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  1. So is there a list of missions that already contain beastmen?
  2. wesp5

    TDM in The News

    Blues News announced his first TDM mission (Langhorne Lodge), and I made him mention the anniversary as well . So is there any way to see whether this has some influence on download numbers?
  3. A wonderfull mission, full of great atmosphere and cool details! I had a weird bug though: the guy in the room next to Anna tried to open the door when I sneaked by and he got stuck, so I heard a continuous thumping and thought there was a monster behind it, maybe connected to Anna's curse! Luckily while searching Anna's room he somehow got unstuck, but speaking of Anna's curse, if you update the mission maybe you could remove a hand from the chest so it makes more sense? I also noticed that you made it so that only the lids of all containers were frobable which makes getting loot out of them much easier. Would it be possible to use a def trick or something to make this work with other missions too? Or is the only way to do that for the mission authors to implement it themselves?
  4. Is this supposed to be the home in the clockwork tower in newThief? If so, I miss a view out of the window at the roofs of the city ;)!
  5. About the shovel, I used it exactly as planned, but sometimes I had to crawl around a lot on the coffins to get the heads being highlighted. Maybe their area could be increased? And yes, the crash was a hard crash, like back to desktop with the message TDM stopped working. BTW, is there a way to make the gamma not change the desktop brightness?
  6. So I just finished this mission and here is my opinion: All in all it was a rather mixed bag! I had the well known quicksave crashes and would have despaired if I hadn't done some hard saves inbetween that luckily always loaded. I played on easy with a lamp so the lighting wasn't much of a problem and the atmosphere was fine. But both keep and marsh are quite big and rather empty and samey looking which I didn't like. Also too often I had to leave the keep for something, get back inside, leave again, get back inside and so forth! This is a lot of wasted time. If you still want to improve this mission I would recommend to swap some elements around so you don't have to leave so often. Maybe link the hag's book to the key so you can get it in one go, as her note in the keep was rather short and I didn't know where all the other info in the quest log suddenly came from anyway! I also disliked the invisible ghosts in the corridors which cost me quite some health. I believe it would be better and look much cooler, if ghost and light were connected to you could see a coloured aura of the ghost slowly walking around! Last not least I had a lot of problems finding the room with the coffins in the cellar and while the shovel is easily visible now, it took a lot of trial and error to position it right to make it work on some of the bodies. And often I wasn' sure if the compass directions were intended for the marsh or the keep or the cellar. You should make this much clearer!
  7. I'll test this with the next mission that will be coming out ;). It's up to him though how large a news item he wants to make out of it...
  8. This isn't something like a press release. When I update my patches, I get a short mentioning in his "Evening Patches" section! This should be enough for new TDM missions and if nobody else wants to do it, I could start it from this month on...
  9. Speaking of promoting TDM, I emailed Blues News and they agree to make announcements for each new mission ! This would result in TDM regularily being mentioned on at least one gaming news site. Maybe we could contact other news sites too? Also is there a way to get download numbers of the mod? To see whether something like this has any influence at all. And where would I get info about newls released missions? The internal downloader or the board here?
  10. I agree with that. I fear that many people don't see TDM as a real game, rather a wild collection of small missions, which they have to get themselves to boot. A full campaign would be something different!
  11. Speaking of which, I myself get all game related info from the site Blues News. There only new versions of TDM are mentioned if at all, but maybe I could ask them if they would announce each new mission as well? Thus TDM would be mentioned much more often, reminding people that it exists. Or where do you get your daily gaming info fix ;)?
  12. So where do you get these games from, Steam? Because there are thousands of bad games that are probably player more than TDM, because they are casual games! TDM is a rather niche game for stealth...
  13. I would say that 1001 nights stereotypes are fine if done correctly. After all TDM is fairytale stereotypes all the way :)!
  14. Another thing that is wrong right now with the mission loader and might be fixed while people look into new options: After you have downloaded a mission, it will not be correctly erased from the new missions list on the left until you restart the game. In fact the name stays over the "no new missions" background which looks doubly bad ;)!
  15. No, I didn't because I had hoped for a solution that doesn't require a recompilation. In that case the feature can only be added to the base mod and not my patch! So will this be done in the next TDM release?
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