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  1. My first thought as well. If the light is sealed off properly by brushes and visportals, it just won't be rendered. It's either an internal leak or visportal not closing. You can use func portal, if you need to control it better (proximity based).
  2. Not future, it's the present already. Just from the forum members alone, @Epifire and I have been using Substance tools for a year or two. It's very helpful and very affordable, even for hobbyists.
  3. Whoa, that's a blast from the past Cool that it's free now. If you need a crash course in level design in general, it probably still holds value. But for stealth game specific stuff it would be better to check our forum thread
  4. Having a limited color palette (e.g. picked up from a movie or a painting) and sticking to it is awesome. Everything looks much more consistent. You can add variety to it, like having slightly different color palette per location type, or just slowly adding colors as you go (and matching it to what you already have). All in all, my assets look much better since I started doing that.
  5. You think that modeling and animation are hard to learn? Wrong! This guy gets it. Easy!
  6. Nice findings! Hope you'll come up with something. Meanwhile, I managed to set up a simple contraption with moving pistons. I kind of need to work around the old exporter limitations, like I need to use skin modifier even for something as simple as that, but that's relatively easy, since I'm working mostly with vertices and weights, no deformation. https://www.dropbox.com/s/onerk71mnzr90t0/rigging_pistons.mp4?dl=0
  7. If you ever need good references for frames, there are plenty of them here: https://www.johndaviesframing.com/frame-gallery/antique/
  8. These models are quite old though, the mod could use some new frames and paintings Don't worry about aspect ratio ST, I'll make use of the texture space as much as possible.
  9. Great! I'd need only two things, if you don't mind: - If possible, a higher resolution and uncompressed image. You can zip it and upload it on wetransfer or with similar service. This way we can ensure your art will have the highest possible quality - As an author you get dibs on the frame look! If you have any suggestions or personal types, I will use them as a reference for modeling. If not, I'll try to find something that would match the style of the painting and TDM timeline.
  10. Nice one! At some point I can create a custom frame for this one, if you don't mind.
  11. I will examine stock TDM models to pinpoint the problem, but yeah, it seems that both proper entity def and AFs are mandatory. That smoothing groups problem worries me as well, maybe I'm not doing what the export script expects. I tried the combat model arg, and as soon as I touch the model, the game crashes.
  12. I'm using a simple setup, a box with one origin bone that is rotating – not much, but will do for a first setup The entity def is by-the-book: As for the weird material problem, I think it had to do with model and origin bone having a different pivot position and rotation. Once both are in 0,0,0 and with their original orientation (identical for both), weird speculars have gone away. That said, I seem to have no control over smoothing groups. Once I convert the model to Editable Mesh and apply the skin modifier, going down to Editable Mesh modifier and changing SGs does nothing.
  13. I just started working with md5 and animation as well, but I'm having 2 weird problems. First of all, these models don't seem to have any collision. And second thing: the shading looks wrong, materials are dark, almost wet, and often you can see triangulation errors. I'm using the exporter for 3dsmax found on katsbits, maybe that's the problem.
  14. Making content for TDM with dual monitor setup is awesome! 😀 Modeling and prototyping materials is much faster without alt-tabbing every 30 seconds or so :) 

  15. I think this has been mentioned before, but showing the list of names of people reacting to your post was also a cool feature. It's like additional mean of expression, when e.g. someone writes something and you agree, or want to thank them without writing a post.
  16. I agree with that completely, can't imagine any FPS exploration game without verticality. I just wouldn't rely on rope arrows as a mandatory tool for traversal. Climbing, or rope arrows already stuck in surfaces (as part of the map geometry), sure. Making players feel extra smart, and using rope arrows as a way to get some optional loot - yeah, that's safer IMO. My perspective in general is that with all the tools and arsenal available, you can make players feel extra smart if they are able to find a way to progress without using any tools, only their wits and observation skills. Kind of like in Hitman series, where you have tons of weaponry available, but the most satisfactory assassinations aren't assassinations at all, more like "unfortunate accidents" you prepare
  17. IMO the problem with rope arrows is that they're a finite resource. So if a main path requires rope arrows and players can run out of them, they'll be blocked and will have to reload a save. If there's a secondary route - awesome, problem solved. But as a designer, I want to make sure players can progress regardless of how many rope arrows they have in their inventory.
  18. Looks very moody Rope arrow gameplay is quite risky, but careful climbing and occasional rope arrow – sure!
  19. To be fair, not only mission menu needs redesigning. All TDM options could do with some more up-to-date and UX-oriented layout. But that's more of a graphic designer task first.
  20. By the way, reloading images/decls/models would be super useful for dual monitor setup. You can have the game mode launched on one monitor, and you can tweak your textures in Gimp, or change materials in .mtr file on the other - and the game mode would update shortly atfer exporting a texture or saving the mtr file. This would speed up material prototyping immensely.
  21. I don't think changing core mechanics like that is a good idea. It would be nice if you consulted the team first, plus this needs to be tested by at least several people. It seems like the changes were tested but nothing was changed it the core mod, cool
  22. None of the TDM weapons use multiple projectiles or spread, so there isn't much to fix on TDM side. Also, the latest version is 2.07, which is much more stable and has many 2.06 bugs fixed.
  23. While I don't check all the shitty things behind every product I use, I try to "vote with my wallet" at least in case of all the things that aren't necessary to live, like entertainment and the way I spend my free time. Like I won't buy any Rockstar game because how shitty this company is to its employees. Recently, we cancelled out tickets to a festival, because there was an LGBT rally that was met with very violent reaction from the locals (they've thrown firecrackers, eggs, and stones at people). This is a tourist venue, and I don't want to do anything to support such place. So IMO it's okay to refrain from spending time, money, or both out of such principle. There are people that don't mind that, or even see a need, but I do and I do feel better when I'm not supporting such case or person.
  24. That's the last thing I saw about this map. http://shalebridgecradle.co.uk/testing/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=3012&start=15
  25. Thief wasn't indie back in the day, and it cost a lot to make. It might feel indie because of today's technology, and because today's boards and CFOs are much, much less willing to take any creative risks than in the 90s. Indies actually went that safe road too. How many times throughout last year or two did you see reviews starting with phrase "[title] is a procedurally-generated, retro/pixel art [genre] on Steam."?
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