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  1. Simply as that! (or until it was stolen is more contextually proper here )
  2. 'cause reshade by default uses the inverted depth buffer Simply set it to "0" in the preprocessor section.
  3. lowenz

    Ray Tracing?

    Yes, it's a shader.
  4. Of course the injection takes away some frame time, and OpenGL is not the primary target of ReShade (count how much OpenGL games are released today).
  5. With 16 samples. Other 10 FPS less for 64 samples.
  6. Lastest version of MXAO HQ (+Normal Smoothing), lastest version of ReShade from the master tree too Saint Lucia! AO: Game (97 FPS): Game+AO (60 FPS):
  7. There's the injection cost too. Total performance hit: medium-high.
  8. Simply testing the lighting/shadowing system and the performance hit
  9. Really STALKER inspired (but with less oppressing feeling).
  10. Or: And the sneaky ones too!
  11. Little discovery about half-lambert lighting implementation in RBDOOM3.....there're some issues with soft shadows NO HLL: HLL (default behaviour):
  12. Some results with the lastest version available of RBDOOM3, 64 bit and self compiled with MSVC 2017 CE! SMAA, no filmic filter, no autoexposure, reduced lens flare: *750 Ti *1050 Ti
  13. New version (now it's really mature and enjoyable) https://www.moddb.com/mods/sniper-ghost-warrior-3-improvement-project/downloads/sgw3-improvement-project-0512 This game is still clumsy but sometimes has its "just awe" moments
  14. The Marty McFly solution is *above* HBAO+ as quality yield.....no "fake" darkening auras around the objects at all, no grain noise patches and perfect temporal stability (no shimmering moving around).
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