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  1. I would appreciate if we could sort missions by release date as that's the order I try to play them
  2. @Sourav Try this binary https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oq_rtHxeliRAK3HBOYxAVEoBuTfnD5eq/view?usp=sharing
  3. Can we start with forcing the DST flag to false? This might be as simple as mixing winter time with DST. Also, it explains why I could not repeat this on my side, ever. I don't have pk4's. @Sourav, try looking for 'future' timed files in your pk4's?
  4. WSL/Kali still works even on IST time. It will be a while before I can try another distro I 'tried trying' Ubuntu in the first place but it blocked me with an incomprehensible user password error. Are they forcing password strength now as well? What version of Ubuntu did you try?
  5. Fixed the conflict with decals I think this is ready for creative ideas
  6. FWIW running TDM from under WSL/Kali did not show this problem for me It fails much later when X display fails to init That completely exhausts my Linux mana. OTOH the fact that it fails inside the makeIntensity call makes me want to help somehow as it was something I added in 2.07(?), possibly leaving a smoking pile somewhere. Sorry, late night posting. Confused it with makeIrradiance.
  7. Indeed. I was thinking about a single VBO subdivided into static and 3 dynamic pages.
  8. Sounds like an aspiring mapper?
  9. TDM 2.07 is the last version to target OpenGL 2.1 2.08 will be targeting 3.1 Sorry, we don't have resources to maintain that kind of compatibility (and neither the old hardware to test on) If anyone wants to add a legacy backend port we'll accept that contribution.
  10. Sorting and grouping on multiple levels still sounds like too much stress. glBufferSubData would work for me.
  11. One thing to sort ambient surfaces by vbo but what about per light surface chains? There's already grouped by light and noselfshadow flags, as well as translucency, and need multiple passes for shadows and interactions. So for me having a single big vbo for vertices feels like lesser pain.
  12. Moved the copy routine to the SIMD class @cabalistic Does it make sense to get rid of the 'static' VBO and just put all 'initial' geometry into the beginning of the dynamic VBO? This way we don't have to switch between the two when issuing draw calls?
  13. The released version is still 4600 draw calls in the starting location
  14. In that case we should just remove the specularmap keyword on that material?
  15. Only for tga's and dds's Well, I don't see "cityguard_armor_poor" files anywhere. So prompts the question: do I export the jpg to a dds/tga and add it to the assets besides the source jpg? I apologize for asking here as it's offtopic on DR. I'm reluctant to create new forum threads for trivial things like this.
  16. Sorry if it's offtopic File: tdm_ai_citywatch.mtr models/md5/chars/guards/citywatch/citywatch_armor_poor //used for pauldrons&helmet only specularmap models/md5/chars/guards/citywatch/cityguard_armor_poor_ed gives an image load error when loading game I can see a file named cityguard_armor_poor_ed.jpg but the default extension for 'uncompressed' textures is .tga Do we want to replace the .tga with .jpg file here? Or explicitly point the material to the .jpg? Or the game should double check for alternative extension files?
  17. I can't see this mission in the in-game mission list
  18. It might have been common knowledge that D3 engine was not VSync friendly. The TDM community consensus was have VSync off for this or other reasons. Since 2.06 however players have more options vsync off, capped fps, old school gameplay with screen tearing vsync on, capped fps, risk of microstuttering vsync on, uncapped fps, (the new recommendation) vsync off, uncapped fps, Q3 style
  19. duzenko

    Raspberry Pi 4

    Sorry, I'm rather skeptical of emulators unless they translate machine code ahead of time but it's still going to suck with darkmod (SIMD instructions translation?) Original T/T2? Not sure about practicality of that. Newdark? Kinda defeats the purpose of new graphics features. The 'right' way would be porting newdark from source code, provided all the original assembler code optimizations had C counterparts.
  20. duzenko

    Raspberry Pi 4

    Is there a newdark executable for ARM? Is there source code to port? Theoretically I might be interested in trying ARM porting in the future but the pre-requisite is owning a big TV to plug the stick into.
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