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  1. I downloaded the new version but sadly there was still no joy. This is what happened, after the TDM download, it told me that I needed to install VC myself which I did but the download froze.
  2. Thanks for the link, I used it and got TDM to work, which was a big and happy surprise. I started the Training Mission, A New Job, and Tears of St. Lucia. I had terrible video distortions but I'm certain that has nothing to do with TDM and everything to do with my old and sad video card but as a result I was only able to skim through the maps. To the information that you wanted: This was a completely new install, after the download, I had TDM 2.08/32 While in-game, everything seemed to work just fine, missions started, cinematics played, save/load worked. I had a crash but again, I'm certain it was my video card's fault. I tried "Start tdm_update" but it didn't work and I got this instead.
  3. I have an old Dell Optiplex 960 that runs Vista. The thing is, I'm not sure if it can run TDM (I tried installing it about a year or so ago but the game crashed). This is what it has, Vista Business 32-Bit SP2, Intel Core2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz, 4.0GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 5450 I'd be happy to try again but I can't promise that the results will reveal a OS problem or if it will be from some sort of other problem like for example, a ATI Radeon HD 5450 problem. Update: I downloaded TDM and everything went splendidly but then when it tried to download Microsoft Visual C++, the program stalled and then it froze - no joy for me. Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x86) – 14.14.26405 http://bp fuel station finder
  4. Live by the sword, die by the sword. ~ Aeschylus c. 525/524 - c. 456/455 BC
  5. I'm a bit surprised to see this renewed interest in wanting to remake Thief because in my opinion TDM has long ago surpassed Thief. I still however have many fond memories of playing Thief and I still occasionally play it for nostalgic reasons but lets be honest, it's now a very old and clunky game with some really outdated technology. For me, Thief can only offer old memories. In addition to Thief, I'm also a big Unreal fan so a few years ago I went about recreating some of the old maps with the newest Unreal Engine, it was fun and it was kinda cool to play those old maps with new technology but it got old and so I stopped remaking the maps because for me, it's was really just an exercise of accomplishment rather than an actual desire to play an old game. If this idea is actually building momentum then I'd suggest just rebuilding the Thief maps with Dark Radiant and redo everything, i.e. instead of Garrett, name the protagonist something different, use our textures, our resources etc... and so on and so forth so there are no potential issues. If Square Enix doesn't like what we are doing, they will let us know and we'll stop.
  6. I found this but this list looks slightly outdated. The moderating team
  7. It's great that you're still able to use XP - that gives me joy and hope. I used XP up until just a couple of years ago on one of my older PCs but I finally gave up because finding drivers and going online became a hassle so I made the switch to Vista but then I quickly jumped to Windows 7. I've been using Lubuntu for a long time now and I've been very happy with it as long as I don't attempt to play any games...
  8. I have Lubuntu on my laptop and Windows 7 on my desktop. My plan is to completely switch over to Linux when Microsoft discontinues Windows 7. That's the plan anyways.
  9. Why is this thread so offensive that it needs to be closed? Bikerdude was a very significant member of this community for many years so doesn't it make sense that people might want to discuss this event and want time to digest what has happened? Is this such an inconvenience?
  10. If you close this tread you'll run the risk of creating a martyr and conspiracy theorists may conclude that you're trying to hide and/or suppress something. To some, this thread might be an unpleasant reminder of what went wrong but for others it's a place to vent and get some closure. I don't see the harm in that nor is there any evidence of an imminent insurrection. If this thread bothers you, simply don't look at it and that way, you won't have to "waste" your time responding to questions. If you read through this thread, it's a nearly perfect example of people going through the five stages of grief & loss. I'm just playing devil's advocate.
  11. I really enjoy reading your reviews, they are both thorough and humorous and in my opinion, that's a wonderful combination. I also appreciate that you're a fan of this genre which lends well to your credibility as a reviewer. I hope you continue. I also hope you will continue to include your "final time" because it helps give potential players a general sense of how long it will take to complete the mission. I realize that can be a somewhat subjective number but in the context of reading your reviews we can get a pretty good idea of your playing style and speed so it's helpful information. Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to reading your next review.
  12. Jetrell


    Thanks for offering your services, this is great news. I need help with a readable so I'll be contacting you. Do you by any chance write poems, riddles, and rhymes?
  13. I'm not arguing against the final decision to ban Bikerdude. All I am saying is, if maybe earlier on certain conditions had been imposed maybe the outcome would have been different. As for why I said, "things didn't add up", after reading what Dragofer & nbohr1more had said in their earlier posts, I was under the impression that "only a select few have access to the TDM mission repository for uploading mission updates of a map". I guess I don't fully understand the entire process of publishing a map because it seems odd to me that any member can just decide to revise someone else's map and then publish that altered map. But if that's the case then things do add up, thanks for the clarification.
  14. What is done is done. I'm sure Bikerdude will move on to other things and I'm also certain that this community will continue thrive. There's been a lot of talk about Bikerdude creating a lot of unnecessary drama in these forums but I've also noticed something else. In the process of calling him out on his infractions, members of this community resorted to name calling, profanity, personal attacks etc... This type of behavior is a toxic cancer. It not only reflects poorly on the author(s) of these comments but it also reflects very poorly on TDM as well so I was surprised that it wasn't addressed as it goes directly against the Forum Rules posted by Springheel. To quote The Social Network movie, "The Internet's not written in pencil, it's written in ink." Aside from all of that, I can't help but wonder if all of this could have been avoided. At some point, Bikerdude asked to be banned but for whatever reason his request was denied. Fine, that was a decent gesture of goodwill on your part but knowing what you already knew, it would have been wise to setup some simple conditions to his membership chiefly, he could no longer work on anyone else's maps (no exceptions) but he could continue to post suggestions in these forums and he could make his own maps (no collaborations). If there were any further transgressions he would be immediately and permanently banned. Maybe it would have worked, maybe it wouldn't have worked but I can assure you that the final results would have been far less messy. With all that being said, I agree with Dragofer & nbohr1more and what they said in their posts. How does someone ask for help for a particular problem but instead they get a very different result (map redesign) but they still go ahead and publish their map and then at some later point, they cry foul? That just doesn't add up. Edit: I mistakenly forgot to mention Dragofer when I originally posted this so I corrected this oversight.
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