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  1. It's impossible to please everyone; of course some will roll their eyes. I would roll my eyes at "Team Dark Mod" and many others that were proposed. This name was the only one that finally brought a good amount of unity and solidarity behind what the name should be. There was a lot less divisiveness with this name than all of the other ones. Squabble Studios was mentioned as a candidate in jest for good reason, lol.
  2. I think me titling it a splash screen for a 17+ second video was a bit of a misnomer on my behalf My fault. If a true splash screen is ever created and if it ever gets used, it'll certainly be shorter and more to the point. No worries.
  3. Ooh, I forgot about that saying! Great idea. Sneaksie and Squill, those are awesome ideas, too! I love this animation stuff; wish I was more adept. Perhaps in due time I will be able to make some of these ideas come to fruition! Thanks for all the feedback/ideas...
  4. Good feedback, esp. Domarius. Gracias! I'm glad you think the logo showing up twice is kinda weird. My first tests were actually without it re-appearing (which is what I first wanted), but that, too, was odd -- in a different way. I think it just boils down to the composition not being ideal, having limited resources to work with and losing patience with my computer I just wanted your guys' feedback, so won't be posting on YouTube. Besides, if a splash screen ever comes to be, I would think we'd want to wait for release rather than publicize prematurely? I wish my PC wasn't ancient so I could whip through and easily create test reels. Takes hours to process these stupid things!! So I'm kinda left to work with whatever movie generates sometimes. I'm getting better at setting the animations up, though, so some day I'll have a better idea of what the final product will be before generating the movie. Not perfect, though, since my PC is so slow and I sometimes have to look at wireframes rather than shaded models in the layout. I think in the end, the length of these would make them more suitable for the intro to some publicity video rather than a splash screen. And loudly shattering glass isn't really thief-like; so I'm not a huge fan of that. But if was fun breaking things! Utimately, I was treating these as fun experiments. I'll try some shortened splash screen experiments based on some of your guys' comments since those would be equally as fun (and educational). Unfortunately, I think NH's request might be out of my league! I'll try to figure out how to do that, but I think my skill-level is a little too low for such a feat. On the other hand, if it's more glass flying, it'll still be loud when it shatters -- unless we just use whooshing sound effects or something as an artistic substitute. Maybe instead of the glass flying, the glass could form stress fractures throughout it and then subtly drop to the ground; then rise up to re-form a Broken Glass Studios logo? That would be more subtle than glass flying. Still probably out of my league to do, though; but I'll be thinking about both ways. NH: Just to clarify, when you say "flying outwards," do you mean "into the screen/away from the user" or "out of the screen/at the user"?
  5. Some ideas for a splash screen I whipped up for fun: Broken Glass Studios - Splash 1 (.avi, 7MB) Broken Glass Studios - Splash 2 (.mov, 5.6MB) Broken Glass Studios - Splash 3 (.avi, 4.6MB) Let me know what you think. I know in the past, I think it was the consensus that most were against splash screens. I personally like them. I wonder if anyone's minds have changed here. If you want me to tweak anything, I can. I know these are not subtle with the glass sounds, and all, but I can make subtle ones by not breaking the glass, if you wish. I usually like subtle, but I might be okay here... since the studio name is a bit of an oxymoron anyways. I also had limited sound effects choices, so if you have better, I can try them.
  6. I'm not sure if this is useful for the mod, or not -- or if you've already seen -- but I just stumbled across this and thought I'd share in case it is helpful: http://www.cgarena.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=52789 Which links to here... http://mocap.cs.cmu.edu/ Looks like they have animation files in a few formats, like .bvh, .tvd, .c3d, .amc. Are they usable in a video game at all? I'm not familiar enough with rigging and animating in 3-D apps to know if they're useful. A few animation video samples: Slow Walk1 Slow Walk2 Zombie March Drink Soda (AKA Benny taking a swig, lol) Wait for bus Sit on stepstool, stand up Insect/praying mantis
  7. Crispy - And on the flip side, seeing only the candle flame move wouldn't do much for me, personally. If something like this were ever done, I would think you'd also want some light bouncing off the table underneath the candle or the chair on the right. Candle Flicker 2 has just what you say (static Dark Mod logo), but with the chair bouncing light from the candle. It should probably be softer and more subtle than what I have, though. SH - I'm not sure if Noisycricket was looking to modify the forum's banner, or was just wanting a more atmospheric home page (thedarkmod.com) upon or nearing the release. I thought it was moreso the latter. I feel the banners used on the sites could use some subtle life somehow someday, but I would agree it's probably not a pressing need by any means, considering the toolset is still under construction. And no matter what the site looks like, people will download The Dark Mod. I think it would accentuate the final product by having a more atmospheric site or sites in the end. (And no, I'm not saying a candle flicker would be the only way.)
