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  1. Very nice mission!! Many thanks!! Very beautifully made and I liked the storyline and the readables a lot, the hints were just subtle enough to know where to go. Took a bit of time in some areas to pry open all the rooms but i got there in the end. Im not a big fan of personally but it made it uh quite clear something was going on in this little quarter of town. ..
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    Thank you.

    Stunning work guys! After so many years of hard work, it must feel very pleasant to sit back now and relax and just await the fanmissions that will be made with your toolset! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: I am very impressed especially with the lightsources work, very funny to throw candles around, and i must admit i was impressed the burning candle went out when i throw the thing in water. Now, though, i cant help but think something has to happen when you leave the candle upside down in a bunch of paper or wood or anything, something like uhh a raging fire to uhh .. draw the guards attention away The mood and atmosphere is just perfect Thief, amazing work on the textures and bumpmaps and normals and everything i know very little about but you do notice subconsciously. Some small things i noticed were that i couldnt seem to drop down an unconscious body after shouldering it, it happened to me twice, with different guards in different spots, and all i could do was reloading a previous point in time (saving and reloading 'with the body on my shoulders' didnt release him). After reloading and stubbornly taking the same guy out, the problem wouldnt appear. There's no "grunt" sound or anything, i tried dropping everywhere... i have a save file from Chalice but it gets too large to upload here. Again many many thanks and congrats on your skill and perseverance!!
  3. Fantastic mission!! I like it a lot, excellent way to restart thieving again after a few years! I got to exact 942/946 loot, someone must have dropped some coins somewhere! Anyway i found a very uh spooky bit of possessed water, it seems, and its right next to where you're entering the building! It seems the little bowls have a sort of "force" interaction that repulses them from eachother. Also they can be suspended above the water, by holding them there and pressing R. I have 4 bowls on the screenshot that just hang there, steadily, doing nothing. But all hell breaks loose when you release a beermug a bit above the water, the water seems to turn into a reactive trampoline, making the mug jump to the ceiling, come down again, jump up again, many times! its freaky Hopefully this effect was completely intended, otherwise something is a bit spooky for sure
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