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  1. Thanks for sharing this, as I didn't know about these. Those are now weekly free giveaways till the end of the year I think. Next week Rebel Galaxy will be free and that was just a game that I wanted to buy.
  2. Ori and the Will of the Wisps finally has a release date. The release has been pushed several times, but now it finally seems to have a set date. The game is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Ori and the Blind Forest (a platformer), which IMO is a mustplay for everyone who's into platformers even a little. The story, gameplay, visuals, music and level design will keep you entertained till the end and wishing for more (which finally is coming). A controller is probably the best way to play it as the game becomes pretty difficult (but not impossible) towards the end, but I finished it with a mouse and keyboard.
  3. Cyan got it right IMO with their Myst games and the point and click adventure games are kind of the predecessors of the interactive fictions we have now. Or rather the interactive fictions are an evolution of point and click adventures, where people prefer the story and not so much the puzzle solving. It's difficult sometimes to get the storytelling through readables right in games, as you don't always know if someone will be able to find them. In the Metro games for example a lot of story is told through readables, but they are not all easy to find and even during my second playthrough I can't find them all. Because of that you miss a part of the story, which could make it less interesting.
  4. Totally agree peter_spy. Problem I think with this game is that the people that backed it were expecting a Myst kind of experience, which it doesn't offer. I'm not sure if that kind of experience was promised or not, but multiple people seem to agree with this. If you take this game for what it is, it seems to be a very nice experience which might be a little bit short.
  5. There's already a toilet simulator game, so I don't know how they would be able to 'improve' on that...
  6. This has gone pretty much under the radar but looks very interesting. Even though it's released by Cyan Ventures (the publishing department of Cyan) and the creator worked on Myst, it doesn't have a lot of puzzles (or just very easy ones) and it's more story. Reviews are divided as the game seems to be quite different from what was promised during the kickstarter. ZED is the story of an aging artist, lost in regret and the haze of dementia. Inside the dreamscape of this creative mind come undone, players reassemble the artist’s fragmented memories into a final, lasting legacy: a loving gift to his granddaughter. Making its debut on PC (with optional VR support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive), ZED is a surreal trip, with an unexpected narrative that unfolds across fanciful, fractured lands. Spanning regret, reconciliation and redemption, it’s a bittersweet story that’s both deeply personal, and undeniably universal. Released in partnership with Cyan Ventures, the new publishing arm from the creators of the legendary games Myst and Riven, ZED is the vision of Chuck Carter, part of the team behind the original Myst. Co-written by Joe Fielder (Bioshock Infinite, The Flame and the Flood) and David Chen (Metal Gear Solid series, Narcosis), the game also features a riveting performance from veteran video-game voice actor Stephen Russell (the Thief and Fallout series).
  7. Carnage

    Outer Wilds

    When searching for games like Freelancer some people mentioned Rebel Galaxy, so I'm going to give that a try. There's also a second game in development, so if I like it, I won't have to wait too long for a new one. Star Citizen should be good when it's finally released but I think we'll sooner have a new freelancer game than that... The X-games are usually a bug fest when they are released, but most of the time Egosoft gets it right after a few years. X4 probably should have been released as an early access game and with a lower price, as it seems to have less features than the X3 series. A lot of fans seem to be losing faith a little as well, as Egosoft isn't really open for suggestions. Let's see in a few years more if they've improved.
  8. Carnage

    Outer Wilds

    It's still early access right? I first started following this game on Moddb and it's amazing how much progress they've made since then. The space genre is one genre where I hope more quality games will be produced in the not too far future. I'm still playing Freelancer once in a while and I'm still hoping for a new game. The mix between fighting and trading was just perfect and I like that you can explore a system for shipwrecks for better gear. The two things missing are base building (which the X games offer, but I never could get into them like Freelancer) and free planetary entry.
  9. Carnage

    Outer Wilds

    I saw this the other day and have it on my wish list for the future. What is your opinion about the controls? I've read that you really need a gamepad for the space ship.
  10. Never had any problems with this, but I played with the unofficial patch which maybe fixed this. Atomic Heart looks quite interesting and I'll certainly keep an eye on it. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Maybe. On their Kickstarter they were talking about being a small team and such and not having the manpower to focus on both at the same time. Yeah looks like it, and I'm happy because there used to be just a few choices. Now we just need a few more good movies, because I've watched The Road too many times. There's an HBO mini-series at the moment called Chernobyl if you're interested. As far as I know it's a realistic series, so no monsters or anything. It's just about the pre and after events of the disaster. This demo is an alpha for Kickstarter backers, so it will certainly improve. Funny fact: The URL of this topic has the numbers 19986
  12. I know there are quite a few fans of stalker and metro on the forum, so this game will certainly be something for them. Expected release for PC is somewhere in 2019. Consoles one or two years later. Please delete one of my topics. I got a gateway timeout and therefore I posted twice
  13. I know there are quite a few fans of stalker and metro on the forum, so this game will certainly be something for them. Expected release for PC is somewhere in 2019. Consoles one or two years later. Please delete one of my topics. I got a gateway timeout and therefore I posted twice
  14. Yes, I enjoyed the game as well because I didn't really see it as a continuation of the franchise (which it isn't any way apart from some familiar names). It certainly has tremendous flaws and simplified limitations, but gameplay-wise it wasn't that bad for me.
  15. Carnage

    On Trust

    Thanks for bringing up this interesting topic Sotha. I think part of the mistrust is caused by the amount of information you can find nowadays and how easy this is to find. With this comes the ease of spreading fake news. Even though there's a lot of information available, people tend to not really do any research and believe stuff first hand. Information is power and because people have seen examples of misuse of this information, they start mistrusting information that isn't 100% accurate. Research is as strong as the quality of it and you have to take everything into consideration to get an accurate result. Take climate change for example. There's a lot of information available that counteracts the statements that the majority is making, but there's also a lot information available that supports it. When you look at both these forms of information, you can come to the conclusion that we don't really know what's going to happen. It could get worse, better or nothing will really change. The problem though is when politics start using information that isn't 100% certain to fuel their agendas. Another example is the elections. All the 'experts' were certain that Clinton would be President. Could it be though that these experts were actually spreading this information because they wanted Clinton to be President or were they just using information acquired from city regions, where Trump in general wasn't really popular? I myself started mistrusting the news we were given when my brothers were in Afghanistan and the information that they told me was partily or complete different from what the media was telling. Does this mean all the news is fake? Certainly not, but it's important to check the information you receive before you believe what is told, especially if this information could change your view on an important subject.
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