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  1. Awesome! Thank you, Freyk. Since TDM is on my C:\ drive (a small SSD drive), I'll just plan to uninstall it sometime and then get it over to my D:\ drive using your installer :)
  2. Thanks! Somehow, TDM installed on my C:\ drive, which I didn't want because that's an SSD I wanted to reserve for the OS. I must have missed the option to install it where I wanted to (the D:\ drive); which I assume is possible. I'll re-install it to my D:\ drive someday and avoid that C:\ drive and "Program Files" OS-locked-down nonsense.
  3. Wow. That is the issue! Come on, Windows 10; that's pretty bad. Thanks for the info! And after I disabled 'Read Only', I was able to start downloading missions. However, when I looked away during the download queue of about five missions, TDM crashed to Desktop at some point during the downloads. Now, when I look at the folder again, Win10 has set it back to 'Read-Only'. Nice. I'll have to try and troubleshoot more on a different day UPDATE: I re-set the settings today and was able to finally play. Thanks again. Will see if the settings stick after reboots. Maybe it was human error in terms of the settings not sticking last time
  4. I got new PC with Win10. Installed TDM for the first time on it. When I try to download missions from in-game, though, I get message saying I can't connect to the server. Any thoughts? Has had this issue for a couple weeks now, so I don't think it's the servers? I will try to install missions via other sources rather than via in-game to see if that works. Most went well during TDM fresh installation a couple weeks ago, except for when it wanted to install some version of some Microsoft Redistributable near the end of the install process. I kept my existing Redistributable because mine was newer. Could that cause the issue? If so, is there a way to fix whilst keeping my existing (newer) version? UPDATE: I downloaded a couple .pk4 missions from elsewhere and put them in the 'fms' folder, where a few other folders already were, like 'stlucia' and 'trainingmission'... but when I try to install/play missions that are already on my PC, it doesn't show any missions in the list. Essentially, am unable to play TDM. Can't even start stlucia or trainingmission.
  5. Stuck early, lol... PS: I wish there was a 'spoiler' tag icon among all the other icons when composing a reply. (If it's there, what does it look like?) I don't post here a lot, and I even more rarely need to use spoiler tags... so when I do need to, I can never remember if the spoiler tag is [ s ] or [ spoiler ] or some other tag. So, I try to go to advanced editing and check there, but that doesn't help much; and/or I have to preview post and make sure my attempt works.
  6. Yes!! Very cool Yeah! I'm pretty sure the latest update did, indeed, say that if the stretch goal isn't met, they would cover the difference themselves to make sure the stretch benefits happen, regardless
  7. Only 3 days left on the 'Firmament' Kickstarter campaign. Almost funded! $1,088,924 pledged of $1,285,000 goal. I think that's US dollars... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1252280491/firmament
  8. I don't think I've ever interacted directly with BD much or at all through the years; so, from my perspective, he's always just been one of those names I see as a big Thief fan and big contributor in his own way to TDM. (Sorry BD if I'm just forgetting!... but I am not yet an official mapper, so I'm pretty sure we haven't really chatted much.) But what I'd like to say is that the 'Banned' label being in a vibrant red, bold font underneath his name on his posts now, seems a little harsh. For now, it might be an okay and appropriate font/label; that's not for me to say. However, will it be like that for a year? 5 years? 10 years+? I don't really believe in having that harsh bright red bold stigma tied to him or anyone, engraved in Internet stone, for so long. People can and do change. Sometimes there are personality conflicts that cause a ban in the first place. A whole multitude of reasons can cause disagreements and eventual moderator bans; even if the mod is wrong and the label recipient is right. Sometimes we don't know what the person has gone through or is going through in their personal life. (Though, I do know why BD was banned here, based on this thread and thread(s) before.) I would just hate for the vibrant scarlet letter 'banned' label under his name to follow him the rest of his life, and cause issues (or be a dark cloud) five or ten years from now in his personal life for something he learned from or changed his ways regarding, ya know? I think if it was just black font, or dark gray, that would be effective without it feeling so judge, jury, and executioner for life. It's just my opinion, though. I know he verbally asked for the status change, and his offenses were not well-received by the community; so take my opinion for what it's worth (The term 'Banned' has room for being eventually softened, imo, as well ... but I probably shouldn't go there right now.) I think this way for most anyone, really. And by me not really knowing BD, I speak from a perspective of not being biased when I say this. Carry on, friends!
