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  1. GUI Design is often about how much space you're willing to sacrifice for information and how that information displayed helps the user. Imho a bigger mission list with more general information attributes is worth more than a text snippet where you can only read a few lines and then have to click "read more", thus the bigger table for maps and their attributes. But again, that was just my way of doing it. If a text snipped is still necessary, then we'd have to shorten the space for the mission table.
  2. Thank you, I will contact you about this in the next days since I am not at home currently. Cool!!
  3. What do you mean exactly by narrow? I am sorry I don't understand Of course, if you want to use it feel free. Feel free to contact me if you need something else for this.
  4. I named it "slavic". Not because she is slavic, but the music was when creating this one! This would also make a nice ingame painting I think haha
  5. I think these informations belong only to the wiki and also only for each author who decides if he / she wants to share that kind of data. For the ingame downloader, under "more details" there still could be a category row which displays 3 attributes at max. (the author decides if and which there are max 3 entries to set). We would have to decide if we want this no-spoiler version or the "I don't have to click each mission and then go to the details to find a mission that has a bank featuring".
  6. Yes absolutely. I see your point with the spoilers. Just remembered I did something there back in the day. But maybe we should put the category into the sub page then. But I also would guess that most people are not aware that they should check the wiki for additional details. It's just not convenient.
  7. I remember making these mockups but I couldn't handle the code alone to do it myself, here s one of them:
  8. I know it's dumb but you have to click on that tiny white circle instead of the thread's title to go to the first unread post. Yeah, tiny. little. circle.
  9. I love the icon idea, since I would bet most people just use the ingame downloader
  10. Wow this is some REALLY dedicated work you did there! Want to see this in a FM!
  11. That's pretty cool, but - dumb question - can it still export animated TDM models? I know which problems I had back in the day when trying out 3ds Max for making an animated model - only statics worked.
  12. I see there are footstep sounds in the pk4 file included for the player. I wonder why it won't use them.. I downloaded the pk4 into the fms folder and then the game said "new mission available". Then i "installed" it. The new models and all work - but the footsounds won't for some reason.
  13. Somehow I have the "missing sound" beep noise when I walk over leaves or carpets. I downloaded the FM from the mirror link - are there some files missing?
  14. I must say I really love the subtle blue lighting without any harsh shadows. Wow!
  15. I am also a bit curious
  16. Thank you for the response, good to know!
  17. Good point! Me neither can't find the register button
  18. I like it, looks a bit "clean" but will surely do for great builder missions. I hope these assets get added into the next release.
  19. Good point, but since unconscious enemies can't be "revived" a feature like falling damage for unconscious bodies would only affect the stealth score and not the gameplay, so I think this would be a feature / bug fix with low priority.
  20. Thank you for letting us choose between a dark and a light theme. Great solution!
  21. Ah now I understand what you mean - thanks for clearing this up
  22. I think they'll wait for VR to become a better experience and then use it for HL3. They've always tried something new for their Half-Life games, so I would bet on this.
  23. Hm I personally would spend the time in manually creating a detailed map instead of automaticly create a generic map. Don't take this as personal criticism - it's really just my personal opinion.
  24. Did you have a look already into "Swift Mazes" (I think that's what it was called) ?
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