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  1. Consider your post liked Dragofer, I'm super excited to see those new ships in action!
  2. Biker continues to haunt these forums from beyond the ban it seems, but lets please divert this topic to another thread, maybe even the one discussing his ban.
  3. That certainly would be a sight to see
  4. Yeah, frame rates have been pretty tricky to handle for the exterior section on this map, but they should improve once you go inside the house. There have been some FPS issues in regard to the outside sections for few high-end rigs as well.
  5. don't put the .pk4 file in the "vitalicfever" folder (delete that folder). Instead just drop the pk4 file into the "fms" folder and the Dark mod should do the rest
  6. YES! Super excited to see this out the door ! Wunderbar!
  7. Sounds like my kinda game
  8. Thanks for the heads up! It's always nice to see "100% off" on Steam. Is this game related in any way to Age of Empires?
  9. That lighting is to die for, masterful work Dragofer!
  10. Spooks will probably be the person to ask about that. He posted some screenshots on Discord about a month or two ago working on that very thing.
  11. Yeah, I figured that too, but even if Filizitas' comment was fairly harsh and certainly lacking... let's call it linguistic grace, I do think it was a fair thing to point out. I mean, I personally just assumed oneofthe8devils created that map and the character model and would have continued thinking that had LDAsh not pointed out the origin.
  12. It's a shame you think this forum is getting less creative, I see a lot of very talented and incredibly creative people here today, especially after the several unique FMs have just been released in the past four months. And oneofthe8devils' project seems like it could certainly be great. I'm not questioning the hard work he put into it and I certainly don't doubt his talents. The thing that got to me was him saying that the people who are pointing out criticisms of his project want to start conflict and "useless drama". Sharing criticism, whether it is "cool" or opinionated, isn't toxic and it doesn't make you a "toxic stalker". Judith hit it on the nose: If you take criticism as personal attack, or need constant patting on the back, then you're too insecure to take feedback anyway.
  13. If that's seriously the case then take sentences like the one quoted above and get them the hell out of here. I don't know what happened in the past, and I don't really care, but at this moment in time, in this particular thread, no one here has done anything to "start another conflict". Providing fair and constructive feedback is not starting a conflict, so don't start spouting off some bullshit about how people here are toxic and trying to re-ignite "useless drama". Maybe instead you should focus on addressing the concerns people have presented
  14. Are you joking? Nothing in this thread is toxic, it's just people bringing up good points and providing CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, something everyone needs if they truly care about making a great product. There is nothing wrong with someone pointing out the origins of where these textures or level architecture came from, and that goes double for someone providing feedback like saying the lighting is too damn bright (cause it is, parts of your video makes it look like I'm staring into the heart of a billion suns). And instead of addressing these issues head on you just shouted "toxic stalkers". If you didn't want this stuff commented on publicly, you probably shouldn't have posted it on the Internet. And if you did use someone's assets, textures, code, whatever else you should give credit where credit is due, regardless of whether they gave you express permission or not.
  15. According to their most recent update, they are adding that support regardless of whether or not they meet the stretch goal anyway
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