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  1. That's strange. I just tried to register a new account for myself and I received the mail. He might need to check spam filters?
  2. Email is working now, so I've re-enabled registrations
  3. I've disabled registrations for now since email isn't working properly on this temporary host, so people wouldn't get their registrations emails. Will try sort that out tomorrow and open up registrations again.
  4. I've installed a dark / night theme. Just select it from the Theme list selector at the bottom of the page. Hopefully that acts as a reasonable stop-gap.
  5. The forum theme change wasn't intentional. It's an unfortunate byproduct of a forum software update (see here: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/20010-it39s-alive33/&do=findComment&comment=438046). I'll have a look at installing a generic dark theme as an option while I work on importing and updating the old TDM theme to be compatible with the new forum version.
  6. I'll at least see if I can find a dark theme that I can install while I sort out the proper DarkMod theme. I can't stand all the white. In other news, I've got the wiki and missions list up and running
  7. Okay. So an update is in order. The server's disk was replaced on Tuesday and I am busy reinstalling everything. As I make progress, I will try to bring services back online as and when they are ready. As an interim measure, I have www.thedarkmod.com, forums.thedarkmod.com, and mirrors.thedarkmod.com up and running on one of my other servers. Are there any other services that are needed somewhat urgently? I suspect that we may want the missions list back for the in-game mission downloader. Thoughts? You will have noticed that the forums look rather different. I wasn't able to bring the forums over exactly as there were before due to incompatibilities with the newer versions of PHP and the old version of IP.Board that we were running. This will likely also be an issue when I setup the original server with updated OS and package versions. I've now upgraded the forums software from IP.Board 3.x to IP.Board 4.x and there are some significant changes that affect themes and other functionality. The new version doesn't seem to be as flexible in terms of configuration, so I'll have to figure out how to match the old setup as best I can. The theme and layout will need to be redone for IP.Board 4, but I won't have time for that this week. The default theme will just have to do for now. I'm not sure that everything is setup 100% correctly on the temp server, so expect some issues to crop up (e.g. URL rewriting currently isn't working properly). The forum software update was long overdue (old version went out of support months ago, meaning no security updates), so I will likely not attempt to get the old version working again. Please be patient while I try get the forums back to their former glory.
  8. I need to investigate newer server options, particularly ones with dual disks in some kind of RAID 1 / ZFS setup. Or go with VPS type options. But it's likely that these are going to be more expensive (current option is $29pm) to get the specs we need (disk space space is usually the issue here), so I may need to have a look in the donations thing again. I just remember that PayPal was a bit tricky in terms of tax & currency exchange regulations where I live. But for now I'm going to focus on getting this server stable, then I can find a new provider or hosting option and migrate services piece-by-piece.
  9. It wasn't the the hosting provider's fault since we weren't technically down for all that time. I had kept the services offline to reduce disk usage while I ensured that we had full offsite backups of everything (and having services online would also invalidate some of those backups). Getting the backups off the server took a lot longer than expected. If they had intervened and replaced the disk immediately, we likely would have lost a fair bit.
  10. Some background on this scam: http://www.thedailyscam.com/sextortion-by-email/
  11. I'm looking into it now. I haven't received anything on my account, so I don't have a sample mail to have a look at. This kind of blackmail message seems to be fairly common at the moment, but I've not seen one where it includes the password. The To address is usually spoofed so it's unlikely that it originated from the TDM servers - the full email headers will show where it came from. If someone is willing to share the headers of such an email with me (removing anything sensitive), I'd appreciate it. I think it's a good idea to reset your password on the forums (and wordpress if you have an account there). And maybe make a more visible notice to the forum users that there may have been a breach and that passwords should be reset. I've been planning on doing this for a while for all the services [wiki | bugs | forums | www | etc.] and I already have the certs via Let's Encrypt, but I've been neglecting the TDM admin stuff due to life things. Will see if I can at least get this done soonish. This is also important single Google will start or has already started deranking results from insecure sites.
  12. The images thing appears to be more related to where the images are hosted. You're probably running into hotlinking (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inline_linking#Prevention) protections from PhotoBucket.
  13. I can do some research and see if there's an easy to use off-the-shelf type catalogue and download system. Otherwise we can use the wiki as a stopgap, but that seems like it would be clumsy.
  14. Nice find indeed. I have no issue with you committing the mktime() related changes. Once you do, I'll just need to know so that I can recompile the packager binary on the server (have to do it there since the server runs FreeBSD) and recommit the bin to SVN. I can then investigate rebuilding the differential updates and syncing to the mirrors. We might still need some process for fixing a user's existing install (for cases where there are bad PK4s from previous updates). So shouldn't we leave the timestamp altering stuff in the updater for a release or two (after fixing it for Linux)? Or do you see another way, like fixing the file reading code in TDM itself so that it doesn't get tripped up by the bad dates?
  15. NightStalker: As you probably gleaned from the bug tracker issue, the changes to the updater were implemented as a workaround. This was because the only way to have the packager build "correct" pk4s was to force a situation where the afflicted files would have to be regenerated completely due to an "update" to an existing file and we couldn't ensure this for all the afflicted files. As I recall, this was implemented as an 11th hour kind of thing, so I admit that I probably didn't test it as well as I should have (and I don't think I got around to testing it on Linux at all) - hence the lack of issues on Windows. In theory, it shouldn't matter that the tdm_update_* files have bad dates as the cleanup step in the updater should sort this out. But it is quite likely that I may have missed something in relation to the differential updates, which would not surprise me given how difficult it is to follow the updater code (as you can attest). I'll have to try and fix my Linux environment and run some some tests on there to see if I can isolate why the cleanups didn't work (in particular, I'll need to see why the differential updates still have this issue since the packager was "fixed" prior to the release of 2.04). And I agree that this is treating the symptoms, but unless we can actually track down and properly resolve the issue in the underlying zip library (or switch to a more modern version or alternative library), I'm not sure how to finally resolve this. I assume that you also checked this bug for background: http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=4110 In that issue, you can see that neither gnartsch, nor myself could figure out why the dates were getting our of whack in the zip/pk4 files in the first place, but my suspicion was that the minizip library used by Doom3 is at fault. I think it might be possible to regenerate older releases, but I'll have to make sure that the packager is actually buillding valid differential update zip files. Anyway, I'll take another look at this during the week and see what I can come up with taking your suggestions into account.
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