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  1. That would be great! If I remember correctly in T2 the spot light color changes? So the camera could have something like: searching_color, detected_color, and alarm_color spawnargs available to authors. This could effect the spot light and also the light textures on the model. Bonus if it can also change color on any effects like a lens flare glow attached to it.
  2. Cool. It would be great if they have the function to follow the player to create that tense moment of escaping its view. Otherwise it will alert and the player can just take half a step out of its view and avoid having to get away. Thanks for the info. I'll add a note in the bugtracker.
  3. Hello everyone, I've been thinking about messing around with the new security cameras and had a few questions that people might have answers too. I know these are a WIP feature. - Currently, the camera stops in place once it locates the player. Is it possible to append the script to have it follow the player's movement (similar to the t2 cameras)? I'd want to be able to set its max "follow" speed as well. - Is there a way to adjust its visual acuity similar to the AI? Obviously I'd want to do this stuff without messing the the source so it would have to be appended to the object script. It would be wonderful to hack those things in if possible. Thanks!
  4. This has happened to me a couple times as well. It can be sort of annoying. Ill fill out a bug report if there isnt one already.
  5. Congrats Goldwell! As always, this is a killer release with so much thought and care put into every inch of it. I encourage everyone to play it! Can't wait for the next one.
  6. Yeah so those urns were kind of hacky. Obs script worked well, but as mentioned it couldnt provide an impulse to send the flinders flying once the barrel exploded. I reverted back the the duct taped version with a bound light and func_shooter because sending the flinders flying through the air was super satisfying IMO. It would be awesome if you guys figure out a way to provide an impulse to the flinders in the object script. Generally this could be applied to breakable crates, doors, ect. Maybe something could be pulled from the func_fracture class?
  7. Hey you might want to check out prefabs/ mechanical/ 3 floor elevator to see how it's set up. Make sure your AAS solid and AAS obstacle brushes are placed similar to how they are in the prefab. Ive broken my elevators a couple times by moving those even a few units off. Also make sure the AI can get to the buttons and that the button's ride or fetch spawnarg is set up correctly. Ride is for selecting a floor while on the elevator and fetch is for calling the elevator to a floor. Hope this helps!
  8. Got around to giving this mission a go and had a blast! The holiday theme was great and it had quite a few fun bits of exploration and story for a mission this size. Thanks for this! This mission has a lot of charm to it.
  9. True, but the impact will alert nearby guards. I was thinking of something that can do that and knock out guards quietly I guess.
  10. Ive played around with adding new arrow types and weapons/ tools to my FMs. Some of it works and some of it doesn't. I've found it hard to create gameplay scenarios where a new weapon type or tool is really necessary, but I'm sure there all kinds of creative ways to find new uses for stuff. Im not sure if a long range knock out arrow would be much different than the gas arrow as mentioned. However, it would be interesting if that same arrow could also be used to silently hit switches from a distance or something. Or like how the holy water changes the properties of your water arrows, maybe there is an interesting way to change your broadhead's to blunt tip arrows or something. Anyhow, its an interesting idea if you can find good reasons for it.
  11. Oh man is that some work, but it would be rad to have some more vocal sets out there! I am not sure what you're planning to do, but I would recommend modifying or supplementing a vocal set if at all possible as a full vocal set is like 130-150 lines that need to be written, recorded, processed and jammed into definition files and tested. You can also try to get a hold of the original voice actors and see if they'd be willing to record some extra lines. Not to discourage you, just saying it can be brutal. If you are looking for the .defs, you can look at tdm_ai_vocal_set_base.def to get an idea of what you need for the vocal set definition and tdm_ai_pro.sndshd for the sound shader set up. Also: I was able to get away with a lot fewer sound waves for the AI's i've made. Usually around 3-4 per sound shader.
  12. 100 percent agree with demagague. A classic general to specific method! Hope to add a number (or possibly 2) for this years releases
  13. Ill continue doing some testing this weekend. Also I had a couple questions about this build: - A while back I put in a request for player swimming sounds. Is this something thats going in for 2.07? (Can't log into bugtracker right now for some reason. Will PM admin) -Were any changes made to the AI in tdm_ai_base.def or tdm_ai_base.script? Its important that I update those changes to some of the custom AI I've released. Looking forward to this release, thanks for all the hard work.
  14. I guess it depends on what you want for the gameplay. I'd say start with realism and go from there as its something most players will understand? Solution 1. If you go with solution 2, you would want to be very strategic about where you place switichable lights in the case the player turns off a closet light to hide bodies or something like that. As for a 3rd solution (once again depending on gameplay intent). I think its always good to let the player see or be close to seeing what the effect of their actions are. So you could have groups of lights attached to power boxes that are close by or in the same room, or even in different sectors like the Cathedral in T1. Funny- I've tried to tackle this exact same problem and failed to figure out a good solution, so I'd love to see this implemented with a robust script.
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