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  1. No way. Quake 2 was a very popular game, compared to the Thief's. Shooters are a very popular genre, also today. Thief will never get any further development from the people involved, or the owners of the intellectual property. If you're waiting for that, then you'll die waiting. There's not even interest from players in regards of such games anymore these days, and, back in the days, it was already pretty niche.
  2. Well... this seems to be a Linux related issue, right? Bit misleading topic title.
  3. Not a big fan of such settings. I rather prefer the usual, dark middle age settings that Thief missions typically represent. I think we're in serious lack of wood/pagan missions though. I know, lots of assets and stuff missing for that, but... those were the missions which were loads of fun for me in the original Thief's, and, i find the pagan stuff very interesting, and original. Wished mission makers would do more of that. I also like dark tombs, and ancient stuff, like is featured in the Bonehoard mission in Thief 1. One of the most creepy, and interesting missions i ever played in any of the Thief's.
  4. Personally, i don't have a problem with same-ish looking places (as long as they differ in layout). Actually, the opposite, if i see the same design, it adds to a feeling of consistency. Some missions, where the creator drew or created a lot of stuff him-/herself, it seems pretty alien, to be honest.
  5. Which victims do you mean? I only accept victims of people who have been proven guilty of a crime. Sorry, i work that way. In a justice system, there has to be proof of guilt to punish perpetrators. I don't accept people piling up on social networks to claim that they are victims. If i would accept that, then i would also accept that noone deserves a fair trial anymore.
  6. There'd be another option... relax, accept and respect that there are different opinions, and contribute to the discussion. So far, noone has offended someone else, or got into a rush, so, i don't see the problem. I don't see the bias towards a men's perspective, though. Orb Weaver stated it quite nicely. There is absolutely nothing credible in legally unchallenged allegations. I can also claim a lot of things. I could even start a Twitter movement, to pile up with people who claim the same things. But, that doesn't mean that i'm right about it. And, the "affected" women should also be very clear about what such allegations mean for the person they incriminate: Even if the accusations are proven to be wrong before a court, stuff like that will always stick at you. For the rest of your life. We have such a case in Germany, with a guy who did weather forecasts. He was discharged of rape accusations. But, every time i see his face or his name now, i have to think "the rapist". I don't think most women are really aware what it means when they accuse someone of stuff like that. They better have a good reason, and good proof to do so. Just like anyone accusing someone of molesting childs, or mudering someone. Don't get me wrong. Everyone committing a crime should be charged for it. There'll better be good proof though, and a fair trial. We don't need no Twitter movements for people who can accuse anyone of anything. That's just washing the dirty laundry, and has absolutely zero to do with justice. Especially when you consider the "power" element involved.
  7. That's my point of view as well. Who knows? Your favorite director or actor could be the biggest d***head in the world and you wouldn't even know. Other than that, i completely agree with what Orb Weaver stated. At the very least, the whole thing should be taken with much caution.
  8. Well... I still watch movies made by Roman Polanski. Apart from that, I'm very sceptical about the #metoo movement. It's so easy for women to take the victim role, and put themselves in a power position. Extremely controversial topic.
  9. The shadow/light play, and the dark atmosphere makes me lust for this.
  10. I wasn't initially a fan of the idea, as i dislike clutter, but... SeriousToni's mockup seems to be a great idea. The mission type, and the series would really be very useful additional info. Apart from that, i don't think other things are really relevant, and, as grayman has pointed out, it'd be difficult for older missions to add. I don't think it's very important whether or not the missions contain spiders or undead (mostly obvious through the mission description anyway...), or whether or not there is EFX reverb.
  11. They seem to be extra fragile, as they break on stone surfaces.
  12. In the original Thief's, there usually was a strategically placed rope arrow available, for people who ran out of them before parts which required rope arrows to proceed. IMO, it would be sad if mission makers wouldn't make more use of verticality, because, i think that always has been one of the most interesting and rewarding things in Thief missions. At least for me.
  13. On the other hand... you get a good impression of what to look for in the Training mission (which everyone should play really).
  14. The menus and mission list are fine for me. What i always noticed is that missions download very differently. Some missions are downloaded within a few seconds, while some literally take minutes. Dunno if it is server related.
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