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  1. Do you have any engine debug visualization turned on, in the console? I seem to recall seeing something like that before, when I turned on some of idtech4 debug commands but i'm not sure if that is the same case.
  2. The only games I have on Epic store are the free games and that only because I would be stupid to not use that opportunity, but if that was not the case then I would not install it, why, one is years behind Steam, even GOG and two, I totally don't agree with their store exclusives, I still didn't play Crysis 3 just because is exclusive to Origin. To me the only reason Epic Store has any momento is the Free games and it being linked to their engine because it is still very bare bones IMO. About Valve and Gaben, I really don't care, I like the HL franchise but I will not lose sleep if they never make a third game or even games at all, there's plenty of other good developers outhere.
  3. Thanks for the info much better now.
  4. Welcome back! I was really starting to worry. :) Btw the new forum is nice and all but I really liked the dark theme. ;) Now back into the shadows...
  5. See if this helps https://modwiki.dhewm3.org/Skin_%28decl%29 https://modwiki.dhewm3.org/SetSkin_%28script_event%29
  6. Hum I don't know, from my experience a blendLight doesn't work exactly has the fogLight does, it brightens or darkens the scene but it doesn't make it look like it has volumetric fog, like the fogLight does, at least I never saw them do that. But I mostly used blendLights, before having shadow mapping, to project fake shadows unto the scene for grates, trees and stuff. About textures for fog lights, Like I said I don't know much about it, I only know that basic fog works and pitfog_to_black also works, other original Doom 3 "fogs" don't look like fog at all to me but they don't have the "fogLight" keyword so that must be why.
  7. I don't know if this is really what you want but is easy to make a fog light, you just make a normal light and instead of selecting a normal light material, you select a material in the fog category, is that easy, the light bounding box needs to extend beyond the region you want to be fogued if not it looks bad, similar to ambient lights. Btw a light to work has a fog light, needs to have a material with the global keyword fogLight so make sure that is true, if not it will behave as normal light and that is not what you want. You can make sure by going to the media tab select a fog material, right click and chose "show shader definition". Here is the material definition for the basic fog: fogs/basicFog { fogLight // tell the engine it is fog and not a light noShadows { map _fog // the internal fog image colored // take rgba from entity shaderparms } } P.s -Forgot to say, i'm basing this on the fhdoom engine (is based on idtech 4 as well) so i'm not sure if fog lights still work in TDM, the team has changed the engine in many ways by now.
  8. What about a light with a fog material (fog light)? You can create a low fog with it easely and perhaps would be better for performance? The engine doesn't need to discard all those transparent pixels from particles. What I don't know, because i've not worked much with fog lights, is how powerful is the material system for them, for example, I don't know if you can randomize the fog look with a image (apart from a ramp gradient) where some parts are very foggy and others are not, to create a swamp like random fog/smoke.
  9. You don't need to export the brushs into models you select the brushes, right click on a orthographic view and select convert to func_static. Func_statics are treated by the engine just has any model imported from blender or other 3D tool, so they will not seal the void nor will they be used to calculate AAS (AI pathing), for that you need to use regular brushes, a trick for func_static floors (terrain patches for example) is just to put a regular brush bellow it, no need to make the func_static and the brush touch or conform, the AI will follow the func_static shape just fine, even with a flat brush bellow.
  10. That is a older OpenGL driver compared to mine, so you should try updating the drivers. Mine are 19.4.2. Also based on the GPU-Z info you have a Radeon HD 7750 (similar to a HD 5770) that is now a low end GCN 1.0 GPU but it should support TDM, is claimed to support OGL 4.6 and D3D12 after all. If is not some TDM problem, that it might, then it could be a faulty GPU or even a faulty CPU, that just happens to be triggered by TDM somehow. Like stgatilov said sharing a crashdump would help.
  11. Nice cover and I also like the original.
  12. You should file a bug report if not this will get lost.
  13. What AMD Radeon HD 7700 and R7-200 Series do you have? There's many on those series, specially on the 7700 series, from low end to high end cards, use GPU-Z to see what GPU you really have. Perhaps yours don't support the OpenGL version used on TDM 2.07?
  14. So the normal maps are not compressed, that is certainly surprising, to me at least doesn't seem to cause any trouble. But people with old GPU's with 2GB or less VRAM could potentially have problems. What ARB shaders are still not converted?
  15. A new job worked fine including the skybox. The same with the training mission no ctd's skybox works fine... Ok based on this that seems to be a problem with the skybox material used on Tears of Saint.Lucia.
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