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  1. Reading this, I drooled so much over my keyboard that I had to use my iPhone to enter this reply. Seriously, I'd love to upgrade, but that's not in the cards at the moment. And the danger of creating maps that low-end players can't play would haunt me.
  2. Ok, good. I looked, but didn't see any 'drunk' voice sets. I'll look more closely. Thanks.
  3. Very VERY nice post, jdude. And timely, for me. I'm doing an abandoned mine and I'll try these techniques. Thanks!
  4. I've gotten through all the FMs released up until a few months ago. I haven't played Heart or NHAT 2&3 or anything else I might not know about yet. There might have been places where the framerate approached zero, but I don't recall. Certainly nothing that stopped me from continuing. RTTC is the only one I can't play, but it has nothing to do with AI. I turned tris on and the whole screen practically turned white, and my computer can't handle that level of complexity. As for the test map, it's six brushes, two lights, a player start, and the card-playing prefab. I'm not saying it isn't playable, because with the players fully onscreen, I get 17fps and anything above 10 is fine. The test was to see how much fps dropped when the players came on to the screen. In my case, using my video settings and older computer, I experienced a 64% drop in framerate. I just need to be careful in my map designs to not allow more than a couple AI onscreen at the same time. That'll let me test what I'm making. I guess that's the answer to my own question at the top of this thread. And for the record, my computer is: 3GB usable ram, single Pentium 4 @ 3.4GHz, and ATI Radeon HD 2400 w/256 video ram. Not a great vid card for gaming, but I do very little of that any more. TDM is the only thing I've played on it over the past few years.
  5. If you set up an AI to use the bottle-drinking animation, and also set his "drunk" spawnflag to "1", he won't use the bottle-drinking animation. He'll just use his normal idle voice barks. It seems reasonable that a drinking AI can be set to "drunk", but the animation and the setting don't work together. Comments? (Unfortunately, an AI set to "drunk" doesn't sound drunk, but that would mean creating a whole mess of voices that (I assume) don't currently exist.)
  6. My one-room test map has a couple friendly guards sitting and playing cards. So there's no large area to monsterclip. And there's no visportaling needed or used. And unless they're quietly considering which paths they would choose if an enemy showed up, all they're doing is playing cards. If they're offscreen the framerate is 45. If they're onscreen the framerate is 17. So to me it looks like a slowdown due to rendering them. I had a couple video settings that weren't dumbed all the way down. Doing so improved things a bit, but not enough. At this point, I've swapped out the card game for a single drunk guard, using the bottle-drinking animation.
  7. I want a bonfire off at map start, and turned on later. I placed a light_fireflames_huge in the map, and set the "start_off" spawnflag to "1". TDM ignored it. So I tried the *.Off() method in the map's main() function. TDM ignored it. So I tried the *.frob_extinguish() method in the main() function. TDM ignored it. Does anyone know how to turn off this light, or do I need to have it on all the time and move it into place when I need it? Thanks.
  8. I remember reading it, but I don't remember which thread it was in. I haven't tinkered with interleaved thinking. The problem might be more of a rendering problem than a thinking problem. I created a one-room map with 2 team 0 card players in it. With the card game completely offscreen, I get 45FPS. Rotating to include one of the two players drops the rate to 27FPS. Viewing both players drops the rate to 17FPS. The amount of thinking is constant, so rendering the slight AI movements is probably causing the slowdown. Maybe I'll cut back to one guard playing solitaire.
  9. I have a 5-year-old computer. It plays Doom 3 well, and for the most part plays TDM well. Though there are a couple spots in a few FMs where it almost freezes, and I can't get out of the starting alley in RttC, I've been able to play FMs just fine. Anything above 10FPS plays smoothly. In my Vertical map, I've added 3 guards in the opening scene, and by doing so, I'm encountering frame rates of 0 to 1 FPS. With the guards gone, my frame rate jumps to 30FPS. So I know it's not visportaling or the architecture. Displaying triangles and portals shows nothing excessive. Are AI really that much of a drag on the engine? Even if these guys are standing still, throwing things at me, the screen is virtually frozen. So, the question is: is there a recommended limit to the number of AI you should allow in a scene at the same time? In my case, I'm guessing 1 or 2 is as much as I can deal with. I noticed that just having a couple guys playing cards cut my frame rate in half. 'At's a lot of thinking. If everyone's running on computers that have no problems with AI, and that's the assumption FM-makers make, then I'll prolly have to switch production and gameplay over to my laptop, which is faster.
  10. Bad assumption. Thanks to everyone for the discussion. I'm not on a hunt to eliminate unreachable areas. I was just curious how the engine treated such places and if there was a benefit to eliminating any that I happened to come across. Apparently any benefit would not be noticeable.
  11. If there's an enclosed area not open to the void, w/o entities, and not reachable from any other part of the map, what does TDM do with it? Is there a performance advantage if I punch a hole through to the void?
  12. Would it be possible to have "Create Cylinder" create a true circle? ATM, we get a square with rounded corners. In the attached picture, the blue circle is "true", and the red line is what "Create Cylinder" gives us.
  13. I've already used it twice in my Vert map. It holds up well. In Cleighmoor, where I'm using snow, I've had to architecturally work around the "snow falling through brushes" problem, but now I'll revisit the "faked" spots to see if the visportal box gets rid of some of the hoops I jumped through.
  14. Here's the map (I hope). rain.map.txt
  15. Well, I attached a *.map file to the previous post, but I don't see it anywhere. Are pictures the only valid attachments in these posts? If so, how can I make the sample map available to those interested?
  16. There was some discussion here last December about the problem with rain and snow falling through brushes and showing up in areas where you don't want rain/snow. If a weather brush is in an area that isn't being painted, it stops producing particles. Given that, you could use the solution shown in the attached map. Dmap it and fire it up. Walk into the shelter on the right. Damp and rainy and moldy. You wouldn't want to live there. Walk into the shelter on the left. Nice and dry. You could keep your horse in there and he wouldn't get sick. Mantle onto the roofs of the shelters. Rain is falling onto each. Visportals box in the area above the dry shelter, and the area has its own rain patch. When you're up there, it's raining. When the visportals close, it stops. At least I think that's what's happening. Whether technically true or not, using visportals in this way can give you a few more dry areas if your architecture allows their use.
  17. I haven't tried this, but can't you position the skybox camera based on the player's elevation, via scripting? Or maybe hide/show the appropriate camera from several cameras, again using scripting?
  18. I'm all caught up. I re-extracted everything and my card-players are ready to start playing.
  19. So DR requires the materials be extracted? I thought it simply read the pk4 files, and when those were updated, DR would pick up the updates automatically.
  20. If you copy the func_static, create a new map, and paste what you copied, it will have the same coordinates as in the original map. Delete the original, and when you're ready to put the copy back, just do a copy/paste across the maps. Don't use "paste to camera", because that will change its coordinates.
  21. Where can I find this prefab? It's not in the prefab set.
  22. Ah, a prefab. Thanks!
  23. How do you set up a couple guys playing cards? I've wandered around searching for a writeup and can't find anything. Thanks.
  24. Good work, and just in time for the vert contest.
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