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  1. Well that sucks! Got the spyglass and code, got the hatch open, but the key is not frobbable, so I can't open the door! Glitch?
  2. Can you tell me where those notes may be? I'm at the metal door & I really wanna get in. Been trying to find my way in for hours... Anyone know exactly where the is?
  3. As for those floating hammers, where do I aim my Arrows? I've managed to hit it once with a holy water Arrow, but the fire Arrow just goes past every time...
  4. I'll do it Can I get a link to the download? Haven't found any problems with Mom's "desktop" I built 2 years ago (Ignore the old signature, that's mine in FL & the grafix card is broke) Tested 2 other missions. Did not get any of the problems people were getting with their beta testing.
  5. I'm in... Don't read my old pc configurations. That's 10 years old. Got a newer one in Sweden with iCore 7.. I Luv my vacation but I'm stuck a bit longer, so yeah, I got time for this
  6. I found no problems with these missions
  7. Can someone please give me a true spoiler on how to get into the dude's bedroom? The closet next door has a chain in the ceiling that don't go no where, the pipes outside don't go there & Rufus's so called spare key don't work either.
  8. I've been playing this for 2 Days. I finally got to the safe, but there's no Diamond. It's my last objective. Where is it?
  9. Where would that link be? (beta testing section). Haven't been in here for awhile
  10. I'm in if it's not too late Oh, I'm in Sweden right now, so I got a newer pc i5 core something. Lots of RAM & HDD...
  11. I can't believe I missed this one 4 years ago. Wow! Anyway, found the rope arrow so I could get to the roof, where the greenhouse is. Is that where the lever is to turn on the generator? Used the rope to go down the elevator shaft, thinking I could open the doors, but that was a no go. Can someone please tell me where the lever is? Can someone also explain to me how to spoil stuff in the DarkMod forums?
  12. This was an awesome mission too. Took almost 5 hours, but so worth it! Didn't have to cheat/forum at all. However one thing that eluded me was key number 4 in the vault. Never found it, but the game ended anyway.
  13. Awesome mission! Got stuck on how to get into Godfrey's room, so checked out the spoiler for that, but after that. Finished it...
  14. Now I remember why I never finished this mission, I never made it past the sewer! I can't seem to climb up. Keep getting stuck on the ledge, before I make it up. Turned on mantling, but that don't work either. There's no rope arrows to buy or find, so I can't get out of the tunnel and into the manor in the beginning. What am I doing wrong? I got version 1 and 1.1 (why is version 1.1 smaller than the first?)
  15. Does anyone know where to go to download Thief 2 missions? I can't find the old sites, except thiefmissions.com, but that hasn't been updated since last year
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