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  1. duzenko

    Raspberry Pi 4

    Sorry, I'm rather skeptical of emulators unless they translate machine code ahead of time but it's still going to suck with darkmod (SIMD instructions translation?) Original T/T2? Not sure about practicality of that. Newdark? Kinda defeats the purpose of new graphics features. The 'right' way would be porting newdark from source code, provided all the original assembler code optimizations had C counterparts.
  2. duzenko

    Raspberry Pi 4

    Is there a newdark executable for ARM? Is there source code to port? Theoretically I might be interested in trying ARM porting in the future but the pre-requisite is owning a big TV to plug the stick into.
  3. You might want to also split the outdoor into smaller areas. Physics tests are struggling with all the polygons in there.
  4. This week end hopefully. RL leeches off all my energy these days.
  5. http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Fan_Missions_for_The_Dark_Mod
  6. I believe the final solution for this issue will be moving the lightgem render in its own FBO
  7. Congratulations, you have just discovered the Lightgem
  8. Hi, Any progress in that DC count on start?
  9. Sorry for duplicating what I said in the other thread, but did you try the r_ambientMinLevel cvar?
  10. Can't recall anything particularly obvious in that one. The mission idea seemed to 'challenge' the player. The author insisted on having everything in his own way, which sadly got him banned on the forum.
  11. Even if download links are dead it still makes sense to show the mission list, with a warning
  12. Look for a walkthrough in the Internet. It's pretty easy once you know where to look. Use the new r_ambientMinLevel cvar to work around mapper's light settings. When you're in a mood for a piece of cake, use notarget.
  13. It's just my suggestion, and it does not look like it's getting traction ATM. The svn is down, and it's been for a while. I would think that converting the repo to github might be faster than waiting for @taaki to restore svn and easier to maintain in the long run. Not mentioning git's superior branch/merge ability.
  14. It's like switching your car. You have an emotional attachment but after a while you don't want to go back.
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