. That's what I would like to try to work on : A good separation between what is private and what isn't, hints and clues "diluted" in a more various forms of documents and overall shorter and more "believable" writings. On a different subject : There's no Keepers in The Dark Mod. How would you legitimate the use of glyphs in TDM's universe? I'm not fond of magnets, magicks and stuffs but this idea of hiding passages or whole rooms with a simple sigil is great, as it is awesome by itself and a convenant way to give power to a character (highly evasive), solve level design problems (hide areas where suspicious activities take place in a credible way) and work as a reward for exploring the map (sikrit stashes).
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    Very nice thread, good idea to start it. I've made some notes on this subject, specifically, I've tried to make some simple templates for story/plot/level designs that directly links gameplay elements and game mechanics with the story-telling. To do this, I first started to narrow down what I imagine a common mission would consist of, in terms of gameplay, which for me is the most important part. If a mission is not fun to play, it doesn't matter how well-written a plot might be. So, let's say you are a thief, which is quite common in TDM missions. What do thieves do? They steal things from others! In the TDM universe, this usually involves entering/breaking into locations where valuables are kept, like big mansions, religious buildings, warehouses, and such. A natural start for a mission would then be to present the player with a location they are supposed to break into. A fairly straight-forward start of a story idea right there if you ask me. So what to pick? Castles, mansions, churches, temples, workshops, taverns, inns, forts, towers, warehouses, mines, sewers... all of these would fit quite well into TDM and its medieval steampunky, grimy setting. So here comes the actual organization of gameplay elements I've done so far, namely methods and routes that can be used to enter a location. I've divided these possible routes into three easily definable larger categories, which I have called the following: Street Level, Roof Level and Underground Level. By doing this, we can begin asking ourselves questions about the location we have chosen, and by doing so, expand on different plot ideas we might consider, but might be unsure of how to develop further. Here's some examples of routes that falls into the different categories. Street Level Through doors, gates, windows.Through/over crumbled or collapsed walls, construction sites.Through abandoned, adjacent buildings/structures.Secret doors, hidden passages. Roof Level Jumping from adjacent buildings.Natural formations; hills, cliffs, trees.Climbing on facades, balconies, higher set windows.Ladders, vines, ropes, chains, pipes.Ventilation systems.Skylights, holes in roof. Underground Level Tunnels.Sewers.Pipes.Catacombs.Caves.Mines. It might seem obvious and not very helpful, but when doing this and making a few choices in planning a mission from a gameplay perspective, I think it will be easier to come up with a consistent story and plot that fits seamlessly into the level design, and also make it easier to plan out different features of a level. Of course, these categories are just suggestions and quite broad in definition. Most of them can be divided up into smaller segments and combined in various ways, or to offer ideas for alternative, optional routes into, or out of, the same location. I hope some of you might find this interesting and/or helpful in some way. This way of thinking and dividing down things into concrete bits of gameplay can also be used when considering loot placement, audio queues, AI patrols, progression tempo, etc.
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    Just because they both have "port" in the name doesn't mean there has to be a link between the two. Also, Bridgeport is on the edge of a collapsing Empire that has lasted for a thousand years or so (basically a Roman Empire that made it to medieval times and then invented steamworks), so the idea of "colonists" founding a town 80 miles away seems a bit dodgy. Any really large settlements would be much older than a few centuries. In the grand scheme of things, how a town was founded is not especially important for story purposes...what's more important is thinking of interesting things that are happening there now. There are lots of possibilities there. Barbarian invasions, Menoan conflicts, Inquisitions, religious conflicts, political intrigue, etc.
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    For the record the link to that wiki page is http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Story_and_Plot_Design I think this thread would be a good place for people to put their comments and advice on what makes good story telling too. Or even examples of people's favorite models of plotting they've seen. A few of my favorite models are Rowena's FMs, where a lot of the NPCs are secretly connected and there's lots of revelations made, and every scene adds a bit to the story right up to the end. The IF Anchorhead where the narrative plot and gameplay plot were very integrated. And maybe Another World where the climax was unexpected but very poetic and fit the story. I like the model of thrillers like that too, where the plot ramps up in risk or whatever to a climax as revelations are made, so by the time you reach it you know what it means. That's why I like to start at the end and work backwards in writing a plot out, and I think in terms of nodes or revelations that push the story along. I think big plot twists--like your best friend is really the bad guy all along--are getting a little overplayed, but unexpected plot twists are still good, like the bad guy you thought is still a bad guy, but in a completely different way than you expected. But whatever you do, set it up with lots of supporting readables and info that build up to it over time. I also like the ideas of narrative consistency, all the pieces work together, and economy, there's not a lot of fluff and each piece does some work.
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    Thank you very much, Springheel! I'm delighted to have a sure updated master to work with.
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    First of all, this issue coming up made me laugh. I honestly couldn't believe it--I was playing World of Warcraft, their seventeen year old son, and my dad says, "Why the hell are you playing a female character?" Anyone comfortable with mmorpgs might know this is fairly common place--unless of course, I'm just crazy. We all know that 90% of female characters are guys (gay guys at that, right?), but why? For me, it just became the norm. I had seen it so often before, I already had a male level 60, and I was going to make a priest, yes a priest. For some reason when I think of priests, especially on WoW, I just can't see one as a male (waltzing around in a white robe). My argument? I simply like females--yes, they are attractive, and yes, it did interest me. No, I'm completely strait, and no, it doesn't make anyone uncomfortable whom I play with. It didn't seem that big of a deal. My parents thought otherwise. Tonight we had a discussion as soon as I got home from work. Nothing is better than finally coming home and then your dad telling you "We need to talk. We think you are having sexual identity issues." Really, it tops my day to find out that my parents suspect I'm gay and that I'm cross dressing when they aren't looking. "We tend to put suppressed feelings into our fantasies." This is all regardless of the fact that I've roleplayed guys in the past. What was even more painful was having to explain the game to my parents: "No...the gender I could care less about. Male priests look gay, I'm sorry. I'm just trying to play a freaking game, there isn't even roleplaying involved. No, I won't start a new character because I don't want to put in another 120 hours into a new one, and because this is completely trivial. Obviously it doesn't mean a thing to me." I guess I'll avoid playing assassins, sorceresses, and amazons on Diablo II now.
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    *Facepalm* Check his other videos, or at least comments. These are joke videos.
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