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  1. Documentation for the Hidden Hands series and this mission added to the wiki.
  2. Well, those are good choices, but I'd consider those better as in-game background music. For music/ambient in the mission itself. My choice above was deliberate, as that would be for the intro song (in the menu) or the credits song only (for those willing to modify them - some existing FMs have done so). This sort of mix of a traditional sound with a contemporary sound would be a homage to Thief's intro songs and credits songs (click the links to see what I mean). Tellingly, even TDM has this sort of credits song. Obviously, electric guitar backed music within the "North African" mission itself would feel just as out of place as it would in a typical "European" mission for TDM. For an intro song in the menu, though, it would give the whole thing some added style.
  3. Not to resuscitate this so soon, but... You know how the original Thief games and even TDM have fairly rockin' intros and/or credit videos ? Well, if we ever do some North African themed missions, here's some music to consider: Granted, it's Tuareg, rather than Moorish or Berber, but still a nice blend of traditional Maghrebi singing with some nice modern strummin', Obviously, we couldn't use a copyrighted song, but something stylistically similar would fit with some of TDM's anachronistic musical themes.
  4. This is exactly why I've been collaborating with Epifire and more recently Shadow Creepr (bless their hearts, both) on getting some new content done for the core game. Nothing as grandiose as new AI, but still something that can add more variety for mission makers. And then there's my own missions... Pity I've never had enough time to really develop 3D skills.
  5. Minor update: Contacted Shadow Creepr. She's working on it in her free time, she'll be sending the files over to my e-mail in batches. Hopefully her recordings will go well.
  6. Learn rigging and get to work on animating those AIs, young man.
  7. Well, "potentially"... We have that one concept from Plutonia, and that one is years old. Do the math. The Volta 2 ones are the only ones available right now. I have to wonder whether they could be included in the core mod...
  8. @Springheel

    I'd like to ask: Could the Fire elemental article at the wiki be unlocked ? It's very out of date at this point, we've had a working FE in the core game for a while now, and it has appeared in some of the missions. I'd like to update the info and a more crisp screenshot of the elemental that I've already prepared.

    Also, could we have the main Universe article and The Empire article briefly unlocked, just so I could add a Category:Universe tag to those ? They are currently entirely unclassified on the wiki and it's a pain always needing to look them up separately (and not very good navigation for new players searching for info on the wiki).

    Also, was the Builder Characters article vandalised that it's also off-limits ? Some of the other character articles (for thieves, noblemen, etc.) have been expanded over time with new entries, as the number of missions (and their contributions to the "lore") has grown, but that article seems stuck in the Tears of St. Lucia era of the project. After 10 years, I think the less set-in-stone universe articles should be slightly more open to occassional updating.

    Thank you for considering this ! I appreciate any help I can get while trying to update minor but useful stuff on the wiki. Lately, I've expanded some of the more stub-like, previously unfinished articles on gameplay concepts (especially tools and weaponry) in places where they were still lacking. It might seem the wiki has loads of interesting and detailed stuff, and though that's true, some articles really need more regular updating. 

