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  1. maps being compiled would not see a missing asset,(except for maybe a info_player_start) as the dmap only compiles the world brushes into walls, floors, ceilings, and adds stuff for assets if they are there and ignores them if they are not. unless a model origin is in the void, but that is just detecting that an inside part is in the void, if that asset isn't loaded then it isn't there. this is the wrong type of program for some thing like agile or devops methods,
  2. you should only sell royalty rights and not copy protect rights as that leads to a dark in dirty tunnel where the mod would be banned from using the sound effects and music that originated in the mod. Selling the other rights means the mod would lose the rights to use them.
  3. there's a lot of eidos games on there, but they are ip owned by square enix, games like stolen and tomb raider. Archive.org don't check that software/images/video/audio files uploaded onto the site have any copyright attached to the software uploaded by their users they expect that their users don't upload copyrighted warez. They only remove copyright infringement media when someone informs them like a cease and desist order from square enix that they are likely to get if square enix ever found out about all those edios files on there.
  4. the boot screen is black with a circle of swirling dots, sometimes shows the microsoft logo, but usually goes back to black with the circle of swirling dots.
  5. there is a offline account, just don't turn the internet on to use it, there's also the option to have no login, if you need to change the drive that windows 10 is on because it died then you need a microsoft account to write a copy of the free version of windows 10 to the new drive, else you have to buy a new version of windows 10 operating system.
  6. the only difference between one type of ray tracing and another type of ray tracing is how many rays from a light source get traced to the camera and how many reflections can one of those rays handle before a cut off is imposed, if the reflections are higher than a cut off then that texture pixel is rendered black. in the persistence of vision ray tracer program, the default is something like 16 rays and 15 reflections before the 16th reflection is rendered black, but you don't really get to that limit unless doing something weird with mirrors.
  7. Everytime windows 10 does a major update it seems to reset the windows firewall removing all permissions, so that when you play a game that needs access to the internet you have to go through the process of getting windows firewall to allow access. The other day it blocked access to steam, had to give permission then restart steam, as once the firewall blocks access the firewall doesn't seem to allow access if the program that has been blocked is running.
  8. unity now has 3 engine versions, one free and two you pay a subscription for, but it now seems the different versions are based on what support you get from unity rather than there actually being a difference in the engine features.
  9. I've had a free game off the epic store but their game launcher isn't the easiest thing to use. epic email me every few days to tell me about the free games, and upcoming games
  10. if you are on windows 10 dont install darkmod into either the "Programs Files (x86)" or the "Program Files" directory as windows 10 sets all files in them to read only, they expect the read/write access to happen in the Users/<name>/AppData/ local,locallow,roaming directories the easiest way is just to create a directory on the drive you want to use away from the program files directorys and then install darkmod into that. things like steam work best installed away from the program file directories, due to steam constantly updating your games library it errors when it can't update because windows 10 makes the files read only, same with some mmog that update directly to their install directory.
  11. if you fix this PBR problem, will there be information on what will have to be changed in material files to get them to work as some of us have custom material files for textures in some maps, and not the generic ones that come in the 'dark mod' pk4 files.
  12. its listed as optional in windows update I haven't installed it because I don't usually install optional updates. due to they've turned out to be crap or blue screen of death bug filled pile of dodo droppings.
  13. selling the story to every news outlet they can find without reporting it to the police first means it probably didn't happen and its a story, as in if they had been to the police they would have been told to not sell the story to news sites until after the trial as giving evidence to the news before the court would make the evidence null and void in court as someone wouldn't get a fair trial.
  14. paper notebook, therefore not online, not hackable, not on phone which is also hackable due it being free with sim card.
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