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  1. Ha, precisely what I was looking for, thank you. These damn bells have been giving me a headache all morning
  2. Map files are always welcome after having read all of the sound and trigger pages on the wiki my brain is a little fried, ha. Plus, it's always easier for me to take things apart in a map and figure things out that way
  3. Thanks, Dragofer, I'll give this a try. I should clarify this by saying that I want the bells to right right when the player walks out of a building. And of course, the bells shouldn't keep going on and off should the player keep going in and out of that building
  4. Alright, now that I got the light squared away, onto my next question: I want to trigger the churchbell02 sound so that it rings maybe twice or three times. So far, the church bells will only ring once, or they will ring forever. How can I fix this?
  5. Oh snap, that's perfect strunk. Do you have a test map I can look at?
  6. Thanks grayman! I'll take a look tonight and see what happens
  7. hmmm, thanks for the suggestions guys. I'll give it a try tonight. Is there a way I can hide the model and then trigger it to appear (and of course, trigger the other model to disappear)?
  8. Oh snap! So now my only concern is that I'm using the grill light color_me model, so I hope that the skin on the model changes as the light changes. I'll play around with it after work and see what happens
  9. Thanks Strunk, I'll give it a try later. I'm sure there is a simple solution and I'm just overthinking it.
  10. So I've got a lever and a light (the grill light model specifically). I want it so that when the lever is in its "off" position, there is a red light showing. When the lever is turned on by the player, I want that red light to turn green. How can I do this?
  11. I'd love to join in on the fun this time Biene, but I'm a bit busy with IRL stuff right now. I'd be happy to look over readables and briefing texts though if you want
  12. So, wait, should all skyboxes be outside of the ambient world light? Is this typically done for most skyboxes?
  13. Amadeus


    I don't understand how you could have the complete X-Files box set but have not watched the entire series at least eight times.... but to each their own, I guess, haha
  14. Amadeus


    How did you know I was searching for those barrels!?!?!? And Drive was about:
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