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  1. Neither creeping nor crouching is necessary, at least if you're on wood or stone. Also, the blackjack has a deceptively long range; you don't need to stand right to them, so bumping into the AIs shouldn't be much of a problem.
  2. I went through again and ghosted it. Very fun with the replacement crown (of course I had to test to see if they'd react without it), and the silent mantling makes you feel like a ninja when you're up on a bed or in the rafters.
  3. I actually liked this mission the most out of the three. Very "classic" in feel, with the top-bottom architecture, a couple alternate routes, and everything believably placed. Oh, and thanks for giving me all those candles in the storeroom to light and play with. EDIT: Also, I appreciate the "no knockouts" rule on Expert. I know a lot of fans don't like such restrictions, but it was nice to know that I was attempting a challenge that was actually designed instead of imposing my own rules on a mission that might not be well-suited for it.
  4. Not sure if this counts as "bug" or "alternate solution:" Really liked the key placement in this mission. I haven't tried ghosting, but it would be a real challenge with all the backtracking--great way to get the most out of a small mission.
  5. I did see that. But I meant something like the current wiki page, or the section for St. Lucia. A sort of "List of Things You Might Notice While Playing that May Seem Off (That We Already Know About)." I suppose the wiki will be updated in time, but I thought there might be a forum thread or something I missed.
  6. Is there a known bug list other than the one on the wiki? I'm sure you guys have an internal list of all the technical problems, but I'm thinking something player-oriented, so you don't get people saying, "Flowerpots are nigh-frictionless!" over and over.
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