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  1. I see there are footstep sounds in the pk4 file included for the player. I wonder why it won't use them.. I downloaded the pk4 into the fms folder and then the game said "new mission available". Then i "installed" it. The new models and all work - but the footsounds won't for some reason.
  2. Somehow I have the "missing sound" beep noise when I walk over leaves or carpets. I downloaded the FM from the mirror link - are there some files missing?
  3. I must say I really love the subtle blue lighting without any harsh shadows. Wow!
  4. Thank you for the response, good to know!
  5. Good point! Me neither can't find the register button
  6. I like it, looks a bit "clean" but will surely do for great builder missions. I hope these assets get added into the next release.
  7. Good point, but since unconscious enemies can't be "revived" a feature like falling damage for unconscious bodies would only affect the stealth score and not the gameplay, so I think this would be a feature / bug fix with low priority.
  8. Thank you for letting us choose between a dark and a light theme. Great solution!
  9. Ah now I understand what you mean - thanks for clearing this up
  10. I think they'll wait for VR to become a better experience and then use it for HL3. They've always tried something new for their Half-Life games, so I would bet on this.
  11. Hm I personally would spend the time in manually creating a detailed map instead of automaticly create a generic map. Don't take this as personal criticism - it's really just my personal opinion.
  12. Did you have a look already into "Swift Mazes" (I think that's what it was called) ?
  13. Okay thank you for your help - I clearly got rusty in the past seven years...
  14. But it does not show up in the "available missions" tab!
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