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  1. I reduced each 999999 to 99999 and the lightning works correctly now, with no warning spam. I haven't committed the change; whoever's looking at the math might come up with something better. Released maps that use fx/thunder.fx should get tested during beta. There are at least eight.
  2. This is stock TDM, nothing special done by me.
  3. Test map attached. Notice that the sky lights up, but none of the rooms light up. I might remove all the relays in the end, but this version with the relays shows the warning spam. lightning.zip
  4. The problem is caused by the lightning/thunder entity (func_fx using the spawnarg 'fx/thunder.fx'). I'll try to create a test map.
  5. I don't have one. Is the warning part of the lighting code, or something else? I need to know what to focus on when creating a test case.
  6. Yes. I tried the Training Mission and WS5 for a few mins and there was no spam. If this has something to do with projected lights, I could try isolating it. I use a lot of projected lights due to lightning in the mission. (I tried Somewhere Above the City, which also has lightning, and there was no spam.) Edit: Not caused by projected lights. I removed all of them, and the spam still appeared.
  7. Does anyone know what this warning means? I'm getting spammed with it using the SVN Windows 64bit exe. Thanks.
  8. Well, that certainly looks intriguing. Congrats!
  9. Many many proposed ideas have made it into the game; it's a good reason to post anything that comes to any of us. The nice thing about this forum is that ideas can get kicked around and tweaked (or outright set aside). No such thing as a bad question or idea. The tough part is finding someone these days who has the time to research and/or implement new stuff. (We have a ton of broken stuff that needs attention, and that list never seems to get any smaller, regardless of how many things get fixed.)
  10. Isn’t there a menu toggle for playing with/without a player shadow? If playing with suddenly carries a penalty, why wouldn’t everyone turn it off? There’s no point in implementing a feature if no one uses it, especially one as complex and performance impacting as this one.
  11. Ummm, the real FPS may actually be better, but buyer beware when it comes to FPS shown in screenshots.
  12. I tested with revs 15740/8417 (Current SVN) and found that the problems reported by me in this thread have been fixed. Thank you. Now I can pick up my WIPs again and soldier on.
  13. This matches what I’ve been seeing. Consecutive game starts w/o rebuilds might blacken the same textures, or the previously black sections might render normally and new sections turn black.
  14. I just committed rebuilt Windows binaries to the latest SVN (repos 15738/8399), so you might try getting those and retrying.
  15. I started the training mission with the TDM-built Darkmod.cfg file (not the one I've been using). The hallway I pointed out above where the missing textures occurred is now painted correctly. However, as I noclip through the mission, I see other areas where textures are missing. I won't give examples, because different things go missing for different runs. Something that works in one run might be missing in the next, and vice versa. So I suggest you try noclipping around to see if you can spot any missing textures.
  16. The file is not RO. I renamed Darkmod.cfg to something else, started TDM, and immediately quit the game w/o manually changing any of the menu settings. This created a new Darkmod.cfg. I diff'ed the two files and the order is exactly the same. The only difference is--of course--in the settings of many of the cvars, because that's what config files are for, plus my version had one extra line: seta r_skipDynamicShadows "0" So I don't know why your version is archiving things in a different order.
  17. Glad you enjoyed them. Wrt '14' vs '11', I just checked the released version and the numbers are correct. I did notice that if you are some distance from the '11' door, there's a smudge between the numbers that makes them look like '14', but as you get closer to the door, you can see the number is actually '11'. If you are seeing otherwise, please post a closeup of the door. Thanks for playing!
  18. I'm seeing a lot of these messages: "baseLightProject invert failed"
  19. I just tried the Training Mission, and in the hallway just behind the "Jumping and Climbing" door, I get this: In the 2.07 hotfix release, I get this: I didn't go looking for unpainted doors, like in the OP, since I'm assuming it's the same problem.
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