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  1. Looks like the artificial neural network processed the separate frames of the video. Whenever ther is movement, i see some edges "wobble" a lot. Is there more information about the layout of the used ANN and how it got trained?
  2. I recommend using hard disks as backup medium. They are more cost efficient and a lot faster than DVDs. Just rember to always have at least two backups and copy the backups once per year from one medium to another to keep the data from fading away (both are good advice for backups on any medium, not only hard disks).
  3. Everyone has read access to all public forums except Betatesting (that may have historic reasons) as they are visible and readable when not logged in.
  4. The pseudo mod way of doing it looks okay to me - if you get them to understand what exactly you are trying to do. If you fail at that it will not make any difference whether you are right or not as they have the resources to sue you into oblivion no matter what. The team is definitely right on not daring to risk TDM's existance over some Thief remake while they already got over hundred missions out and have lots of ideas for improving the engine further. So if you really want to do it, ask Square Enix for permission to do a fan remake based on a heavily modified fork of the id Tech 4 (Doom 3) engine wich will require Thief 1/2 to be installed. And never use The Dark Mod's name for it and never mention it in your communication about your project.
  5. I think, he will be fine with not beeing able to get help from the forum...
  6. Flash still exists in 2019?! And why do they promote Flash instead of their equally bad but selfinvented Silverlight? On Gentoo Linux there is a somehwat stripped down and easy to compile Chromium available. But on Windows you will probably have to use a binary blob containing features that someone else wants you to use (i like my new tinfoil hat - it's so shiny)... Can't have both: Easy to use and the ability to cherry-pick the features you want.
  7. That has to get you the best use of undead in a mission award!
  8. Beeing a drama queen, narcistic, or having OCD are not the worst traits to have. They are bad traits, but: In real life character traits choose you - not the other way around. And i never met a human without any bad traits. Some even have to use a wheel chair or can't see. Others have to constantly throw insults to everyone. And there are uncounted traits that are even far worse than that. Drama queen is one of the traits i would explicitly choose for getting some extra character points to put in feats like darkvision or memory (having a low level in the last one really sucks)... Whatever bad trait he got - it looks like some of that extra character point are in his great mapping skills... Surely, forcing him to keep his experience to himself will hurt him the most (instead of the people who lack that experience).
  9. Maybe, the route via elevator is not shorter than using the stairs (could be the case if the elevator is far away from the stairs). Don't know, whether there is a way to add a travel cost to some area to make them prefer another route while still being able to chase you everywhere. Try to block off the stais first to confirm that they can use the elevator at all. For this test you have to use aas32_flood on the floors that are then only reachable by elevator.
  10. Might want to read the wiki page Elevators, multi-floor for how to properly set up elevators and make pathfinding work in areas not reachable by other means.
  11. The still ongoing Windows 10 topic sparked my curiosity why people do not just switch to Linux. But users of other OSes are also allowed to vote.
  12. Unemployment or feeling like a wage slave are bad - but knowing, that your doing a bullshit job or one that actually makes world less enjoying is much worse. A lot of people nowadays are trapped in such jobs. UBI might be the chance to free people from having to be "big data expert in a company leading the field of targetted advertising".
  13. The correct way to approach ladders should be explained in the training mission. The mechanic itself is fine as it is now though. Some years ago i sometimes struggled to get on and off ladders. But in the last few versions it just works as expected.
  14. That is really odd. Why would one animate a player model for a game like TDM and for the same engine, TDM runs on - but not put it into TDM? He seems to be interested in stealth, the "medieval" look, even got zombies and magic stuff in his test map... What i have seen in the linked video would be good enough for an optional true first person mode. Projected shadows would be nice. With or without AI detecting them from whatever distance. Soft shadows also did not add to the gameplay - but they improved my TDM experience a lot.
  15. Nothing wrong with living a basic life - as long as it includes Internet access.
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