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  1. OrbWeaver

    DR VR

    The only need for building in VR is if the game is going to be played in VR, in which case the VR editor will give you a better idea of what players are going to see. Being able to interactively add and position objects in 3D space does not require VR; in fact it is a common feature of MMOs which allow players to create their own housing or private areas (I suspect the same interface is used by the developers to build the game world itself, which is why it is relatively easy to make this feature available to players). Converting this 3D interface into VR doesn't magically make it easier — it would provide stereo viewing of course, and make it slightly easier to move your head around to get a different view of the object rather than using the mouse, but as others have mentioned it introduces its own problems too. I'll be the first to admit that DR has many usability problems, but making it into a VR app isn't going to fix them.
  2. Hard crashing the entire application for a missing asset is just stupid. If you do this on Windows (which most mappers and players are using), nobody will even see the error. They will just get the standard Windows "This application has caused an error and will be shut down" dialog and have no idea why unless they go hunting in log files. There is no benefit in this behaviour, you are literally hiding the problem if you do this. The only people who would conceivably want a console message followed by a hard crash are people running the game from the command line on Linux, which is a tiny minority of the userbase. If you wanted to make a missing asset a hard error (in order to prevent mappers from inadvertently shipping a map with a missing asset), you could make it print a message in the internal console and then refuse to load the map, much like what currently happens if you try to compile a map which has a leak. This behaviour might be useful for mappers but would have no use whatsoever for end users (who are not responsible for the assets in a map), so it should at best be a configurable developer option, as stgatilov is suggesting.
  3. To slightly expand on that point, a good quality microphone is essential, with a wide frequency response and no colouration of the sound. Basically the sort of full-size mic that you might see in a radio studio, not a cheap VoIP mic or a gaming headset. It will be really noticeable if the vocals are recorded with a low-quality mic, once they get into the game. The audio might sound muffled, or particularly harsh around the sibilants ("S" sounds), and no amount of processing will fix it.
  4. While announcing yourself as an author of a copyrighted work (e.g. with "Copyright (C) 2019 Joe Bloggs") may be recommended in some circumstances, it certainly isn't required. Copyright protection is automatic, and applies regardless of whether you know (or can find out) who the author is. To assume that it's OK to relicense somebody else's work simply because they didn't put their name in the shader file wouldn't just be presumptuous as Darkness_Falls says — it would be unlawful.
  5. That argument doesn't make any sense. Steam games can't be "infinitely copied", they are locked to your account (this is why you can get refunds on games you've bought, even if you've downloaded them and played them for a while). There is absolutely no technological reason why Steam couldn't allow the transfer of purchased games from one account to another; they already have the ability to add and remove games from people's accounts, which is all a transfer requires. They just don't want to do it because they would make less money. CDs on the other hand can be infinitely copied and we've been able to resell these since they were invented. Clearly whether something can be copied has no bearing on whether it can or should be resellable. I suppose if you're talking about "reselling" a DRM-free MP3 file it wouldn't make much sense, since you could just "sell" the file but keep a copy of it yourself. But this is not what happens with Steam games.
  6. Not exactly. For samples which were originally created by some team member, e.g. Schatten, it is perfectly possible for that team member (who is the copyright owner) to individually negotiate a separate license with somebody else, in addition to the CC-NC license which is used for the asset in the mod. Copyright owners are always free to grant additional licenses to their own work under whatever terms they wish, regardless of which existing licenses have been granted to others in the past. What is not possible is for team members to grant commercial licenses to assets which they do not own 100%, i.e. because they include copyrighted material received from an outside source under a non-commercial license. In this situation, only the upstream original copyright owner has the legal authority to grant additional licenses.
