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  1. I used the getviewpost command during my playthrough of the Marsh of Rahena FM. It seems to output the proper position and rotation. Here's a screenshot, you can better see the broken shadows under the console once more.
  2. Not a bad FM in the end, overall I liked it. The environment was its strongest point in my book: I don't think any other FM so far managed to capture a desolate and downright creepy place so well. Some of the areas managed to tickle my phobia of large enclosed spaces (not sure if there's even a term for that). My biggest issue was that like many FM's, it has a very large map and there's no clear indication of where to go. I think I spent 8 hours in total wandering through the gigantic map, and had to come back to the first post 4 times to see where I needed to go. It became very straining toward the end and I was glad once it was over.
  3. openSUSE Tumbleweed is a rolling release distribution: It uses the latest stable libraries and drivers for every component. I won't install the proprietary driver on my machine, which could mess up my OS and take a bit of work to undo properly. The free driver is amdgpu whereas the proprietary one is amdgpu-pro: There's little difference between the two, I understand the pro version only comes with a few improvements AMD is keeping to itself. I'll try the getviewpos command later when I play the next FM.
  4. https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5055 There seems to be an issue with shadow rendering in the engine: When enabling both Stencil Shadows and Soft Shadows, shadows get incorrectly mapped and are stretched across the screen in front of the camera. I have no issues when using Stencil Shadows without shadow softness, nor when using Map Shadows both with and without soft shadows. I'm running TDM 2.07 x64. My operating system is Linux openSUSE Tumbleweed x64. Kernel 5.2.14. Mesa 19.1.7 (amdgpu module). My video card is an AMD Radeon XFX R9 390. I attached two screenshots from the FM Full Moon Fever: The first shows stencil shadows without softness (normal results) and the second is stencil shadows with softness (corrupt shadows).
  5. Can't believe it took me this long to play this amazing FM. It's a great example of what I would love to see more of in TDM: Most missions are very predictable... this one went south really fast when you least expected it, I loved that aspect! I'd say 5/5, hope to see more interesting missions like this.
  6. Very good FM. I needed a little help from this thread as I got stuck on a few things, but overall one I liked it for a small / medium sized mission. The story was pretty good too... reminded me a little about the plot of the first DeusEx game.
  7. It's been a while since this was last active. TDM suggested I re-download the mission so I ended up playing it again. Really fun to get back to! It did make me very curious to ask something: Is there any chance of ever seeing this campaign finished or continued in any form? In the third and currently last mission, your objective is to return to the city, implying there should be more stuff left to do... however that's where the campaign ends abruptly, with no actual resolution to the story. I know it's been a long time so its developers might not even be around, but this honestly feels like something that could be picked up and made to go on a bit longer if anyone was to consider it.
  8. Pretty awesome FM especially for such a small map. Not much I can say other than it was pretty darn terrifying, especially when the blue ghost sneaks up on you the first time
  9. A beautiful little FM! Short and simple but great for its intended purpose. The gameplay is very smooth: Difficulty in avoiding the guards is much more easy (thanks to how the light switches are set) which made this more relaxing than your average FM, while you also don't get stuck looking for the solution as much as on other maps which gets very frustrating (the one secret area needed to progress is obvious enough to find). Visually everything is top quality to me... the mansion also feels very pretty and welcoming overall.
  10. I loved this FM so much! This is AAA quality work, the sort of thing I would love to see more often in TDM. Two things stood out to me in particular. The first is the way you defined the guard mechanics. Guards don't attack you by default, instead they will act if they catch you doing something you shouldn't do. I think this kind of enemy design for main areas is excellent! Firstly it makes more sense from a logical perspective, since unless you're a notorious criminal or the city is under curfew, there's no reason for the city guards to attack you automatically... and both of those are overused reasons in existing FM's. The second reason is that, although it might sound more challenging and exciting for guards to chase you all the time, this gives you a factor of consequence and introduces an optional penalty that forces you to better time your actions (mess up and you'll have the extra challenge of needing to hide from the guards). A third positive aspect is that it makes exploring the public areas easier... many FM's are a bit annoying for first timers as you have to dodge a lot of guards while learning the layout. The second thing I loved was of course the shopkeep. Firstly this is the first time (as far as I'm aware) that a TDM mission implements an actual shop, which as a fan of open world city hubs is something I've long wanted to see; You gather all this loot yet never put it to any actual use, where's the fun in that?! As an extra bonus, the salesman has a lot of funny interactions: He will respond if you read his journal, turn off his candle, or try to open his door... I laughed when I saw those little details as I found them awesome You're truly one of the greatest FM creators. I'm eager to see part 2 of this once it will be out. Hopefully you're planning to make it an actual campaign rather than individual FM's: There aren't many of those even for existing series, the campaign system of TDM is seeing little love still.
  11. I really liked it, great work... this sort of FM is something I'd like to see more of! Proof that a short mission can still be awesome. Also proof that a FM doesn't need lots of enemies to sneak behind in order to be good, the focus on puzzles felt very different but none the less good. The mapping itself was of great quality too especially before the cave area.
  12. Seeing your mission making style I think you'd be a good candidate for using the campaign system. Almost every FM you find for TDM is a single-mission, few campaigns have ever been made thus far. I'd generally love to see long complex stories with +10 maps... which don't all need to be unique levels per say, as I'm a fan of missions that take you back to a certain area later on, which is also a fun way to reuse an existing map with only minor variations. Something more open-world oriented would be amazing to have, though that's opening its own can of worms as TDM isn't designed to have that many RPG elements.
  13. Very good FM, simple and with clean mapping. I liked that it made use of NPC on NPC battles, it's not often that a FM lets you pin different factions against one another as a tactic for the player.
  14. This is quite peculiar. I loaded a FM back up then set both s_minVolume2 and s_minVolume6 to higher values. Neither made any difference, even after I used s_restart to reset the sound system. It seems that whatever I set either of them to, directional sounds will never be heard in the ear opposite of their source.
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