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  1. Thanks for reporting the issue. I'm not sure who's maintaining the installer at this point, but it's certainly possible that things like this could be made more robust. That's not "info", it's vague guesswork based on personal opinions. Let's not start a pointless "my favourite language is better than your language" flamewar here. The experienced C++ developers on this project are not going to abandon their knowledge and jump ship to the latest new language just because some forum poster tells them that C++ is buggy and slow to develop with. (For what it's worth, I'm actually quite interested in learning Go, and probably wouldn't choose C++ as the default language for writing something like an installer. But rewriting a project in a new language is a huge amount of work, does not magically fix bugs and is actually very likely to introduce a few more.)
  2. I certainly agree with that. But at the same time we are making sure that the justice system is accessible and effective at prosecuting genuine criminals, we should also ensure that society in general (and the media in particular) properly respect the principle of "innocent until proven guilty" as the bedrock of a free society, rather than treating it as an annoying inconvenience that gets in the way of punishing people who are "obviously" guilty.
  3. https://www.spiked-online.com/2019/09/02/the-justice-system-is-rewarding-false-accusers/ "Believe all victims". "Why would they lie? What's in it for them?"
  4. She also made over 600 thousand dollars through donations: https://www.gofundme.com/help-christine-blasey-ford She may indeed have given much of it to charity, but the point remains: alleged victims get money thrown at them just for being victims. It is ludicrous to pretend that there is no possible reason for someone to make a false allegation when there is overwhelming evidence that (1) people do make false allegations (see Carl Beech), and (2) making an allegation can result in significant financial or personal benefits.
  5. The words "credible" and "#MeToo" don't even belong in the same sentence. There's nothing remotely credible about unproven allegations made in the media (which they have to be, since the ones made in court tend to have a nasty habit of collapsing once the actual evidence is tested). It's even more astonishing that people are still clinging to the ridiculous non-argument of "Why would victims lie, there's nothing in it for them?!?!?"", given how many bullshit allegations have been shot down recently. Is it not blindingly obvious by now how much attention and sympathy is lavished upon anyone who can call themself an "oppressed victim"? Why do you think everyone and their dog is now coming out as "transgender", "autistic" or whatever the latest fashionable and unfalsifiable victimhood category is? #MeToo really is the appropriate name. Everybody wants a piece of the fake victimhood pie. I'm a victim too! Me too! Me too! Me Too!
  6. Fixed in source commit 7ea2eab8d3dce20873dd841306c7740a5ddbbb54.
  7. I can reproduce the crash on Linux using the corrupted filters.xml in the original post, so I can investigate the problem on Linux (which will hopefully fix it on Windows too, although it's not so easy for me to test that side of things).
  8. That's why I'm with Andrews and Arnold (AAISP), the most geek-friendly and anti-censorship ISP in the UK. Here is their CEO's response to the ludicrous behaviour by the ISPA: https://www.revk.uk/2019/07/doh-and-vpns-and-trust.html I particularly like the fact that A&A are not members of the ISPA, but decided instead to donate the cost of an ISPA membership fee to Mozilla instead. I look forward to the point where everything on the internet is encrypted, DNSoHTTP and VPNs are commonplace, and the censorshits can get the fuck out with their "filtering obligations".
  9. I don't disagree with any of that. It really is one rule for the elites and another rule for the rest of us, particularly with authority figures and politicians. For example, in the UK the government have passed laws allowing widespread surveillance of internet users while conveniently excluding MPs and their communications from the scope of the law. Similarly, the anti-sex-discrimination laws that apply to normal workplaces have specific exclusions to allow gender quotas for political candidates. But let's not needlessly introduce race (or other personal characteristics) into the discussion when it doesn't have any actual relevance. All that does is create artificial division which doesn't benefit anyone except the elites themselves. If the "little people" want to stand up to the elites, they need to work together, not divide themselves into meaningless groups based on superficial characteristics and then spend time squabbling over things which happened decades or centuries ago and which none of us have any control over.
  10. Thanks, fixed in Git.
  11. And that has precisely what to do with the ownership of computer games? Are you saying that if there were fewer black men serving unjust sentences in US jails, the games industry would stop using DRM?
  12. At least one good thing has come out of this unexpected forced upgrade is that we no longer have to use the most buggy, user-unfriendly and just plain garbage WYSIWYG post editor that the internet has ever seen. This one actually seems to work well.
  13. I actually like the light theme. I hope when it is changed, there will be an option to choose between the light and the dark themes.
  14. I'm happy to update the script for API changes and bring it into my repository along with the LWO and ASE exports, but I don't have any experience with the MD5 animation system so testing it would be somewhat challenging. Probably the most reliable way to do it would be to get hold of an example BLEND file along with the correct exported result (from earlier Blender versions) and then treating this export as canonical test data which the updated script needs to produce. In fact I should do that with the ASE and LWO scripts too, to make it easier to check for future breakages without having to do a full export and manual inspection in game.
  15. I suppose machine learning is the next big thing in image scaling and video compression. Codecs of the future will not simply analyze macroblocks and decompose them into frequency components, but will analyze textures, shapes and lines and reconstruct these at the desired resolution. After all, if you're looking at an image of gravel, you don't actually care if every stone is exactly the same as the source material. If the codec can reconstruct a similar-looking gravel texture this will look perfectly fine for the viewer.
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