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  1. The best way to keep your metadata and your digital footprint for yourself is VPN. Beyond that KeePass and encryption of most important files (VeraCrypt seems good).
  2. Eventually MS will comply. They are not so rich to afford losing profit from Germany. Neither are they into politics except liberalism, tolerance, political correctness in their corporate work field and such. Especially in light of them making special Windows 10 versions for education. Germany is of course more liberal than the US, but MS already lost in the EU in regards to that and was fined already. The other day Facebook was fined for the Cambridge Analytica controversy... Will be curious how the EU copyright directive works for Google, MS, Facebook, by 2020 which they will have to implement as well.
  3. Anderson

    Outer Wilds

    If you like this kind of stuff you should look into the Russian space simulator called „Space Engine” for free. http://spaceengine.org/
  4. Anderson

    On Trust

    Not intending to beat a dead horse, but approaching the question from another angle. In your opinion does the automatization, the digitalization of everything, electronic governance, e-Tenders, happen as fast as you'd want to? If so, do you feel that it helps tackle corruption in your respective countries?
  5. Very true, both the forums and the bug tracker's active contributors know each other so they can additionally see where to pay attention. Right now both allow casual users to use them, it's ok.
  6. At a first glance someone's going to have to take a look either at the forum or the bug tracker. Prioritized bugs/suggestions are already marked and if there are no animators/coders - Rome won't be build in a night. Nothing won't change much. It will be delayed anyway.
  7. Indeed, I imagine though most people who are on a buget and are getting a Celeron, will be disinterested in 3D. They just need a newer model that will last longer without the need to throw this laptop sooner than later. That includes cleaning it occasionally from dust. Too easy to have a Good game for your motherboard from overheating and so on. And why reinvent the wheel on being rich? „The acquisition of riches has been for many men, not an end, but a change, of troubles.” ― Seneca, Letters From A Stoic: Epistulae Morales
  8. It should depend maybe on the type of wood? Walking on a wooden ship should probably be louder than walking around wooden palisades or a wooden house. All of this depending how old the wood is.
  9. Agreed that this is extremist stuff. But, you can hardly deny that socialists are very friendly to Russia, even if their internal policy for the country looks neat. From Simone de Beauvoir, Jean Paul Sartre to politicians from France or Germany (Nord Stream 2). Another problem altogether is when he labels himself as such a hero... When Assange disregards the sanctions that the civilized world imposed on Russia for poisoning Skripal... Incredible cynicism. How many times should we be so naive?
  10. My sincerest apologies. I've been so busy looking into plutonium tea and Novichok filled perfumes that I forgot what true witch burning looks like. The true question - is Assange fighting evil systems or serving his own vanity? People like Sakharov or Vaclav Havel never allowed themselves that. Nobody can propose a better foreign policy than the US because for China, Russia and the EU it's always "just business".
  11. Better to respect bad laws so that good laws are not broken.
  12. It's sad when people with potentially infinite impunity fail to back up their words to set all matters straight by law when there are actually people dying in dictatorships or fighting agressors. Nobody is guilty for being born in second hand states, likewise as people who fight for animal rights care a little more than nothing for human rights. Time for moral clarity. In other words why should people accused of criminal charges, living in Ecuadorean embassies and Russian asyulms teach me how to live? We're all equal. Talk the talk but do you walk the walk? Do they have the balls to do the same whistleblowing in North Korea? Now Intigam Aliev from Azerbaijan is a real hero...
  13. When was the last time the US gave guarantees for a fair trial upon someone being extradited to its soil and did not deliver? Assange reminds of the old Soviet joke: "Two cowboys, a newcomer and an old-timer, are drinking beer in front of a saloon. Suddenly, there is a clatter of hooves, a great cloud of dust, and something moving extremely fast from one end of town to the other. The newcomer looks at the old-timer, but seeing no reaction, decides to let the matter drop. However, several minutes later, the same cloud of dust, accompanied by the clatter of hooves, rapidly proceeds in the other direction. Not being able to see what's behind the dust, and unable to contain his curiosity any longer, the newcomer asks: "OK, what the hell was that, Bill?" / "Oh, that's Uncatchable Joe. Nobody has ever managed to catch him, Harry." / "Why? Is he so fast, Bill?" / "Nope, it's just because nobody needs him, Harry." ('Variant: "Nobody cares about him.")"
  14. Well, his current legal problem is acting in breach of US laws by hacking classified information: https://www.justice.gov/usao-edva/pr/wikileaks-founder-charged-computer-hacking-conspiracy The rape accusation was dropped in Sweden. I think he should be extradited if the US gives guarantees that he will not be subject to capital punishment in whatever state he is trialed for his crimes in accordance with the best practices of the European Court set in the following precedent: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soering_v_United_Kingdom He's going to victimize himself but he'll probably get an amnesty or a pardon anyway so no big deal. It is important to deliver the message that justice is best served cold.
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