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  1. Agreed, but there are already other options and especially with HL3 it would have been so cool to have a portal gun in it, after HL2 introduced the gravitiy gun. In my opinion it always fails because Valve has no pressure to release anything as long as all other companies give them 30% for basically nothing except for owning the monopoly! Newell already had no drive to finish HL2 and worked on that Steam monopoly instead, so now even the last writer has left Valve why should they do it? As for VR, even home TV 3D failed because you needed spectacles which of course were not compatible to each other, so I don't see VR succeeding in that environment being even more complicated.
  2. Wonderful mission! I loved the new objects popping up all over with small stories connected that made the world seem so alive. Sadly, I got the level-door-not-opening-on-desk bug and had to noclip through the bookcase! Also I think the dropping-note-for-fence objective is much too obscure. Why not make his window frobable so you can enter and actually get a hint that this is your fence's office in the first place?
  3. Oops, you are right. I'll move it into the correct thread :)!
  4. While the Epic Store might not be as good as Steam at the moment, I still appreciate the competition. Steam is the main reason why Valve develops no really new games, this started already back in the time of HL2 when Newell only concentrated on Steam and therefore HL2 was delayed again and again! Why do hard-work when designing some hats can keep you busy and you get 30% for free from everything other people are creating? Regardless of whether it actually runs in the state Steam sells it, or it's just an asset flip or people made it for fun for free, like when Valve tried to commercialize mods too. If the Epic Store manages to break that monopoly, it can only lead to improvements in Steam itself and maybe Valve will be forced to make computer games again !
  5. And why will it never be finished?
  6. Sorry, but I don't search through a wiki for a game everytime I have a small problem like this. Also it seems the thing was diagnosed correctly almost two weeks ago because I did upload my cfg, only I was busy playing other games and never looked into the bugtracker in all that time! It's solved now anyway .
  7. This sounds like a good solution! Also even if Judith thinks removing the cfg is a standard approach, this suggestion was made only after a long time in which the problem persisted and after it finally actually happened to a developer .
  8. This should be the job of the TDM updater then, or we can just remove it if we need a full install anyway.
  9. You should better make sure that it is because it does indeed fix the white compass ! I just added a note for that to the bugtracker...
  10. What does r_useFBO 1 mean and can this be set as a default if it fixed this?
  11. I agree. Maybe you should first fix the white compass bug caused by 2.07 that some of us experience due to the improved soft shadows !
  12. If this is about the white compass that I see too, I have an i5 3.00 and a NVIDIA 1050 and I'm absolutely sure it is running on the GPU. Also this error was only just introduces by the soft shadows of 2.07, I never had this before...
  13. Can you point me to that fix, please? Unless you mean the shadows off/on trick that I use myself...
  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Can you post your system specs so we can see if we have something similar?
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