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  1. I'm having the same problem (had it for some time now, but, always ignored it). I'll just ignore it for now, as i don't know if one of my installed games or programs requires the C++ redistributable which the one from TDM obviously collides with.
  2. Yep. I'm afraid that it also has to do with the diminishing of the stealth genre in general. The kids love their fast paced, unrealistic, colourful shooters, rather than something moody, slow paced, atmospheric and smart. Well... their loss. I wished there were more mission makers though. unfortunately, i'm a total mess in that department. I know nothing about it, i'm lazy, and i'm spending way too little time on TDM.
  3. TBH, i've given up hope on that. Firstly, it would be something like the last Thief was, to relate to nowadays' target audience. Secondly, the first Thief's weren't exactly big successes in regards of sold copies, and the last Thief wasn't either. IF a new Thief would come out, it would be fast paced like anything these days, and wouldn't have the same gameplay as the original parts. The Deus Ex' reboots on the other hand were quite in the spirit of the original game, but, made more modern in terms of setting and gameplay, but, all in all aren't too far from what the original game represented. And Square Enix stated that there'll be another Deus Ex.
  4. Speaking of... we need a new Deus Ex part.
  5. It's rather "They do it as long as nobody complains".
  6. I can only repeat myself. I'd love to have some missions involving pagans. I know there's a lot of stuff missing in that regards, but, before we venture to even further parts of the world, i'd think it would make sense to explore what's there already. Pagans were one of the most interesting factions in the original Thiefs for me, especially because of the mystery and cult surrounding them.
  7. Ads don't make any difference when you distribute software freely that you don't own the IP of. And, yes, that actually puts them in the same place as The Pirate Bay, because, it's the same thing.
  8. Do you really believe that? The Thief IP is in Square Enix ownership, for example. So, nope, definitely not. It's really not about being dramatic. It's about what's right and wrong.
  9. You never know. I wouldn't have thought that System Shock 1 gets remade... or that we see a new Ultima Underworld.
  10. Should would could. Fortunately, in the real world laws sort out these things. Imagine that the former Looking Glass Studios reunite again, re-purchase the IP of the Thief series, and make a remake of the original game. Or... re-distribute the original game in any way. Not cool. I don't see anything lost here anyway. You can still buy Thief Gold on GOG, Steam... wherever you want to. Holds true for most of the other "freely distributed" games there as well. I bought Thief Gold and Thief 2 on Steam some time ago. They don't have any DRM, so, you can freely copy them from their folders elsewhere, patch them all the way you like, and they run perfectly. For 2 or 3 € i paid for them, i think it's pretty much a no-brainer to not go into the legal void, and, especially, pay the owners what's right.
  11. I can't see how that would be legal. Archive.org doesn't own the intellectual property of these games.
  12. @OrbWeaver: Great post once again, which i don't have anything to add to. Just repeating the same old argument after any of such acts doesn't make it any more true. Enough said really.
  13. Awesome man, i always loved that location in TDS.
  14. chakkman


    Pinkman was cool in BB. Until he stopped doing drugs. Didn't like him that much after that. BB seasons 1 and 2 were among the best stuff i've ever seen in a series, by the way. The series quickly went to the worse in the later seasons, though. One of those series which get famous, and then they need to go on doing episodes, and the whole plot, story line and character writing suffers... typical for so many popular US series (Prison Break, The Walking Dead, True Detective, you name it...). IMO, what they should rather do is mini series'. And then decide whether or not they will go on with the same story, and characters, and have a plan in the backhand, and take the time to execute everything nicely. The trailer doesn't exactly excite me, BTW. Already looks like a serious lack of ideas, lol...
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