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  1. Somehow knew this would end in a political sh** fest when i read the OP's name.
  2. Very nice. Looks to me like a basement in a Builder's structure, or something.
  3. I'm pretty sure people like it that way. Otherwise such games wouldn't sell like hot cakes.
  4. Last game i tried to like: Dying Light. You know, it has some cool stuff, but... it feels random and generic like Assassins Creed or Far Cry. What do i kill zombies for, when they're back five minutes later, and, what's the point of such repetetive gameplay? Make games interesting again, don't add chests every 5 metres, which all spawn irrelevant and always same-ish content again after 15 minutes. Why do such a big gameworld, when it's so short of interesting, and unique locations, which are tied with interesting events? Why add random encounters, which are all the same, and which really annoy you after 3 times of doing the exact same stuff? I don't understand the kinds these days, and i don't understand the industry, which has to bow down, and create such simple game mechanics, and such boring content. It's quanitity > quality, and that's a shame.
  5. That's what i read elsewhere as well. But, if you're trying to make a point, it's of course important to leave out details which could disprove your point. I play less and less games as well, BTW. But, for different reasons. They just plain suck these days. At least most of them, which are made for the masses. Prey, for example, was a great exception. But, look where it got them. Not a very popular and well sold game. It's sad. As soon as there's some demand in terms of story and gameplay, the kids won't like it.
  6. chakkman


    The problem here is rather that i'm too damn lazy.
  7. The forum already looks and handles much better on smartphone.
  8. Every time someone asks about a campaign, i have to think what a shame it is that the Crucible of Omens campaign will never be finished. As Springheel wrote, there's a couple of campaigns, or ongoing campaigns though. I can highly recommend the Shadows of Northdale missions from Goldwell, for example. Not finished yet, but, the two first missions already play very nice.
  9. wow... this looks... so different... New forum software is always good though.
  10. The open game world play is definitely more like GTA. And, considering that almost any game has some RPG elements these days, i wouldn't say that's exclusive to Deus Ex or RPG's now either. To me, it looks and feels quite different to Deus Ex. Again, which is fair enough, as it's a different game. I'm really not a fan of such comparisons. If anything, it raises expectations which most likely are not being met by the final game. Seriously, those trailers don't resemble Deus Ex at all for me. If anything, then a wild mix between Blade Runner, Deus Ex and GTA.
  11. I wrote it elsewhere: For me, it's rather a cyberpunk GTA. Definitely offers a different gameplay to Deus Ex. The essence of Deus Ex is not finishing it without killing, and being able to swim. It's rather linear gameplay, and small city hubs, while Cyberpunk offers a open game world. It also doesn't look very Deus Ex like. More colourful, less dark. More "punky" and freaky, less techy. Fair enough. It's a different game. It surely will be a good game as well. CD Projekt Red seems to have some financial trouble though. Hope that doesn't affect the development of this game.
  12. There are loads of vids on YT like that, also check out the Deus Ex versions. As a fan of Ambient and Spacebient, i like the audio.
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