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  1. @Spooks I'm glad to see you say that it's worked out for me to capture that mood. @Bienie Didn't think I'd ever see someone call this ship spacious, especially with this much cargo lying around. Well, I did spend quite some time with the clipper and vertex drag tools to get every last bit of internal space. And yep, no knockouts is my preferred style too for the challenge it brings. @Melanthere's still plenty of Wrecker's Reach left, and it's a place I'd like to see more of. My aim with this one was to make a more focused adventure, based around my new ship asset, that could be released within a moderate timeframe. Also my first city mission and adopted map, so I was looking to make experiences with that. Let's see where things go from here.
  2. Thanks guys for your kind words! @Kerry000regarding the aspect you wanted clarification on:
  3. @Bienie start with writing down the names of your 2 levers + the machine as well as the coordinates of where the 2nd lever needs to be on the machine. Give the machine the spawnarg "frobable" "1" and then at the top of DR's window select Entity -> Stim/Response -> switch to Response tab -> add a response to frob -> right-click in the response effects box & click add, right-click edit the new effect, repeat for these 3 effects: 1) "teleport (set origin)" the second lever so that it ends up on the machine 2) "set frobable" "_SELF" and leave frobability unticked so that the machine is no longer frobable 3) "run script" "remove_lever" for this simple script to remove the first lever from the inventory (technically the above 2 steps could be in this script too, but just to show what S/R can do) void remove_lever() { $player1.replaceInvItem($lever,$null_entity); } To make this response only occur when the player has picked up the first lever, right-click on "frob" in the left of the machine's Response tab and deactivate it. Now use the above steps to give the first lever the effect "Activate Response" "Frob" on the machine.
  4. Here are my thoughts on the 2 ideas: 1) A sultan's palace wouldn't be a problem from an architectural perspective. TDM has an incredibly large selection of stone and marble textures, and patches are very well suited for architectural details like arches and domes. The main problem may be the props: idk how convincing i.e. a sturdy wooden bed with linen bedsheets would look in the Orient. You'd also have to be creative with getting more diversity in the AIs because we only have 1 Moor, maybe by making tan skins for other AIs. 2) A desert temple is very feasible with TDM's assets (stone textures, rock models, zombie & skeleton AIs). Could look to Penny Dreadful 1 for inspiration, because this one already goes in the direction of an ancient temple.
  5. Thanks krrg and Goldwell, I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed the mission as much as you did! Hehe, it looks like my missions have a tendency of playing out that way, even if it's not intentional.
  6. Congrats! Having 2 FMs in one day is something I'm sure no one's bothered by, very much on the contrary in fact
  7. There isn't much that draws an honest man to a place like Wrecker's Reach. Once a well-known port under a name no one remembers, it was a hub for lucrative trade in colonial wares and a warm shelter for those crossing the great oceans. Now it's just another stinking hole, like all the others I've been scratching out a living in. The ale is poor, a knife awaits you down every dark alley, and the rich folk have long since abandoned their crumbling residences to petty barons. Imagine my surprise, then, when I saw a grand merchant ship arriving in the dark of night. It's anyone's guess what brought it here, and more importantly what lies in its cargo hold, but I intend to be the first to find out. Not that this will be easy, though: a vessel like this will be sure to draw plenty of attention, and I've made something of a name for myself around here, so I'll have to be cautious the moment I step out into the open. Well then, it seems holing up at these wretched docks is finally paying off. Notes This is a standalone harbour mission set in Wrecker's Reach, taking a smaller section of a former Crucible campaign map as its starting point. My stated aim with this one was to create something a little simpler than what I did previously, with most of the weight on exploration and looting. Simply an unexpected nighttime excursion in a locale that hasn't been visited before. Download Google Drive Dropbox As well as some screenshots for anyone uploading this mission to their servers Simply place the mission archive in your darkmod/fms folder and start TDM. The new mission will appear. Credits Beta testers - Amadeus, Cambridge Spy, lowenz, VanishedOne, Boiler's_hiss, acolyte6 Harbour building exteriors - The Campaign Team Editorial consulting - Amadeus Custom environmental ambients - AugustSandberg, jimsin, deku, kangaroovindaloo, all of Freesound, dario Custom wooden floor texture - judith <dr.judym81@gmail.com> Prescott Stahl's writings - Spooks Painting in splashscreen and briefing - John Atkinson Grimshaw Painting in briefing - Ivan Aivazovsky Boiling water sound - Kyyrma Improved animated flag - Arcturus Improved nautical models - Xendrox
  8. @Boiler's_hiss@acolyte6 Sure, you're both welcome to try it out. I've uploaded a 2nd beta build of the mission earlier today.
  9. Springheel is the only one here who has an explanation for that issue, that multiple nearby visportals on the same X/Y plane may start misbehaving.
  10. Thanks Springheel, but that wasn't it. I've altered those visportals and their surroundings numerous times without any effect. In the end I just deleted them because they were only minor visportals. @Jedi_Wannabe an alternative explanation for void-showing doors is that your visportal surface (the pink-cream one) is slightly in front of the door instead of fully within. The door is still linked to the visportal, but the visportal's position gives you a view into the void. The solution remains the same as Springheel already described, to move the visportal surface a little (until it's inside the door).
  11. Here’s my next mission, ready for beta testing. This one is a standalone city mission taking place at a harbour based on a section of a former Crucible campaign map. Any beta testers are welcome to go over to the beta testing section of this forum for the thread I opened there.
  12. In almost all cases yes, hitting natural while the scale is set to 0.500 will yield the intended scale. There are however some very high res textures that'll appear magnified at 0.500.
  13. *Make that St. Alberic's Curse actually, Caduceus isn't what I was thinking of. Caduceus takes place in a monastery, don't remember how the scenery is there.
  14. Ah, then you'd likely get good use out of this interior image that I was reminded of just now. Regarding the outdoors, we have very good nature assets nowadays, as discussed on Discord. Dram already showed what can be achieved with them just by arranging and lighting them well: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/10003-so-what-are-you-working-on-right-now/&do=findComment&comment=420282 Another good inspiration for nature landscaping would be Bikerdude's Caduceus of St Alban.
  15. @Amadeus I can only recommend that as a mission idea, very fun to make.
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