  8. The flame in Candle Flicker 2 is an actual candle flame. I filmed one on my desk at home and put it in there, and the flame had some nice dancing to it you can't really see in that compressed video. At the time, I had also tried to make an animated GIF of it, but as stated above, it looked really bad. With more time, I might've been able to make something for a web page... but just kinda gave up on things when I couldn't get After Effects to cooperate very well with file sizes and video compressions, etc. It probably wasn't the most ideal application to use.
  9. The team tinkered with the idea of a flickering candle and other ideas for the forum pages here years ago, but the thoughts were pretty quickly dismissed in favor of actually doing work on the mod itself. Would've been too much unproductive time. I did some tiny candle flicker experiments... nothing special. I think oDDity did some experiments, too -- and his were probably, naturally, better. In the end, though, the idea just kinda fell by the wayside. I just now uploaded my quick video tests to imageshack here. (Wow, imageshack sure degrades the quality when compressing. Not that the videos were very HQ to begin with, but one of these is atrocious.) Regardless, you might get the idea of some things we were messing with. (Before you click the play button, that's more like the original image quality of how the video is before imageshack compression): Candle Flicker 1 Candle Flicker 2 It was fun to mess around with the idea for a short time anyways. If anything were to be done to the website for the release, I'm thinking it would be funner to do more than a candle flicker. But it really does take time away from creating the mod toolset to do stuff like this.
  10. Here's an old thread that has discussions about how maybe make loot items appear as though they are loot before picking them up or before frobbing them without going the TDS route. I can't tell if you're doing the things described in that thread or not. If not, no worries; I'm sure you're on a good track. I'm just bringing it up for historic reference in case it helps... My Mansion Loot Don't worry, I've been quiet a long time here so I won't claim to be up-to-speed on the mod; and so I won't dig up old threads to refer to hardly ever. I hope it was okay to post this here. The ability to distinguish what is loot before frobbing and what happens when you frob loot kind've go hand-in-hand, so I didn't find it too off-topic, if at all. PS: I can't believe you guys have such high post counts now! Unbelievable!! -DF (going back into the shadows)
  11. Good day, I saved all my source audio files as .OGG from the start, as that's what I was told the mod needed. I didn't create a lot of audio files, and I don't think very many are being used in the mod(?), but I just wanted to mention. I wonder if other audio guys also thought they should just save as OGG and not have any WAV files? For some of the things I did -- including machine sounds -- I made the audio rather long so they could be trimmed, as needed, and looped, if possible. (Better to give more than not enough, was my rationale.) I also wasn't good at seamlessly "looping" the wavelengths (not sure I have good software for it). Let me know if you need more explanation or anything. I wish I could say I had "source WAV files," but I don't. Pretty much have only OGGs and MP3s on my end. Sorry! -DF
  12. Already considered. It was in the plans to do this. I think it's still planned, but can't say for sure as I've been dormant for a while.
  13. Ahh, bummer Baddcog - I use Lightwave. Thanks tho! Springheel ~ Okay, I'll try that tutorial again and hope it works this time. Edit: I got it to work.
  14. Very cool. Is there one UVMap tutorial in particular that you found particularly "good" or useful compared to the others? I've tried to find a good one before, but they all seemed to be pretty bad, imo. I just need a tutorial to simply take me from start to end, without a lot of fluff or missed steps, with screenshots that match my screen. I remember trying this one (and others), but none have yet to successfully work for me: Newtek Tutorial Just curious if there was one tutorial that stood out for you.
  15. can image of lantern bot be posted? i have svn issues
  16. Argh! I purposely avoided looking at bot threads to try and avoid duplicate ideas I guess I should go take a deeper dive into them. Thanks for the heads-up!
  17. Darkness_Falls


    Saw all the bot fun going on, so wanted to work on bot designs again. Here's a concept for an 'asleep' bot. Will make more drawings of him awakened, etc. If this already doesn't look Dark Mod'ish enough, then feel free to let me know and will just scrap this design and go on to the next one. Even though this bot is 'asleep,' movement in front of him will awaken him (as his cameras would sense motion). The panels in front would slide up to reveal a bot 'face', he would stand up and move around. Not sure if weapons would be him yet, or if he would just be a "run and get help" type of bot. Feedback welcome...
