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  1. Usually such rulings lead to new features appearing such as refund for all users in all countries. Fortunately good judicial precedents spread easily. Hopefully used games will be back. Let's be honest, lots of people share their account with other people and / or use the Family mode feature to let someone else play on a different PC. So, it's about time. People who die, Steam never finds out they are dead. Their heirs probably continue to use the library if they know / find out the password. I'm waiting eagerly for the decision of the EU regarding the illegal nature of region locks to selling/buying games and the setting up of artificial price ranges for different regions (games cheaper in poorer countries (CIS region definitely an example), more expensive in other ones). Before the region lock there was a lot of bargaining on the internet with cd keys' but this time might return if Steam's current policy on region locks gets overturned.
  2. I don't really have many problems with CPU cycles. But in task manager RAM and Disk usage is often 100% with antivirus enabled. How dangerous would it be to disable Windows Firewall?
  3. Noticed that after deleting BitDefender antivirus laptop runs smoother. Also temporarily disable Windows Defender because it all eats too much RAM. It seems that all applications over time get updates to the point where the laptop simply can't deal with it even when running Microsoft Word and trying to type something and look for things up on the internet. Does anyone know what else might load RAM? I'm thinking of Microsoft Store but I do need the updates to Skype and other messengers occasionally. Looks like it by default restarts the antispyware / antivirus application after a while. Disabled Windows Defender with regedit command. Hope it lasts.
  4. Does your 5.1 sound system work in Doom 3 (in the original game or a demo version of the game because its's the same engine that TDM runs on) ?
  5. GOG also had free giveaways (Fallout 1, Grim Fandango) but usually for older games. Epic and GOG can't do it without the publisher's consent I think. Not sure about engines. Many engines were free to begin with for indie developers like Unity? Can't hurt to have more choice right? Games are expensive enough already.
  6. Thanks for the updates. Devilish methods. Exclusive on Epic Store only but free games. The only sane marketing strategies are at GOG.com these days. Only they promote the GOG Connect feature with Steam for games that publishers give a green light to. I also hope those exclusives are temporarily exclusive on Epic Store and not for 5-10 years. But, without doubt Steam needs competition.
  7. Follow up: http://www.nathalielawhead.com/candybox/my-follow-up-post
  8. Very true. At the same time it is in the interests of all parties to have swift justice within a reasonable time according to the principle of effectiveness. I.e. the longer a case is on schedule, the longer justice crawls for other people that come to court as well.
  9. If the investigator / prosecutor decided this, that means that it's probably cheaper than wasting time and money for organising court hearings. It's a win win win.
  10. Not necessarily going to the police right away is a good idea if you can't afford a good lawyer. It's a vicious circle where everyone will laugh in your face and mop the floor with every shred of dignity you have remaining. Nobody notices the every day systemic problems. Humans are made in a way that we get pumped with adrenaline when FEMEN show tits in public and such. People usually only observe the extreme cases. Do you notice how people who disregard violence against women, are actually the same people who think torture and the death penalty is OK in the year 2019?
  11. This is just a shot in the dark but try messing with some settings located in the file called darkmod.cfg which is located in your main The Dark Mod folder where you've installed it. Open the file in notepad and see if anything related to sound changes your situation. Maybe other people in the forum here will show up to come up with something better later these days.
  12. Did you try disabling EFX / OpenAL? Did you try using maps that have EFX / OpenAL enabled (older ones do not support it and have not been updated)? Make sure your drivers are up to date please! I'm a big fan of sound reverberation in the Thief games and it is only recently that EFX / OpenAL was enabled in one of the updates. Please check the wiki page to see more about 5.1 sound and HRTF: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=What's_new_in_TDM_2.07
  13. I hope Cyberpunk won't get in the way of making GOG 2.0. So much of a better alternative to challenge Steam / Epic Store / Origin / Uplay and prevent exclusives from being the new normal. GOG Connect is a breath of fresh air in that order.
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