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  1. I'm trying to break up the monotony of flat surfaces a bit, in similar fashion to what modern games do. Typically though, you'd need photoscanned assets or hi poly sculpts that go both as bakes for low poly geometry, and then for flat tiling materials. Since this is way too time-consuming for one person, I decided to take slightly more simple approach, where I'm just modeling shapes based on tiling material made with Substance. The result is similar to what parallax mapping would do, except no "jelly effect" and hopefully less stretching. Good thing is that this geometry doesn't need to cast shadows, and every stone is like 50-100 triangles, so not that much. So far the engine seems to handle that without any problems, but I'll wait with my optimism until I get both walls and floor covered with this additional geometry
  2. Awesome screens. I wonder how they did those blood decals, as they seem to be both semi-transparent (translucent) and alpha-test (1 bit alpha).
  3. Another excellent documentary from Noclip, this time more design-oriented:
  4. It's better have a gameplay-driven excuse for using moving lights for fireflies, as they impact performance a lot. If it's just a neat-looking effect you want to have, stick to a static light with pulsing/flickering effect in the material definition.
  5. You should never ever use jpgs as textures in a realtime rendering engine! Their compression format is largely incompatible with how texture memory works. Use tga or dds, always. You can use jpegs for material previews, but it's mostly a waste of time, as DR can easily handle a lot of 2k diffuse textures used as previews, both tga and dds.
  6. I get something around 4400, but only in one spot (on that rocky corner). Otherwise it's more like 3400. But I think there's a leak in the dead end corner to the right of the starting location: It's nothing there, but look how high the stats are.
  7. Yeah, there don't seem to be any diffuse or specular maps in that folder, just normalmaps, heightmaps (do we even use these?) and editor preview jpegs.
  8. Jpegs aren't supported for materials, but DR can read them. Ed suffix is used for editor preview. So maybe it's a typo. Just remove the _ed.
  9. Don't remember if they're set like that by default, but those are just Vsync and Uncap FPS options, you can set them easily in the game menu.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breadcrumb_(navigation)
  11. IIRC, this has something to do with somehow lowered BSP precision, so brushes slightly more complex than a box will display BSP holes (we had something like this in TDS as well). Try converting brushes to models (func_statics) if you can.
  12. A small development roundup/update will be available here around the time New York wakes up (9 am NYT, 3 pm CET). Edit - direct link:
  13. Take a look at Kingsal's superb Volta series. These are sort of a bridge between T1 style and TDM aesthetics. Thief section on TTLG is rather conservative, they'll never lean towards TDM simply because it's not Thief 1/2
  14. Umm, what do you mean by that? It's like saying that lightgem or AI alert system is not working. That's a core component of the game.
  15. Nope. Feel free to choose aesthetics you feel most comfortable with. If you want to focus purely on showing your level design skills, that's a good reason for skipping the eye candy.
  16. I haven't touched Blender in ages, but what's difficult with putting a diffuse texture in a material slot and toggling a preview in viewport? High DC count (or rather, very low DC threshold that scales poorly with better hardware) is one of the major problems with this engine. I'd rather educate newcomers about that as early as possible, and help them shape their mapping habits accordingly. The tools discussion is a bit more academic I guess. I prefer to use as few tools as possible, instead of having separate software for different aspects of mapping, but I agree that that may vary from user to user. Btw. that brushwork generator seems rather old and produces geometry that doesn't look good (at least in your example). I'd probably look into something newer like World Machine instead.
  17. Hmm... I guess that if you really don't want to touch Blender and be safe on the performance side, you could use this tool and then use SEED's watch brethren spawnarg to combine copies of the same model into one (usually per visleaf).
  18. I think you're missed the point of that post (maybe it was too concise). This is a standard gamedev approach, for older engines at least. And this is not GPU problem, but CPU>GPU pipeline issue. With new engines you don't have to bother this much, as you can have like 30k drawcalls per single core in DX11. Here you have around 10% of this at your disposal, so using texture atlases and merging smaller junk objects into larger models is by all means encouraged. Sure, for small rooms and corridors you can have your every object pasted like a hundred times, but in open spaces that approach would fail. And if someone would have to pick up new tool just for scattering objects, they might as well get a modeling software, as typically they'd have scattering modifiers or mesh painting tools ("painting with models" as opposed to e.g. vertex painting in this case) – and many more features they might want to use in the future as they go (at some points they'd probably want to learn modeling anyway). Also, not sure what's the problem with applying textures to a model to see them in viewports.
  19. Yup, that's why the best thing to do IMO is to discourage that approach, whether you use an external tool for it or not. The performance-conscious approach would be to export the ground brushwork with DR, import it into Blender or any other modeling software along with these small models, use tools and modifiers to scatter the objects, save that as 1-2 models, and export them back to DR.
  20. And in terms of using entities like in that video, you should rather have them on one UV space (e.g. a junk_objects01 material or something similar), and they should be combined into groups that would be like 2-3 models, not 25 smaller ones.
  21. My first idea would be to target 2 path coners, one would have chance 0, the second chance 1, and then make a script to reverse values of these spawnargs (not sure what's the specific script for that though).
  22. If you need functional props (models mapped to entity defs), this is probably the best section: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/forum/4-art-assets/
  23. It seems like you can click the Unread Content link on the right and choose Status Updates from Content Type picklist. But it's not as straightforward as it was before the upgrade.
  24. It seems like it doubles the functionality of the SEED tool in DR? I only used it to reduce the drawcall count for stuff like blades of grass, so I'm not 100% sure, but it looks like it from the wiki description.
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