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  1. I'm planning to finish and release MoTmod Addon v14.0 in the next few days, but I can spare some time to beta test your Fan Mission, just like the last time.
  2. Already encountered a bug with the menu music - there's a typo (twis03_full.ogg) when it's supposed to be "twins03_full.ogg".
  3. Here's a long-awaited playthrough of Cleaning Up The Neighbourhood:
  4. Sign me up, I replayed Act 1 some time ago when I heard you were almost done with Act 2, and I don't have much to do at the moment.
  5. Crap, you serious? Man... I'm actually waiting for Goldwell's next chapter to Shadows of Northdale.
  6. Plus popular YouTubers and Twitch streamers like Funhaus target their shit towards those five year olds! They're very bad for us hardcore stealth gamers!
  7. So they're remastering a title. Have they actually announced a new game? Is Kalypso some company you can trust? And of course, there's no links from high profile gaming sites (aka. the corrupt, incompetent faces of the gaming industry).
  8. What do you mean Commandos is getting a proper remake?
  9. I'm going to work out what Soft Shadows setting is best for my computer. I had the settings on High, that may explain the FPS.
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