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  1. I just finished this mission. Nice one, i really liked it. So, yeah, really good stuff, and, I'm looking forward to play part 2 of this series.
  2. chakkman

    Game Awards 2019

    True. Maybe it was mistakable what i wrote. I meant that the companies don't really benefit from that, in the sense of unnecessarily restricting the developers' and designers' creativity. The gamers these days like repetitive and boring, no doubt. As long as the world is HUUUGE, and the graphics are AWESOME. And the sound is BOMBASTIC!!! And all that. Stupid. But then, so is most of the population.
  3. chakkman

    Game Awards 2019

    You're right, indie games, or crowdfunded stuff can be a source for more creative stuff. Unfortunately, many of those games really lack on the technical side, or the taste of the developers is just bad. But, you surely can't make a generality out of that. There are surely some good indie games.
  4. I just finished this mission. I quite liked it, it felt very "round" and balanced. So, yeah, really liked the mission, good stuff.
  5. chakkman

    Game Awards 2019

    TBH, I'm less and less interested in games. Really, if you take a look at the industry, then, it's really suffered from gaming becoming such a popular thing. Less and less creative, and need for clever stories, and gameplay, more and more of the always same-ish stuff you draw on the marketing board. I don't want to sound like one of those boring "commerce is bad mkay" guys, but, IMO, games really have suffered from it. Deus Ex, System Shock, Thief, even the first 3D GTA's, or something like Chronicles of Riddick of Splinter Cell, those were really nice and original games. Take The Outer Worlds, for example. I played it through, and, also enjoyed it to some extent, but, it'really absolutely cliché, and, neither the story nor the gameplay are really smart. And the characters all act completely unrealistic, and unlogical. I recently watched a vlogger review of Human Revolution, and, despite the guy presenting it in a nad way, i kind of agree with everything he says: It basically shows almost everything which is wrong with games these days, even very fictional ones. We really need more brainwork flowing into the games again, and, we also need more creative freedom, and more enthusiasm. Especially in AAA games. I don't think the big company really benefit from boring franchises.
  6. I'm highly doubtful that Carnage wants to feed corporate material to this unbelievably big community.
  7. Windows 10 never changed any folder permissions here...
  8. Thanks, already got it earlier. Very nice freebie. I think I already had it on Steam though... slowly lose the overview.
  9. Yep! I have no idea what Ubisoft did back then, they should have just released the "good" version for all systems, and scratched the "bad" one. I was pretty surprised how much they differed when i played the PS2/Xbox version. The idea might have been to determine what people like better, more action orientated, or more stealthy. Considering the path Spliter Cell took after Double Agent, it seems to be pretty clear that people prefer action...
  10. There is nothing quite like it, i'm afraid. BTW, did you play Splinter Cell: Double Agent? I mean the one which came out for the original Xbox, and PS2, not the one which came out for Xbox 360 and PC. It's absolutely awesome. I was really surprised, because, i didn't really like Double Agent on PC. The one for the original Xbox is much more in the vein of the original parts. I think it's my favorite of all the SC games. They just recently made it available for Xbox One through the backward compatibility program. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Clancy's_Splinter_Cell:_Double_Agent#Xbox,_PlayStation_2,_GameCube,_and_Wii_version
  11. I try to avoid Epic Store as long as i can... might get weak one day with one of their free or exclusive offers, but... until then, I need it as much as a millstone around my neck. Not a fan of this clustering, and thousands of exclusive stores.
  12. The engine is fine, even though i still wished it would rely more on the GPU, and not the CPU... it's quite heavy. What i rather would like to see, with a current engine, is a Deus Ex style mod, like TDM for Thief. I wonder why noone ever picked up on that (i know there are some people who worked here on something like that for id4, but, it seems like it's dead). Unfortunately, it seems to be a too big task for most. Which i can understand, of course. But, really, Deus Ex is, like, the coolest game ever, and, the reboots, while good, can't really touch the original IMO. Anyway, i won't hold my breath. I doubt that there ever will be something like that.
  13. Hah! I loved those in Thief Gold. Can you also extinguish them with water arrows?
  14. IIRC, there were even rumours that the VR game would be Half-Life 1 remade for VR.
  15. I'm having the same problem (had it for some time now, but, always ignored it). I'll just ignore it for now, as i don't know if one of my installed games or programs requires the C++ redistributable which the one from TDM obviously collides with.
  16. Yep. I'm afraid that it also has to do with the diminishing of the stealth genre in general. The kids love their fast paced, unrealistic, colourful shooters, rather than something moody, slow paced, atmospheric and smart. Well... their loss. I wished there were more mission makers though. unfortunately, i'm a total mess in that department. I know nothing about it, i'm lazy, and i'm spending way too little time on TDM.
  17. TBH, i've given up hope on that. Firstly, it would be something like the last Thief was, to relate to nowadays' target audience. Secondly, the first Thief's weren't exactly big successes in regards of sold copies, and the last Thief wasn't either. IF a new Thief would come out, it would be fast paced like anything these days, and wouldn't have the same gameplay as the original parts. The Deus Ex' reboots on the other hand were quite in the spirit of the original game, but, made more modern in terms of setting and gameplay, but, all in all aren't too far from what the original game represented. And Square Enix stated that there'll be another Deus Ex.
  18. Speaking of... we need a new Deus Ex part.
  19. It's rather "They do it as long as nobody complains".
  20. I can only repeat myself. I'd love to have some missions involving pagans. I know there's a lot of stuff missing in that regards, but, before we venture to even further parts of the world, i'd think it would make sense to explore what's there already. Pagans were one of the most interesting factions in the original Thiefs for me, especially because of the mystery and cult surrounding them.
  21. Ads don't make any difference when you distribute software freely that you don't own the IP of. And, yes, that actually puts them in the same place as The Pirate Bay, because, it's the same thing.
  22. Do you really believe that? The Thief IP is in Square Enix ownership, for example. So, nope, definitely not. It's really not about being dramatic. It's about what's right and wrong.
  23. You never know. I wouldn't have thought that System Shock 1 gets remade... or that we see a new Ultima Underworld.
  24. Should would could. Fortunately, in the real world laws sort out these things. Imagine that the former Looking Glass Studios reunite again, re-purchase the IP of the Thief series, and make a remake of the original game. Or... re-distribute the original game in any way. Not cool. I don't see anything lost here anyway. You can still buy Thief Gold on GOG, Steam... wherever you want to. Holds true for most of the other "freely distributed" games there as well. I bought Thief Gold and Thief 2 on Steam some time ago. They don't have any DRM, so, you can freely copy them from their folders elsewhere, patch them all the way you like, and they run perfectly. For 2 or 3 € i paid for them, i think it's pretty much a no-brainer to not go into the legal void, and, especially, pay the owners what's right.
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