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  1. Thanks for the praise and feedback! For the street section I was really going for that T3 vibe, so that makes me happy to hear. Upper Northdale is probably stretching it a little bit, i'm unsure why I went with that route when yeah as you say it all feels like more of a commoner sort of place. With the bottomless chasm thing, I decided to do that as I was playing around with fog and found that the really dark look helps to accentuate the height difference. I guess it would have been more believable if I also made the buildings in the main city street super tall, and then had the entrance to your home be an elevator or something. Ah well, too late to change it now! I admit my storytelling wasn't the best (but it's feedback i've taken onboard from Act 1 and Act 2) and so for Act 3 that is a main focal point for me, i'm focussing on my readables and proof reading them a lot more, as well as the main story and the flow. It's the reason why i've delayed Act 3 so much, as I keep refining and reiterating the story to try and get it making more sense.
  2. In regards to the ambients I dug through the soundsahders and found the authors of each of those files you mentioned: gregorian - Muze ss_catacombs - ShadowSneaker ss_derelic - ShadowSneaker underground_darkness_loop - Schatten basement01_loop - Schatten church - mrDischarged As for tracking down those authors to purchase royalty rights? I'm unsure. Maybe someone else on the team can help out there, or a google search might point you in the right direction. Also for the sound effects that's a whole other ball of wax. Each of those are typically sourced on a commercial-free license and come from a large variety of places such as freesound and sometimes ones that individual authors have recorded. We don't have a purchase system setup as money never changes hands here, and tracking down the authors for those would take a long time. If you had individual sound files you were interested in, you might be able to track down those authors, but you would have to go to each of those. As i'm pretty sure we don't own any of the music/sfx included with the game.
  3. Fantastic work Amadeus! Great work on your architecture and detailing there! I especially love the internal shot of that shop in the third picture.
  4. We have a full vocal set ready for him to go as well. I’ve used it a couple of times for undead creatures. If we decide that it needs to be expanded upon for extra idle growls or attacking noises I’ll gladly track down some but I think for the most part it’s a complete set. I haven’t looked in the SVN but does he have a def file and everything too?
  5. One last sneak peak from Shadows of Northdale Act 3. Lord Edgar's estate!
  6. Here are some more shots from Shadows of Northdale Act 3
  7. Another fantastic mission Dragofer, it was fun, creepy and very atmospheric. Bravo! There was something I wanted clarification on, i'll put it in spoilers This was my favorite of your releases so far! Thank you for all of your hardwork P.s. how much gold do I need to bribe you with to convince you to make a zeppelin FM?
  8. Fantastic, that has solved it. Thank you!
  9. I'm having some odd visual discrepancies in my map while trying to optimize my city streets with vis portals. I have a scene setup where the tops of the building are func_statics so that you can still see them through caulk brushes. The tops of the walls to this estate entrance is all caulk as well, not skybox. The issue is that when you're standing on the street and the vis portal is open, you can see the building tops through the caulk brushes.. but as soon as you step inside the estate and the visportal closes behind you, they disappear which causes a rather jarring visual effect. Is there a way to force it so that the func_statics will always show through caulk brushes? Standing on the street Stepping inside
  10. That crucible harbour is some of the best work in the campaign (and there's a lot of great things in there) so it's really exciting to see it finally see the light of day, especially with a very talented author such as yourself Dragofer. Good luck with the beta testing, can't wait to play it!
  11. During my mapping session today I wanted to try something I haven't really ever done before.. draw concept art and then build a scene based off of it. As you can tell I am a very talented drawing artist But I gotta say it actually helped with the direction of the scene overall
  12. The general rule of thumb i've been using is if it's critical to the story, there are alternate ways in. But if you want to find every piece of loot and/or every secret / explore everywhere then you'll have to be diligent with what you use. I feel it's the most natural fit as more novice players can still complete the mission without running into a frustrating dead end. And those who prefer a challenge more than likely are experienced enough to know they need to conserve and retrieve their used rope arrows. And if all else fails this mission has a new ingame shop keeper, so they can always loot a few homes/businesses to gain some coin and then go to their fence and buy a rope arrow!
  13. Thanks everyone! Yeah one thing I have noticed is difficult with this style is ensuring the readability of the scene. To address it I’ve been trying to place lights near windows and ledges where the player can navigate up to. Perhaps on the easier difficulty I will add a note about making sure to really look up and examine the top. Some buildings do have a ground entrance door too but some are self contained rooms up there. The player will definitely need to know the usefulness of looking up otherwise the mission will be quite hard. This will be the 4th of 5th entry in my campaign though so i guess it’s also natural that the difficulty ramps up a bit too.
  14. So in an effort to shake up my usual style I have begun building a city mission that fits into the Northdale campaign arc which features huge tall buildings on a rainy and foggy night. The main aim there is to really focus on cramped streets with huge vertical buildings on either side, I really want to put that rope arrow to good use! So far I have built a dark back alley in the city and really like how it turned out, quite a bit different to my usual MO. And for reference, this is what the original street looked like before the do over
  15. Thank you for the kind words! The reason why I stopped midway through the crystal hunt was because I felt the mission was getting really long (which is ironic because the current FM i'm working on is about 30% larger than the accountant 2 was). But at the time that was my thinking, I felt that the train was a good spot to have a break in the mission without being too jarring, so it felt right given the circumstances at the time. If I was to go back and do things differently I would have just tried to finish up that crystal hunt but mapping is always a learning experience
  16. Praise be to the master builder Taaaki!
  17. Congratulations on your release! Can’t wait to dive into this one tonight
  18. Have a target_once entity that has the "notouch" "1" spawnarg on it and have that targeting whatever you need to complete. And then for the objective just point that towards the trigger_once.
  19. Piggybacking onto what Springheel wrote, I would recommend adding in a trigger_count entity, listing the count at whatever number of objectives you have. Then in the objectives window have that trigger_count get triggered for each objective that's completed. You can do this by going Inside the mission objective screen, go into edit objective and add the name of the trigger_count entity in the field labeled "completion target". And then have the trigger_count entity target your speaker for the final voice line.
  20. I don’t know sorry! It was an issue during the beta that was fixed. I booted up the mission on my end and I can hear all of the footstep sounds without any beeping.
  21. Is there a reason why the forum set all forum post likes to be anonymous? Also any chance we could see the return of status updates?
  22. It sounds like there might be. But that is confusing because I have only ever released 1 version and it had the sound files included. There are custom sound files in use for footsteps. Perhaps try turning off the debug noise? It’s not a perfect solution but at least then you won’t hear that noise. Alternatively try downloading the file from darkfate. They have a very up to date and robust database of all missions including mine.
  23. A screenshot from Shadows of Northdale Act 3 (and my first on the new forum!). Corbin will be venturing to this mysterious island just off the coast of Northdale to break into the infamous inventors guild.
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