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  1. Originally performed by The Call in the 80s, Celldweller's takes the emotionally gripping track and modernizes it as an alternative/shoegaze epic in homage of original songwriter, Michael Been, who passed away in 2010. "I really loved “Into the Woods” by The Call. I thought Michael Been was a brilliant songwriter and lyricist but their sound was generally a little more traditional than I liked. I wanted to take this lyrically powerful song and produce it in my style which fit perfectly within the vibe I wanted on this album." - Klayton (Celldweller) Offworld, Celldweller's fourth vocal-based studio album departs from the project's signature sound of aggressive guitars, blasting beats and ass-kicking intensity and delivers a journey of sentimental feels and emotionally gripping tracks, showcasing the intimate song-writing side of project mastermind, Klayton. The album's 11 tracks range from the soul searching "How Little I Must Know," to the modern shoegazer "Echoes," the somber a cappella "Mother's Arms," to the acoustic guitar driven "The Great Divide," and the heavy, yet atmospheric vibe of "Last Night on Earth." The album begins and ends with the title track & reprise of "Offworld," which gives the album a narrative backdrop as a sci-fi adventure of leaving the world behind – perhaps to explore a new one or join life on the other side, closing the album experience with a familiar Celldweller lyric... "we will never die." The digital/CD version of the album include a bonus remix by Ulrich Schnauss (Tangerine Dream).
  2. NICE starting cutscene! Perfect music and audio propagation (EFX reverb!) Very good voice acting! And the classic Thief "objective update" sound
  3. But setting up "5.1" in the Windows audio configuration is necessary (any game is developed with 5.1/7.1 support), only remember to uncheck the missing speakers.
  4. That's impossible but bashing monsters isn't justice and, above all, it's futile.
  5. https://www.pcgamer.com/night-in-the-woods-developer-alec-holowka-has-died/ It was a rapist (holowka too was accused in these days)? Who knows, but now - after a life of mental care - the accusation of rape was suicide-inducing. Well done..... (I'm ironic). Maybe the "victims" must go for the law route, not the bash-the-monster route....
  6. Carmack is SO awesome, man!
  7. About the tweaks *Remember to disable the mouse smoothing in the ThiefInput.ini if you dislike the filtering *Disable the VSync and force it with the Scanline Sync of RTSS+Afterburner (now the game is silky smoooth) There's a never solved audio mixing problem: https://steamcommunity.com/app/239160/discussions/0/1638669204731038878/ Proof: https://www.mediafire.com/file/p2sbrw11zzlcb0n/AB.mkv/file
  8. Simply as that! (or until it was stolen is more contextually proper here )
  9. 'cause reshade by default uses the inverted depth buffer Simply set it to "0" in the preprocessor section.
  10. lowenz

    Ray Tracing?

    Yes, it's a shader.
  11. Of course the injection takes away some frame time, and OpenGL is not the primary target of ReShade (count how much OpenGL games are released today).
  12. With 16 samples. Other 10 FPS less for 64 samples.
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