  9. In case anyone new or adventurous wishes to try their hand at mapping and didn't know, Springheel made several cool tutorial videos a while back to get you up and running TDM New Mappers Workshop I thought this might be a good thread to remind folks of the existence of those tutorials
  10. Suprisingly, the early Thiefs (at least Thief 2, that I know of) puts the ambient music *and* several environmental sounds in the Ambient Volume slider. Turn the 'music' down or off and you're, effectively, losing out on a lot of environmental sound color. For example, lower that volume slider and you won't hear several sounds very well or at all, like fire crackling, crickets chirping, tesla-like machines whirring, wind blowing, droning white noise in mansions (like when you first enter the mansion in Running Interference), etc. Yes, the sounds in Thief games were vital and nothing short of stellar, but the implementation wasn't perfect since we can't turn off ambient 'music' without removing environmental sounds that are there to help make a realistic soundscape. I've always wished the volume of the 'music' in Thief 1/2 could be controlled completely separately from the environmental sounds. When I first started playing Thief, I really hated that I couldn't turn the music down or off (since I'd lose out on environmental sounds). Like in 'Shipping & Receiving' and 'Framed', the music can be pretty overwhelming when playing for the first time. In retrospect, though, I'm really glad I didn't miss out on Eric Brosius & company's wonderful music/ambient gems. They are such a huge part of the experience for me now. For instance, the music in Framed has some of my favorite sounds of the game... but I once hated them, as they were grating to the ears. That is why I cringe when blind "Let's Play"-ers on YouTube substantially decrease the Ambient Volume slider on Thief 1/2 in order to lower the music volume a lot; they often don't realize they're losing out on various environmental sounds... and they maybe don't realize the music/ambients can be crucial the overall enjoyment of the game as they help define the atmosphere and mood quite well. Dangit, I wish Brosius and the Thief 1/2 audio crew would make more audio like that as side projects. Maybe for fan missions... or for the community... or just for fun... or to sell... etc. Re-acquire similar synth equipment they used and crank out more ambient goodness.
  11. Thanks for the info, Petike! I put some simple audio to my logo video, so when I find it, I will share. I didn't have access to much free audio, couldn't really create my own, and I was looking for a quick audio fix... so, don't expect much Also, come to think of it, I think my splash Broken Glass Studios logo video idea was maybe more a thought for putting as a front bumper or end bumper to teaser trailer releases, but with the obvious possible side benefit of putting in the game startup sequence. Been a while; can't remember exactly. But please have comfort in knowing it was never seriously considered as a possibility for the game startup and not discussed much (at least during my time in the TDM weeds) In my mind, yes, it was (seriously considered), since I've always loved splash screen logos and videos for games, TV shows, and movies. If done well, they resonate with me and become nostalgic goodness. For most others in the world, though, I think it's probably an eye-rolling experience to have to endure or click through such things Admittedly, I also, eventually, grow tired of having to click through such splash screens for games. Regardless, the Dark Mod logo, gears, banners, and other visual delights in the game and in trailers was and is, arguably, enough awesomeness to please the soul. EDIT: It wasn't easy, but I finally found the test videos! The audio was the best I could do at the time; I didn't find very many sound options on the interwebs, lol. I've uploaded them here tonight. Remember, I did these back in probably the mid- or late-2000s and was new to 3D modeling/animating and it was just for fun or inspiration. I think the crackling fire sound was meant to be a crackling torch, if I'm not mistaken; and I probably wanted to have firelight dancing on the glass/lettering, but had no clue how to do that back then. The coloring of the glass was also supposed to try and be somewhat representative of a moonlit night... Splash Screen v3 - Splash Screen v1 - Same as above, but is longer and has footsteps and a blackjacking thud mid-way through: Splash Screen v2 - A more subtle version, in terms of glass hit strength:
  12. I never knew that spyglass story regarding LGS. Pretty awesome! To be honest, I never knew that a looking glass was *not* a spyglass; but now I know, thanks to the LGS logo debacle, lol I tried to find the video for my logo tonight, but couldn't locate yet. Will try again tomorrow in some other places. I have it somewhere. I was envisioning a splash screen or video while the mod loaded sort of thing for my eventual logo or video. Knowing the modding community, though, I felt a splash screen/clip would not be received very well and the idea quickly nixed (i.e., "Why do we have to sit through or click past a promotional logo or clip?? This isn't nVidia or EA. Take me to the game already!") I was very new to doing 3D stuff back then, so my attempt was mainly just for fun. Although, I really wanted a BGS logo. HMart's re-design of the logo posted earlier is pretty sweet for a quick test
