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  1. i would rerun the tdm-updater? to validate that you have downloaded all the tdm datafiles. and check the required packages?
  2. When a user run the updater, the developer of the updater inspects the user that uses a stable to internet and tdm mirrors. You could create code to download files from a mirror, change the weight of some mirrors in the the tdm-mirror list. Does the tdm updater for linux, generates screen-output, a tdm-mirror file and tdm-log? If so, check the screen output, content tdm_update.log. And change mirror selection in the tdm-mirrors.txt. (dont forget to use the startup arguments of the updater) My advice is to read the installation manual on the wiki, check my code on my github page for the deb/rpm packages, look at the needed dependencies & write permissions. Compare all this with the aur (and the excistings aur's). Also look into other archlinux topics in this subforum. Manual for installation tdm on linux: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation#Linux http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=The_Dark_Mod_-_Compilation_Guide I have some experience by trying to create linux rpm/deb packages, but its not much to help you.
  3. Alberto, Thank you for reporting the issue. I would like to know at which time the installer hangs on your system. (or is it the updater? ..I think it is) To temporary solve your problem, download and run the latest tdm-updater from the download page. If it hangs during the download procedure: rerun the updater until all the files are downloaded. Select another mirror by Change the tdm-mirrors file Or download files from moddb. For all users, it is known that the updater can crash or stand stil, when its downloading files from a slow/unstable server. Maybe the updater on your system stands stil/crashes during downloading the files (from a unstable tdm-mirror) too, alberto? (to me, thats normal. because how the updater reacts to the the unstable/slow tdm-downloadmirrors) I will look into your reported download bug of my installer. ---- My tdm installer for windows consist of the installer and the updater. The installer create the tdm folder, sets permissions/shortcuts, generate an uninstaller and download/runs the separate tdm-updater. The tdm-updater (created by the tdm team) checks and downloads the tdm-files from the tdm-filemirrors. During my test, I Confirm that the TDM installer for windows, fails to download the tdm updater from taaki's webserver. (Taaki location is online, but the installer fails to download it. dont know why yet) But the installer react on it by unpacking and using an old tdm-updater. The new and old updater runs (with his quirks) great, as it should be. Without an internet connection, the installer does the things mentioned above. But without an internet connection, the new and old updater crashes stops (or crashes?) immediately, after hitting the continue-button to start the download procedure. And it doesnt display any messages, but In the tdm-update log you will see it cannot find the list with tdm mirrors. Then tell the people to only use the updater And avoid several beginner problems, by following the wiki: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation (The tdm installer is created to do the things mentioned in the wiki automatically.) As far that i know of, the tdm-updater for linux doesnt build the binary, its download it. At this moment, I only maintain sometimes the source of the tdminstaller on github. People of the team compile the installer it and place it on the tdm website. If you want to improve the my tdm installers, please let me know. You can find the source of the tdm installer for windows (and others) on my github page: https://github.com/freyk22 tdm installer for windows github info page: https://github.com/freyk22/tdminstallerwin tdm installer for windows source file https://github.com/freyk22/tdminstallerwin/blob/master/src/darkmodinstaller.nsi The source of the updater can be found on the svn-server (i think) https://svn.thedarkmod.com/publicsvn/darkmod_src/trunk (more info, see tdm download page: http://www.thedarkmod.com/downloads/)
  4. a small work around is to remap the key in TDM. Change the keybind-value for "togglemenu" to another key, at a config-line in the darkmod.cfg : bind "ESCAPE" "togglemenu" for example: bind "t" "togglemenu" (the "t"-key because that isnt used in the config)
  5. and through the bugtracker post, you will find a link to another forumtopic. (but that is for the arrow keys)
  6. or from the other side, (even smaller) install wine on mac os and run windows programs on it. (pro-tip: use frontend "playonmac") or you can run windows 7 on virtualbox on mac os, to run tdm. (but that works very slow) and tdm runs on linux distro's (on a mac) and the solutions above. For more info, see the tdm wiki article.
  7. running on a imac, paganzombie? Did you know that tdm runs on mac os? more info, see http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation#Mac_OS
  8. there is no need for an uninstall. (but if you want to delete tdm. just delete the folder and there is no uninstaller) Just move the tdm folder where you want it. Then change the write permissions for user "everyone" at folder properties > security tab. Or move the folder, run my installer and during the setup (at folder selection) point that to moved folder. The installer will set the permissions automatically. (the installer installs a nice uninstaller in the tdm folder too)
  9. And above is one of the reasons/examples why I created our installer. More info see: http://www.thedarkmod.com/downloads/ @darkness_falls: Please run my installer, this will set its permissions for other files too. Just point the installer it to the folder tdm folder. (it doesnt overwrite stuff)
  10. To uninstall tdm from your system, just remove the tdm folder. if you have used my installer, use the uninstaller in the darkmod folder. if you want to safe your savegames and fms, dont delete the fm folder. Because your savegamefiles are stored in the save folder in each of the mission folders, inside the fm folder. So for a fresh install, move the fm-folder and config-folders. And after the install put them back. (but i havent tested this) And a new update of tdm breaks each savegame file. A normal tdm installation expanse only files inside the fm folder and some tiny config files in the tdm systemfolder. The tdm updater can replace/remove/add several big files with bigger/smaller files (and cleans up temporary files after it) To solve your free space problem on your disk, use a systemcleaner like ccleaner, to clean the unneeded "software-dust" on your disk and use a dataanalyser like windirstat to locate huge files.
  11. No, i dont have time to create that myself, NeonsStyle.
  12. stgatilov, why ask to upload a pk4, thats the same for everybody? Just ask Sourav to use the tdm-updater to restore the file. (thanks for helping)
  13. is it a video problem? because i see some video render lines. which videocard and -drivers do you use?
  14. I dont know where you can find information about the needed libraries. Have you tried TDM other analyze solutions, like changing lines in darkmod.ini or manually created darkmod.cfg (with seta logfile "2" included)? (or run: thedarkmod.x64 +seta logfile 2, and looking of the changes in darkmod.log)
  15. for who build the internets.
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