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  1. @demagogue, If you achieve your goal with the Werebeast, would I be able to use it for just "standing around"? I'd wanted to put it into WS6 as a museum exhibit. Not alive, just a statue. I couldn't figure out how to do that with what's currently available. thx
  2. A cloak of insanity has settled on me. If you like mazes, WS7 now has one. If you don't, well, ...
  3. Umm, I'm going to object to having the pk4 and the map named "heart". We already have "Heart of Lone Salvation". Its pk4 is named "heartv2" (and probably v1 was just named "heart") and its map file is named "heart". So, for people like me, who keep copies of *.map and *.script files for reference and debugging, I'm not going to be able to have 2 map and script files named "heart". It's either one or the other. I suggest that you re-release this with a different filename: perhaps "heartmattis" or something similar.
  4. As I suspected ... 2.05: 2.06:
  5. Didn't it used to be that if you failed an objective and the mission ended, that if you brought up the Objectives screen, the failed objective would be marked with a red "X"? Or have I been smoking too much weed? In any case, if the "X" used to be there, it's no longer there in 2.07.
  6. It is true that simple pathfinding across moving platforms is limited to elevators. But this is based on the AI standing still and letting the elevator platform carry him to the destination floor. Probably not what you want. All AAS areas (defining the scope of pathfinding for an AI) is nailed down by dmap (AAS boundaries, reachability tables, traveling times, etc.); there's no functionality that lets you move the pathfinding info dynamically in-game. An alternative is to make your ship static and make everything else around it non-static. See "Swing" for example. People have worked on moving trains (though I don't remember a released mission with this design) where the scenery outside the static train moves backward, giving a sense of moving forward.
  7. I hope someone’s going to provide all this new data. As a mission author, I’m not inclined to put in the extra time to provide it for my missions. Is a player honestly going to decide whether to play a mission or not based on whether there’s a shop? Call me grumpy, but time is short, and there it is.
  8. I wanted to 'like' Dragofer's post too, but the buttons have gone away.
  9. There’s a ‘spiders and undead’ column already in the table on the missions page. That should help. Also a mission type entry.
  10. Removing TypeInfo removes the compilation error. A source search for r_legacyTangents finds nothing, so I can't follow this suggestion. Now, a fresh complete build of the binaries yields binaries that don't even get to the point where they display anything on the screen. A check of running applications shows no TDM. If someone could try a build of the latest binaries and show they create working exes, it would be appreciated. Then I can begin to narrow down what's going on at my end. If no one else can get the SVN binaries to run, then whoever's been making the latest source changes needs to review their work. SVN binaries should always run.
  11. Also getting this failure on the 32-bit build: 1>idlib.vcxproj -> E:\Trunk\darkmod_src\\build\Win32\Release\idLib.lib 2>------ Build started: Project: TypeInfo, Configuration: Release Win32 ------ 2>Error: The operation could not be completed. Unspecified error
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