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  1. Mmm, the bug I fixed today seemed to have no relation to scissor What's your estimate on vertex color - is it more often per vertex or per draw call? I'd think per draw call as it's usually only used for smooth terrain material switch.
  2. I suppose for this we need to convert existing materials and generate new dds's for each use of image function I understand this is not trivial but it would be a feel-good thing to do. Not only it would save on VRAM but also on load speed (pk4 decompression and mipmap generation) Moreover, textures can be loaded in parallel via PBO + background CPU thread.
  3. Thank you Let me check if I can come up with a simple fix for this (and understand how quick load fixes it) ... Revision 8402 fixes the New Job for me. Regret I'm still not sure how it's related to changes in 8380 or why quick load fixed it. @nbohr1more, @stgatilov, @cabalistic any idea? @grayman, while this should help with missing light interactions, your original missing particle must be something else (uniform transforms vs ARB shaders?)
  4. I can repeat this BUT black is resolved by quick save\load, i.e. it's only black between map start and first load. Also, I can see the quick save/load adds draw calls and tri count. Is this what you see too? If so, it's probably related to BFG-style area\portal culling changes.
  5. Can't repeat with yours either. Sorry, is your .cfg readonly? It looks different to me after a single TDM run. The line count is about the same but cvar order is totally different
  6. That would explain it but raise the obvious question - why do they not load? So the textures load on nVidia but not on AMD?
  7. Sorry for the delay This is how svn looks to me (nVidia card) May I ask for your darkmod.cfg? @all Anyone else can repeat this bug? Don't see this in Training Mission as well. Are you on Debug/Release 32/64 Windows/Linux?
  8. OK, but does @lowenz have the steps explained to use those for his local builds?
  9. Can we have a test build with the debug version of OpenAL so that @lowenz can show us where it crashes inside the lib?
  10. FWIW I hate the warning spam in console but the bigger problem is these days assets are the orphan child, with no visible maintenance.
  11. Could be one of those BFG merges gone wrong
  12. This got me around to the opposite idea - download only the darkmod.exe and it should download missing assets on map load (i.e. integrate the installer) (The only 'heavy'/per-request assets being textures and sounds) Anyone who played Q3 and downloaded maps from server will get the point.
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