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  1. Yes, just ignore the message if you already installed the package. Some solutions for the updater: (but i dont know if the updater does this. but in the update-log you see it detects some things of my vc installation) program the installer that its installing the right bit-version. On my x64 system, the updater wants to install the x86. (in the updaterlog it detects my 64-bit system) Using another vc_redist installer, instead of 2017, maybe use 2015-2019. (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads) Check if some files already exists. start the vcredist installer in quet-mode, use its log argument and search in the log for error "0x80070666" (=if its already installed) (https://www.itninja.com/software/microsoft/visual-c-redistribuable-2017/v14-1) etc.
  2. if you have already installed the package, you can run the game.
  3. and how about co-op? (my last offtopic post in this topic) please dont post offtopic posts. could someone another topic about multiplayer?
  4. and if you know the name, kurshok, its better to add some more information about it. like this: found an article on eurogamer: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-08-31-the-modern-day-thief-reboot-that-never-was https://thief.fandom.com/wiki/Unfinished_Thief_sequels
  5. and on other popular games distributors. (and hope that someone will pickup the long steam procedure again )
  6. I love to see an map-contest, but running such a contest, takes time. How about selecting some great existing missions, using a user-poll with the existing missions list and let the users vote for their 3 or 4 favourite missions, to put it in the "10th Anniversary collection edition". We got all the things we need for a online package, we only have to collect it. For example, i already tried to create a collection collection dvd. See topic:
  7. i think this is more offtopic topic, because people dont want to switch themes or help (much). i know there is vr-game thief simulator. (https://store.steampowered.com/app/704850/Thief_Simulator/) and I tried to make a cyberpunk TDM Mission:
  8. happy bday TDM. How about creating/publisching a 10 year celibration game collection package (standalone client, several missions, dr offline wiki and source)
  9. freyk

    DR VR

    making of lion king 2019:
  10. freyk

    DR VR

    dr in vr, like unreal editor in vr:
  11. yes, demagogue, you can now show this 3 demo to everyone who uses google chrome/firefox on any modern system on windows, mac os, linux distro, etc. (it shows to me, that google chrome runs this more fluenty then firefox on the same system.)
  12. found and played some browserbased Nintendo/sega/amiga/neogeo/arcade emulators and quake 1 in my browser. so, those are "browser games" now, hmart? some young friends of mine, never played those games, played the browser "demos" and enjoying playing them now on local emulators/devices. tip: put in full screen mode, and you got almost the original feeling of playing.
  13. yes, but script under the existing delete button, should also remove the files (and ask to keep/delete the safe files) you should not ask an user to mannually delete the files.
  14. yes, there will be things to port, but you also have the sourcecode from that project that include "example" code how to write/port it.
  15. Have you tried the demo, hmart? ok, its sometimes a bit slow, but the graphics work and there are very fast map loading times . (but why is the handmodel not showing?) As i see it, its solution is To get our temporary "your daily TDM-fix" on every modern browser on several os'ses, without installing tdm client using the updater. The benefits i can think of, for now after a session: users can run the same build a browser on windows, mac os, linux distro's, android, ios, etc if the site-admin updates the tdm files in the backside of the server, you get the latest files without using the tdm updater. Its sitting temporary in your browser cache, after the first session the game start very quick, you can store you missions on it and save your progress, but if you clean your cache all is deleted. map Loading times are very fast. You can show and demonstrate TDM to everybody who have a modern system and browser.
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