  7. Notice that "video games cause right wing terrorism" is the exact same argument as "the Koran causes Islamist terrorism". The only difference is the detail of which form of media is blamed for which kind of terrorism. But if you made such an argument about the Koran and demanded that it be regulated or banned, you would be considered an intolerant bigot (and rightly so). However, when politicians make the exact same argument about Western media, based on the exact same correlation fallacy and the exact same lack of causal evidence, it's all perfectly fine. These politicians are as hypocritical as they are stupid.
  8. Well, you're perfectly free to edit that filter or create a custom filter without the nodraw line, and see if it does what you want.
  9. That's my personal perspective too, and why I don't use "non-commercial use only" licenses for my own projects. There's a good reason the GPL does not exclude commercial use, and it's not because the FSF are a bunch of raging capitalists. It's because defining "commercial use" is actually not all that easy (I've seen some lawyers suggest that using an NC-only asset on a free Wordpress blog might be a violation, because the presence of ads makes it commercial use), and such restrictions are unnecessary anyway provided the "sharealike" clauses are complied with. Indeed, it's actually quite common for commercial users of GPL code (IBM, Red Hat, even Microsoft these days) to contribute valuable improvements to that code, so locking all of these companies out of the ecosystem would not benefit anybody. However, changing the license of the Dark Mod itself is pretty much impossible for reasons that others have explained.
  10. The Visportals filter rule explicitly hides nodraw textures: <filter name="Visportals"> <filterCriterion type="texture" match="textures/editor/visportal" action="hide" /> <filterCriterion type="texture" match="textures/common/nodraw" action="hide" /> </filter> I don't recall if this is just for convenience or if not including nodraw textures leaves the five non-visportal faces of the brush visible.
  11. Thanks for reporting the issue. I'm not sure who's maintaining the installer at this point, but it's certainly possible that things like this could be made more robust. That's not "info", it's vague guesswork based on personal opinions. Let's not start a pointless "my favourite language is better than your language" flamewar here. The experienced C++ developers on this project are not going to abandon their knowledge and jump ship to the latest new language just because some forum poster tells them that C++ is buggy and slow to develop with. (For what it's worth, I'm actually quite interested in learning Go, and probably wouldn't choose C++ as the default language for writing something like an installer. But rewriting a project in a new language is a huge amount of work, does not magically fix bugs and is actually very likely to introduce a few more.)
  12. I certainly agree with that. But at the same time we are making sure that the justice system is accessible and effective at prosecuting genuine criminals, we should also ensure that society in general (and the media in particular) properly respect the principle of "innocent until proven guilty" as the bedrock of a free society, rather than treating it as an annoying inconvenience that gets in the way of punishing people who are "obviously" guilty.
  13. https://www.spiked-online.com/2019/09/02/the-justice-system-is-rewarding-false-accusers/ "Believe all victims". "Why would they lie? What's in it for them?"
  14. She also made over 600 thousand dollars through donations: https://www.gofundme.com/help-christine-blasey-ford She may indeed have given much of it to charity, but the point remains: alleged victims get money thrown at them just for being victims. It is ludicrous to pretend that there is no possible reason for someone to make a false allegation when there is overwhelming evidence that (1) people do make false allegations (see Carl Beech), and (2) making an allegation can result in significant financial or personal benefits.
  15. The words "credible" and "#MeToo" don't even belong in the same sentence. There's nothing remotely credible about unproven allegations made in the media (which they have to be, since the ones made in court tend to have a nasty habit of collapsing once the actual evidence is tested). It's even more astonishing that people are still clinging to the ridiculous non-argument of "Why would victims lie, there's nothing in it for them?!?!?"", given how many bullshit allegations have been shot down recently. Is it not blindingly obvious by now how much attention and sympathy is lavished upon anyone who can call themself an "oppressed victim"? Why do you think everyone and their dog is now coming out as "transgender", "autistic" or whatever the latest fashionable and unfalsifiable victimhood category is? #MeToo really is the appropriate name. Everybody wants a piece of the fake victimhood pie. I'm a victim too! Me too! Me too! Me Too!
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