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  1. Maybe not the shaders but decompressing the textures?
  2. Now that OpenAL issues are gone, here's the situation with the AMD Radeon (got OpenGL cache cleared, of course)
  3. Just tell me how to generate the OpenAL32.lib (the needed flags) in MSVC, and I'll move the files in "thirdparty" folder I build OpenAL.dll by myself but let me know how the .lib must be generated. For now I'll use the .lib posted before
  4. "Mine"= the one you posted here some time ago *GeForce Ti 1050 -> working with some scene parts black (A New Job FM) *RX 570 -> working but ALL THE SCENE is black (geometry is there)
  5. Now I see "Debug with inlines" as an option. Isn't it possible to add ALL the 3 OpenAL Soft versions to the project and select one in the build process? So we got 3 possible binaries for x64 and 3 for x86.
  6. Working again Any recent GLProgs package to test the build?
  7. Up! Why still offline? It's moving to github?
  8. Thanks! Will test when SVN server will come up again! And about GLprogs folder? Any more recent version? (is it still necessary with the SVN built, right?)
  9. If someone (re)claims the IP in 10 years......
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