  18. Doesn't the community want some secrets kept with regards to how the behavior works or other gameplay things? If I'm a casual player and not an FM author, I think I'd prefer not knowing exactly what triggers there are and how much enemies will be alerted by various triggers. Seems like knowing every in and out would spoil the experience of exploration and experimentation somewhat when it launches.
  19. They may not be the sharpest tools in the shed, but compared to games before and after, I enjoyed Thief's AI much more than any other game's. In practically every other game in existence, enemies are alerted immediately by either the player (1) opening a door, (2) reaching a certain spot in a level, (3) being within line-of-sight or (4) for some lame arbitrary/random reason. Thief was the first 1st-person game I played where this was not or didn't seem to be the case. All the sudden I was playing a game where the AI reacted more realistically to what I was doing. If I entered a room, it wouldn't spot me unless I made a noise and was heard or entered the light and was spotted. What other first person game did this, let alone did this to the extent Thief did? To this day, I'm fascinated by the sheer number of first-person games that STILL don't do this. Enemies still do not react realistically to what I'm doing and it sucks. Thief was also probably the first game I played where enemies realistically (relatively speaking) searched around and then went back to what they were doing if they were unsuccessful in finding me; and actually made witty comments while doing so to aid in the realism factor. Other games seemed to pale in comparison. It's bad enough an enemy spots me from 200 yards away, but then they also have perfect aim when they shoot? I'd much rather Thief guards acted the way they did then to have them react like every other game out there.
  20. Little does anyone know that we're changing TDM's name to D.A.R.K.M.O.D. (Doors, Alleys, Rooftops, Knockouts, Mansions, Objectives, Dungeons)
  21. I've played so many games, this is tough. I'd probably have a different top 5 tomorrow when I think of other titles that stood out in my life. In no particular order, except Thief 2 is at the top: - Thief 2 - Turok or Goldeneye (N64) - Moebius (C64) - Age of Empires 2 - Faery Tale Adventure (Amiga) - Future Wars (Amiga) Yeah, it's too hard to make a top 5. Others that I want to rotate in due to some interesting sparkle they had: Zyll, Defender of the Crown, Populous, The Last Ninja, etc. Lots from years ago. They all helped provide a foundation that I compare new games to. I can't wait until some game developer figures out you don't need to have the latest/greatest graphics to have a good game. I guess gamers need to figure that out, too. Regardless, developers are always trying to push polys and graphical detail, which destroys framerates for many PCs and leaves little room to do other cool stuff with the game that would otherwise be possible. I think there's a chance if a large game studio took the graphics rung down a notch or two, that an ultra solid, expansive and wonderful game could be made. Instead, we're faced with HL2 and Doom 3 which seem to have the same 2 or 3 enemies fighting you the whole game; very little interaction with environments; etc. I have MotorStorm for the Playstation 3 and I'm seeing the same tracks over and over again. Something tells me that if they spent less time and money on uber cool graphics, that there would be more variety to this game. Yes, it's a gorgeous looking game; but if it means there are only about 5 tracks in it, then I'm not too thrilled with the 'innovation.'
  22. Pretty interesting. Thanks for posting. I like how the Google Sketchup site has: "How would your campus look in 3D? You show us. Announcing the Build Your Campus in 3D Competition." They're probably just looking to have the citizens of the world make campuses in 3D so they don't have to, in order to update Google Earth. (Google Earth has 3-D buildings in it; albeit not very detailed ones.) I just think they're trying to get free labor to do the dirty work of modeling the world's campuses in more detail. Time will tell.
  23. In comparing to Spring's concept, it looks like the apron needs to be a bit longer (I think that would help), and if those boots are as big as the large boots oDDity puts on characters, I'd prefer them to be a bit a bit smaller. Hard to tell from this angle, though, if it's anything to worry about.
  24. I haven't heard them yet, but I see one of T2X's requirements is that nobody outside the mod know we're using them. I have a feeling anyone would be able to know they're from T2X just by hearing them, no? I mean if I heard T2 footstep sounds in a different game, I'd know they were T2. Just seems like an odd request, considering anyone would be able to easily figure out they sound just like T2X's footsteps ... ??
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