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  1. I second HMart's comment. I don't think this gets said enough, so thank you! Looking forward to the new DR update
  2. It is amazing what you can do with just wood textures, Dragofer
  3. Just in case you don't know, Sotha and Springheel made phenomenal mapping tutorials that pretty much cover the entire mapping process: Sotha's vids: Springheel's Vids:
  4. Finally got around to playing this. This was really great krrg! So many details, both story-wise and environment-wise. All your rooms really came to life, they all felt lived in. Well done, looking forward to what you have in store next
  5. Beautiful work ERH, these AI look awesome!
  6. Drool-inducing work as always, Goldwell!
  7. Congrats, krrg!!! Looking forward to playing this
  8. fantastic work on those gondolas, Epi, but here I am admiring that beautiful castle in the distance
  9. 10 years already?! They grow up so fast!
  10. Amadeus

    DR VR

    This is pretty rad. I had no idea this was even a thing.
  11. Yes! Congrats on the release!
  12. Ha, precisely what I was looking for, thank you. These damn bells have been giving me a headache all morning
  13. Map files are always welcome after having read all of the sound and trigger pages on the wiki my brain is a little fried, ha. Plus, it's always easier for me to take things apart in a map and figure things out that way
  14. Thanks, Dragofer, I'll give this a try. I should clarify this by saying that I want the bells to right right when the player walks out of a building. And of course, the bells shouldn't keep going on and off should the player keep going in and out of that building
  15. Alright, now that I got the light squared away, onto my next question: I want to trigger the churchbell02 sound so that it rings maybe twice or three times. So far, the church bells will only ring once, or they will ring forever. How can I fix this?
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