  13. No need to get upset My bubble isn't burst, since I have no idea what that campaign is, never played it, never heard of it, wasn't on my mind or subconscious when I thought of it, never discussed it, and was never brought up in any Dark Mod discussions prior to me proposing it, etc. I, honestly, have never heard of the name ever being used anywhere except for The Dark Mod at any point prior or since me bringing it up; and I was involved with or read pretty much every non-coding Dark Mod discussion thread there was early on. I'm not upset because word combinations and wordplay exists for practically everything. And going from Looking Glass Studios to Broken Glass Studios is not that far of a stretch, to be honest. Perhaps it's just a simple case of, "Great minds think alike." It's difficult, if not impossible, to have a 100% truly unique/original idea in this world. Is there a chance you thought of it and used it in 2000 before I did in 2004 or whenever it was? Of course. Just as it's possible someone else did before you. But, like I said, I have no idea what that campaign is. I've seen and played very few mods compared to what exists; and that name alone, "Tricksters Gem Mine," I can assure you I would not have played or given it any time of day. I'm not saying it's a bad name, don't get me wrong. It's just that it's implying a map/level/story design that I wouldn't have found appealing back then or pre-Dark Mod. So, as it pertains to The Dark Mod, and the origins of Broken Glass Studios as it pertains to The Dark Mod -- which this thread is about -- I can, unequivocally, say that the original thought/concept/impetus/derivation was not a broken spyglass. And it was not brought up in any discussions I ever saw; and not brought up in the thread where we were talking about naming our team until I mentioned it; and I doubt it would be found in any TDM developmental thread prior to me bringing it up. (Current mod members could probably easily confirm this through searches of the forum.) If you conversed with Fingernail, it was probably after we took our vote to use the name. Fingernail was very rarely ever involved in our discussions, and perhaps after we chose Broken Glass Studios, maybe he or someone other team member did a Google search and found your campaign -- or knew of it based on their experiences -- and so thought to ask you about it. Hard to say. I can only speak from my perspective on my proposal for how the team got named. Fingernail never asked me about it or suggested it to the team as a whole before I mentioned it. It's really cool you thought of the name for your purpose. Very nice! Looking Glass Studios seems to have inspired both of us in our own unique ways. I'm glad we can pay tribute to them, as you and I have separately done with our naming homages.
  14. Not a problem! Thanks for double-checking Trust me, you have contributed so much more to this mod than me, have 37,000+ posts to my measly 2,500, and have been a gateway for and a participant in so many more conversations than me over the years that I couldn't imagine being able to keep track of every little detail like that. Much easier for me Can't believe it's been 15 years!? Did you *have* to write *that*?!! Hahaha. Wow, time flies. Regarding stumpy's comment of, "It was supposed to be a broken spyglass"... I'd have to say, "No, it wasn't" It wasn't as simple as that, and that's not the thought process I went through, from what I can remember. It was probably one of the side adventures my mind went through or visions I saw when I thought of the various benefits of the name, but it wasn't really the trigger for the name. The name has always meant several different things encapsulated in the one name; never just one thing like solely "a broken spyglass."
  15. Not true, I'm afraid I thought of the name, actually. I proposed it along with other possibilities, we held a vote, and it was decided to be the one we would go with. I don't have access to the dev forum anymore to dig up that post and the ensuing discussion where we finally had a name that most everyone on the team was agreeing with, but you should be able to find it pretty easily. (There wasn't a good consensus on any proposed names until that one, so we all agreed to go with it.) I've been given proper credit for devising the moniker on the The Dark Mod's website for a long time now: "Darkness_Falls (Concept Art & Audio) – Ideas, concept art and audio for the mod. Created the name ‘Broken Glass Studios’." For what it's worth, in case of any curiosity out there, I also made and posted in the dev forums an early 3D logo / splash screen test long ago when I was still on the dev forums side, whereby the glass logo flies toward the camera. My 3D skills are improved since then, so I may try a new version soon; for fun, if nothing else. But here are some stills from that video test... PS: I'd say Broken Glass Studios was more just a play on words of Looking Glass Studios. There was more to the thought process than that... and it was originally conceived in a partly non-serious way, as I recall; but it sounded too decent to not propose as a serious consideration. It, inherently, had several different meanings, including homages to LGS, which made it more interesting. For example, a team member at the time commented something like, "Picking up the pieces left behind by the broken LGS", or something to this effect, as one inherent meaning. But there's, of course, broken glass in thieving sometimes... etc.
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