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  1. This matches what I’ve been seeing. Consecutive game starts w/o rebuilds might blacken the same textures, or the previously black sections might render normally and new sections turn black.
  2. I just committed rebuilt Windows binaries to the latest SVN (repos 15738/8399), so you might try getting those and retrying.
  3. I started the training mission with the TDM-built Darkmod.cfg file (not the one I've been using). The hallway I pointed out above where the missing textures occurred is now painted correctly. However, as I noclip through the mission, I see other areas where textures are missing. I won't give examples, because different things go missing for different runs. Something that works in one run might be missing in the next, and vice versa. So I suggest you try noclipping around to see if you can spot any missing textures.
  4. The file is not RO. I renamed Darkmod.cfg to something else, started TDM, and immediately quit the game w/o manually changing any of the menu settings. This created a new Darkmod.cfg. I diff'ed the two files and the order is exactly the same. The only difference is--of course--in the settings of many of the cvars, because that's what config files are for, plus my version had one extra line: seta r_skipDynamicShadows "0" So I don't know why your version is archiving things in a different order.
  5. Glad you enjoyed them. Wrt '14' vs '11', I just checked the released version and the numbers are correct. I did notice that if you are some distance from the '11' door, there's a smudge between the numbers that makes them look like '14', but as you get closer to the door, you can see the number is actually '11'. If you are seeing otherwise, please post a closeup of the door. Thanks for playing!
  6. I'm seeing a lot of these messages: "baseLightProject invert failed"
  7. I just tried the Training Mission, and in the hallway just behind the "Jumping and Climbing" door, I get this: In the 2.07 hotfix release, I get this: I didn't go looking for unpainted doors, like in the OP, since I'm assuming it's the same problem.
  8. I'm noting other problems which I'll post issues for once we're up and running again. One of those is related to this one: textures for some non-frobable objects (worldspawn and func_statics) aren't being painted. The same textures will be missing through several dmaps, then suddenly they appear again, and different textures go away. It's as if a) the texture can't be found (though other surfaces with the same texture are fine) or b) the surface is behaving as if no light--not even ambient--is touching it, so it's painted black. In favor of the "texture not being found" thought is that on one load the loading screen was black, as if it couldn't be found. There are no missing texture warnings. Will file an issue with examples when we're back online.
  9. Glad you liked it. The server kicked me off the 'follow' list for this thread (#&^@%@^&&#), or I would've replied earlier.
  10. WOW! That's a lot of detail. Thanks. You don't mention the Builders or their church count, though. Members of the Inventors' Guild? Future work?
  11. Glad you liked it. Steele's story continues in WS3/4/5. Working on 6/7 now.
  12. Here's 2.07 ... ... and here's SVN with the two lines uncommented in the *.mtr file ... This might be the same font, but the second one fattens up the chars, causing them to run together. And the second one is more blurry. I'm not seeing a strong case to switch fonts. If there's a hue and cry for the second font, at least provide a cvar so that people who prefer the existing font/size/spacing can easily switch back.
  13. And this is what 2.07 looks like. This is what I'd like to return to.
  14. This just started today with my update of SVN to 15737/8388 followed by a rebuild. Some textures (not limited to the door texture shown) are painted black in-game. (Working fine prior to the latest update.) For textures on frobable items, normal highlighting appears when the item is frobbed. For textures on non-frobable items, the texture remains black regardless of distance from the object. Backing away to turn off highlighting paints the texture normally. Anyone else seeing this?
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