  9. It's in the creatures article and also in the article with the fan missions overview. Volta II: Cauldron of the Gods II definitely has those beastmen with the shortswords and javelins. Marsh of Rahena has some weird creepy humanoids with glowing eyes, but those might be some form of undead or spirits. Don't get dirty, young man.
  10. To tell you the truth, these are actually all good questions. To digress a bit, in a fantasy setting I've been developing for a few years now, for a certain RPG project of my own - also inspired by Thief, among other sources - these were the sorts of questions I asked myself when designing the setting's more fantastical species. (There are both human variations in the setting, and animalistic humanoids.) One thing I liked to focus on was the relationship of each species with industry, technology and that nebulous word, "progress", as one of the things the setting has in common with Thief is an early industrial revolution vibe (or that of a premature industrial revolution, if you will). Now, for The Dark Mod specifically, I think a lot of this depends on whether the beastfolk are like or unlike those of Thief, who were very much in league with the Pagans, or even their servants and footsoldiers, whathaveyou. We already have a new version of the werebeast (a purely animal-like werewolf, basically) in the works, and it's fairly complete, though not really finished. My impression is that this big guy is meant to be used for missions occuring in the wilderness or in rural areas, and similar. My own impression of the werebeasts from everything released and discussed so far is that they're half-way between a genuine sapient race and an animal (in the sense of belchers, giant spiders, etc.). They don't really have any culture, tools, speech, anything, but they are intelligent creatures that can use their intelligence to dangerous ends. One of Kingsal's more recent missions has a different species of beastmen, more human-like, intelligent and tool-using, sort of broadly similar to the monkeymen from the first Thief or the ratmen from the third one. They were underground cavern dwellers, living a scavenging and hunter-gatherer life. I thought they were pretty creepy, especially their eyes. You had a swordman version and a javelineer version (rather than an archer), so that gives a bit of variety in gameplay terms and also a bit of insight what their material culture is like. These guys are also the only ones to date that are voice-acted (and very clearly a homage to the aforementioned Thief inspirations, even in their style of speech). A few years back, Plutonia visited the forums and suggested the concept of "mantians", mantis-like insectoid people that were a riff on Thief's bugbeasts (much like many of the creatures in TDM). I think it's a given these would be as unintelligible to humans in terms of language as the werebeasts, but otherwise, they'd probably be social and very intelligent. Plutonia's ideas for them seemed to hint at a social insect kind of society/civilisation, even though their real world inspiration (mantises) are mostly solitary creatures. So, we already have two beastmen varieties at least, though one still largelly in development, and one proposed beastfolk variety that is purely at the visual concept stage, plus some general ideas about what they could be like. You can read about these more closely in this article. Most of the beastfolk and monster concepts are largelly undeveloped at this point, due to the sheer amount of work you need with making new AI for the core game, even if they're bipeds (but not humanoids). We can of course think about this whole thing more deeply as part of general pre-production in this area. I'd even say you're right on the money that these things should be decided about now, early on, before we make more definitive concepts and start work on the various varieties of beastfolk. The game is at a stage when we can slowly begin to move towards incorporating more outlandish AI, the only issue being manpower. TDM never has enough manpower for asset creation, that's for sure.
  11. You don't need to care that much about games. You only need to care about TDM.
  12. It already has lasted longer. Some people have been part of the TDM community since the start, and that was over 15 years ago.
  13. Wow, so many "likes" in just a few days. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. :)

  14. Exactly. Those barebones swan-neck VoIPs aren't really good for anything other than videochatting and similar. Recently, I've bought myself a Samson Go Mic. While it's not recording studio grade, I've tested it and it's pretty awesome for such a relatively small, portable mic. While my test recordings had a very clear, crisp sound, without background noise, I plan to get a microphone screen for it, just to be on the safe side. Or maybe I'll even do a home-made one, it's not hard (cue nylon hose on a frame jokes). Funny story: Years ago, I needed to do a lot of voice recording for a radio programme proof-of-concept me and a few friends were developing (a book review show). Unfortunately, at the time, I only had a digital dictaphone and a fairly old swan-neck VoIP, nothing really adequate. You wouldn't believe what I did. I took a small rectangular table, covered it on all sides with thick duvets, blankets and bedsheets, then put a small reading lamp inside (it was weirdly dark in there, LOL), grabbed my scripts and went inside. I shut the backside of the thing, turned on the light and started recording. Yes, really, I made myself an impromptu recording studio. It was hilarious, true, but surprisingly, the results weren't that bad. I fiddled with the dictaphone settings as best as I could, plugged in that crap VoIP mic, and started recording under this sound-tight table. I had very little background noise and no pop, though I still wouldn't call the sound 100 % crisp. (The quality was certainly nowhere near my brand new SGM.) But given the very primitive setup, I did better than I ever expected. I thought the result would be muddled, but it was a nice surprise. Granted, I don't want to revisit that sort of setup, aside from jokey nostalgia, or if I felt it was absolutely necessary. Based on my recordings with my SGM over the weekend, right in front of my humming computer, and then listening to the recordings, I feel it's going to be all right. No need for overly weird escapades this time, at most I'll only need to add a screen.
  15. Aren't the player character's hands already gloved ? That would take care of any necessity to model more feminine-looking hands. I don't think the current player's first person (FP) models are that strictly masculine-looking. Under those clothes, you could still conceivably imagine a lady. Now, when it comes to third person perspective (TP), which virtually no one ever uses in-game, that's where some changes could be implemented, for the sake of differentiation. (Though, IMHO, a little too much work for little reward.) For example, you could make a copy of the existing TP player thief model and make the figure somewhat more feminine (including the texturing for the face above the facial disguise). As with the vocal performances, I'd prefer if we also kept subtlety for any of the potential AI model tweaks for the female variant. I doubt we're going for an over-the-top look for the lady thief, when the whole point is she'll be dressed as practically as her male counterpart. Currently, there are actually four female vocal sets for the NPCs. One for a younger commoner ("Maiden"), one for a middle-aged commoner ("Wench") and two different voices for aristocratic ladies. There was talk a while back, including by Springheel and co., to introduce a vocal set for a Pagan-associated female NPC. The final version of the vocal script for that set has not been nailed down yet, so we've avoided recruiting any VAs for that NPC. Hopefully we'll finally revisit it in the near future.
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