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  1. Looking forward to it Geep! Nautical themed missions are always intriguing.
  2. As much as I enjoy what this project is, I don’t have the time to devote to it sorry. My day to day life is very busy right now, and my spare time is divided up between two huge fan missions I’m working on. I don’t feel I would be able to give this project the attention it needs, and would be spreading myself too thin amongst an already busy schedule.
  3. Very creepy looking, I love it! Reminds me a little bit of those half life 2 creatures that are zombies/undead with robotic limbs. Can’t think of their name. But regardless it looks fantastic!
  4. Thanks! For the audio I have remixed one of the core TDM songs which plays throughout the streets, I wanted to give a fresh vibe to a classic TDM song, and in addition i've added in a lot of background noises too to help sell the mood. The audio overall is (hopefully) as atmospheric as the visuals as currently I have 32 ambient and 50 custom sound effects layered throughout my mission Those are some great ideas / plans moving forward and your FM story is incredibly exciting too! It sounds like you've got a great handle and direction on everything
  5. Damn! That mesh work is looking amazing!
  6. That's great that you're getting a start into map making. As for criticism, I feel it's a bit too early to start offering critiques yet (imo). But i'll just offer up the same advice I was told when I first started "keep it small". It annoyed me hearing that a lot from the old TDM veterans, but in retrospect with experience it's damn true. If you keep the scope smaller and simple for your first run, you'll have a blast and can get creative with what you want to do next. I look forward to seeing more screenshots as you progress throughout your level
  7. Thanks guys! The second screenshot not only has detail passes done but also has a lot of optimization work done too. Ive been working hard to keep the drawcalls around 1-2k. There are some 2.5 - 3k peak areas but those are only if you stand in specific spots and look at an angle that opens up all the vis portals.
  8. Level design is a funny thing, I was looking through some old screenshots and compared them to scenes now. Here's a street section from August And here's that same street section in November What a difference just a few months makes!
  9. I cleaned it up a little bit by trimming out some of the audible mouth clicks and applying a removal filter on the background noise. What do you guys think? cleaned_mantle_push01F.wav
  10. Damn Epifire that looks incredible! Well done!
  11. Thank you! Act 3 and Act 4 are both being developed simultaneously and are definitely coming. If I had to put a number on them I would say Act 3 in it's current iteration is about 70% done and Act 4 is about 90% done. I'm unsure when I will be releasing them as at the current rate i'll have Act 4 finished before Act 3. I have been tossing around the idea of a same day release for both of them, but I think having some breathing time between the two might be good as well, it just feels a bit silly to sit on a completed mission though. As for the assets, I agree that some of those should be put into core TDM, but ultimately that's not up to me. The very talented Epifire created the audiograph machines and the crumpled piece of paper, the custom footsteps were pulled from Kingsal's Volta missions. I agree that they all sound fantastic too. The loot sounds were created by myself.
  12. Nope, I wasn't around back in those days. I just noticed that there were some author tags on the files they were asking from and put two and two together. I'm certainly not the leading authority on that, by your description it seems like Schatten might be the one to talk to try and discern who should be credited for what. Personally I think it's way too much of a minefield to try and navigate through and think it's easier to just keep everything as it is, non-commercial. But if someone really wanted to try and track down permission, I guess the authors attached to the tracks would be a good starting place. They could at least confirm if they want to give their permission, or offer up any extra info on who else worked on the song.
  13. I look forward to seeing your interpretation of Garrett’s home in your mission though!
  14. Nope. It’ll be an Easter egg place to visit. In Shadows of Northdale I’ve already established Corbin’s home.
  15. I understand your point. And I agree that when making a tribute it’s a better idea to interpret it in your own way. However for this experiment I literally wanted to recreate Garrett’s home exactly as it was in T:DS just in TDM. Thats why I didn’t interpret the work because my goal was different than what you’re suggesting.
  16. No it’s from a game called Thief: Deadly Shadows. It’s Garrett’s home in South Quarter.
  17. Thanks! I too have always wondered how a thief level would feel in TDM. It only took me a good solid few hours with most of the time trying to match up the dimensions and lighting correctly. And even though this is just a small slice, it was still a fun little experiment to do.
  18. I think you’re confusing what a home and a house is In English a home can be a house or an apartment or a duplex or whatever. It just refers to where the person lives. This is Garrett’s home. That’s why he says “It’s not much but it’s home.”
  19. I made this a couple of months ago, I was curious how a thief scene would look in TDM. And here’s the result: I might strip away the copyrighted narration and ambient music and release it in a mission of mine as an Easter egg somewhere. But for now it just exists as a YouTube video
  20. Thanks for the praise and feedback! For the street section I was really going for that T3 vibe, so that makes me happy to hear. Upper Northdale is probably stretching it a little bit, i'm unsure why I went with that route when yeah as you say it all feels like more of a commoner sort of place. With the bottomless chasm thing, I decided to do that as I was playing around with fog and found that the really dark look helps to accentuate the height difference. I guess it would have been more believable if I also made the buildings in the main city street super tall, and then had the entrance to your home be an elevator or something. Ah well, too late to change it now! I admit my storytelling wasn't the best (but it's feedback i've taken onboard from Act 1 and Act 2) and so for Act 3 that is a main focal point for me, i'm focussing on my readables and proof reading them a lot more, as well as the main story and the flow. It's the reason why i've delayed Act 3 so much, as I keep refining and reiterating the story to try and get it making more sense.
  21. In regards to the ambients I dug through the soundsahders and found the authors of each of those files you mentioned: gregorian - Muze ss_catacombs - ShadowSneaker ss_derelic - ShadowSneaker underground_darkness_loop - Schatten basement01_loop - Schatten church - mrDischarged As for tracking down those authors to purchase royalty rights? I'm unsure. Maybe someone else on the team can help out there, or a google search might point you in the right direction. Also for the sound effects that's a whole other ball of wax. Each of those are typically sourced on a commercial-free license and come from a large variety of places such as freesound and sometimes ones that individual authors have recorded. We don't have a purchase system setup as money never changes hands here, and tracking down the authors for those would take a long time. If you had individual sound files you were interested in, you might be able to track down those authors, but you would have to go to each of those. As i'm pretty sure we don't own any of the music/sfx included with the game.
  22. Fantastic work Amadeus! Great work on your architecture and detailing there! I especially love the internal shot of that shop in the third picture.
  23. We have a full vocal set ready for him to go as well. I’ve used it a couple of times for undead creatures. If we decide that it needs to be expanded upon for extra idle growls or attacking noises I’ll gladly track down some but I think for the most part it’s a complete set. I haven’t looked in the SVN but does he have a def file and everything too?
  24. One last sneak peak from Shadows of Northdale Act 3. Lord Edgar's estate!
  25. Here are some more shots from Shadows of Northdale Act 3
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