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  1. status updates seem to be in the activity tab at top of the page. between browse and leaderboard
  2. free roam missions are not easy to make, you can't keep the player out of area's that have objectives that get you there via a linear storyline. Like doors that can only be opened by a specific key that only appears in a linear way with objectives pointing to it. All doors have to be pickable. You need to leave readables around a map that point at hidden objectives that either trigger an objective to appear or the objective only appears after you've completed to objective the readables point to. You can't spawn in objects or only make objects interactable when a objective is discovered. For a free roam map there needs to be multiple ways to get to different locations in the map, either at street level, sewer level, roof level, or somewhere between street level and roof level, either high up walkways on the sides of buildings, made of either steam pipes, dead steam pipes, drainage systems, or inside buildings like vents.
  3. not sure if this works on a lit candle in a holder, or whether it still actually works at all. light_moving_ext lightObj = $<name of flame>; if (!lightObj) //if light lit { return } else { lightObj.frob_ignite(); //turns flame particle effect on $<name of flame>.On(); //turns light on } its lightobj.frob_extinguish(); to turn off a flame via a script and $<name of flame>.Off(); to turn the light off. I had it on a forge that you could turn on and off but sometimes the flame particale effect appears and the light stays off, or the light comes on and the flame doesn't appear.
  4. I also tried the player1 in location objective which you use to finish a map at the end when all other objectives are complete, and that wasn't working either. I also thought it might be the texture, cause the clip texture is usually used for item in location on the location entity as its invisible in game. I also tried a custom object in case it was a problem with the door entity, but nothing worked. I also thought it might be there's no actual info_location for the room there so I put one in and that didn't fix it.
  5. don't know whats wrong cant get it to work either. it works in a old map I have where I have something similar, but not in the obj.map.
  6. needs to be on both locations and the door
  7. objective_ent 1 needs to be on both locations, and on the entity used to trigger is entity in location
  8. from what was posted about 12 hours ago but seems to have gone is the harddrive is on its last legs and needs to be replaced, so site will be down again for a while, while everything get migrated to new harddrive.
  9. went bad when half-life 2 was made to run on consoles, they cut the number of objects the game could have by 200 so a lot of half-life 2 mods stopped working, it all depends if valve are being told by the console makers what type of games they want to see that will run on xbox, ps4, and maybe pc, or maybe valve are being told not to make pc games at all.
  10. there's probably sometype of timeout feature, that unsubscribes you after a certain period, got unsubscribe as well from a thread.
  11. according to the kickstarter is was to be a myst type game, but they the developers changed the direction on it sometime after the kickstarter finished, apparently the backers were told about the direction change. got that info off a post on steam. takes about 2 hours to complete.
  12. stumpy

    Outer Wilds

    20 minutes seems a bit short. epic store is a bit dodgy.
  13. it would be dmap fms/tut/maps/tutorial depends where the pk4 files for darkmod are depends what the mapPath was set to in user.xml as this points to where the maps are
  14. to find all the skin materials used on an AI they are in the AI's md5mesh file, its a text file so the names of the materials used can be read from each mesh definition in the file. then you create a skin file and replace the materials you need to replace to get the effect you need. if its not an ai then you can look at the def file to find out which model it uses, if its a ase file then it's a text file and you can open it to find the materials used, if its not an ase file then you need a binary/hex editor to read the file to find what materials is used. the def file will also say if it has a skin file, the skin file makes easier to change the skin of a object. an AI's head is a seperate md5mesh file, you can create a custom AI def file to make an AI use the same head. it you change the skin on a head. you sometimes need to do this because the game places random heads on the AI for variety.
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