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  1. Thank you very much for this beautyful mission!
  2. Hi doc.loner, I also missing the missions, but you can browse the Fan mission forum. On mostly every thread starting with "fan mission:" is a download link. You can retrieve the missions from there.
  3. Do you still need help reconstructing the site (especially the mission list)? I am an experienced developer and administrator, maybe I can help?
  4. The key for the chest: Tipp: Solution: The switch: Tipp: Solution:
  5. I had the same problem with my 4k. Since all programs became too small for me, I increased Windows' own scaling. TheDarkMod probably can't handle this.
  6. @Destined No problem, send a pm. @Springheel 35 gramms16 cm x 8 cm x 4 cm @saxmeisterThese models has been made by the Dark Mod Community, so I won't sell any of these without permission.But making those as a price for a map contest ...
  7. @bikerdude pm, I will send you the original immediate, but you have to paint it for yourself. The back side is a little rough because of the support. Thanks for the welcome greetings
  8. Hello all' taffers, I have printed the_hammer_medium2.lwo with my 3d printer: Material is transparent and unfinished, and I'm still unsure whether to paint it grey or gold. But it will get a special place on my computer place every time I play a dark mod mission or building on my own level. Greetings from Hamburg, ol' Dyger
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