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  1. I have already registered, I was missing terribly some good aggregator of missions since ttlg.de is defunct
  2. Oh my goodness, thank you, nbohr1more!!! Finally I can enjoy darkmod missions again - I had no idea this might be the case, I just thought my machine is not powerful enough. Even with MSAA 16, it runs majority of the time like a charm now, thank you a alot
  3. Thanks! I would never thought that´s the proper item, because in his diary he mentions he would like to lay his hands on a ledger, so I assumed the ledger it´s the correct item. I haven´t been able to find 2 out of 3 perches, but that doesn´t bug me as much as this did
  4. Hi Goldwell, fantastic mission overall, level design is top notch, as always and I absolutely enjoyed the little details and touches, like flies and incense in the toilet. Overall, the mission was performing well, but there were several passages which were lagging + the small room in the hotel with the bear skin and tea garden had abysmal performance (probably less than 10 FPS on my system). Maybe it has something to do with 2.07 update in general, I noticed that all missions performance dropped heavily after that update, regardless of my settings of the soft shadows. I also enjoyed the new icons for various items (arrows, food), and I noticed while they´re being picked up, they will not just disappear, like in the previous versions of the Darkmod, but rather fly in your direction through the air – interesting little touch. I was able to find only 3 secrets out of 6, I, like the others, have also been wondering whether it´s because maybe some secrets weren´t registered by the game, although I have found them. Maybe I have missed also different Keeper paths, since there was only one I found, but the objective menitons plural, so I assumed there might be more than one. Is there anybody who was able to find all the secrets? Really would wish to know their locations Thanks for the mission,
  5. Congrats on a release! I am gonna give it a try during the wekeend
  6. Sadly, I´ve heard the same. I really hope this is not how System Shock 3 will pan out. Ascendant seems undercooked in all the areas + that non-functioning save system is just... I don´t have time like I used to 10 years ago, so being able to save anywhere is a must, especially in a game like this.
  7. I have heard about it, definitely want to try it out
  8. There are several: I highly recommend Death's Cold Embrace, goes right there up with Seven Sisters from Lady Rowena, when it comes to storytelling. Speaking of Lady Rowena, her last map, sadly, Home Sweet Home (first part of a trilogy which now never will be finished), is also worth checking out. And Godbreaker was highly recommended to my by one player:
  9. Very nice mission indeed I liked how you tried to use every nook and cranny of the maps to give player some form of a reward. And I liked the humor (son getting a present from a mother) I was able to find 8 out of 11 secrets, Only thing which I would point out is optimization - the part of mansion with lady´s bedroom (especially when you enter through the double-wing door) runs terribly slow on my high-end PC, whereas others run quite well. Really nice mission, looking forward to your future ones! Also, I have noticed this strange graphical glitch, which was also present in Shadows of Norhtdale, so I think it has something to do with Nvidia drivers:
  10. I am so sorry to learn about Sir Taffsalot´s passing. Rest in peace.
  11. Thanks for clarification. I wanted to be sure before proceeding to other fanmissions that there is no way of finishing this one
  12. Is there any way to finish the mission? I assume since there is written objective "This arena has no end" there is no way to end this mission (having all objectives ticked, after that getting to the end of the level)?
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