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  1. That didn't work. Though they highlight simultaneously, each remains seperately frobable.
  2. I have two items. When I frob A, I want B frobbed at the same time. (I.e. they both get placed in my inventory.) I can successfully frob_peer them together so they highlight at the same time when either is w/in frob range. But I can't get them to frob simultaneously by using frob_master. Frob A and B is still there. Frob B and A is still there. The frob wiki suggests that when you frob one object in a peer chain, everything in the chain gets frobbed. ("... frobbing any link in the chain will call the frobaction on the whole chain") But if A says: frob_peer B frob_master B and B says: frob_peer A what really happens when you frob A? When you frob B? Thanks!
  3. Okay, problem solved. The wiki instructions say to give the location brush the spawnflag "objective_ent" "1". However, it should say to give the object that spawnflag. Not the brush. Can someone correct the wiki instructions? Thanks for the help.
  4. Thanks. This test map uses the objective type "bring 2 things next to each other", which I could use as Plan B. However, I'm trying to use "place object into a location brush". RTTC is the one map I can't play (can't get out of the starting alley), but I did look at the source map. It was slightly different than how I have mine set up, so I changed mine to match and it still doesn't work.
  5. I'm trying to drop an object in a location to satisfy an Objective. Following the directions "An Objective to place an object in a Certain Location" on the Objectives wiki page, I used the Objectives editor to tie an object to an info_tdm_objective_location brush. The objective shows up on my Objectives page. The object and the brush are properly named and present in the Objectives editor. But when I drop the object in the location, I get no success message. Anyone else try this? I've played all fan missions but one, and I don't recall this type of objective being used in any of them. Thanks
  6. The existence of AAS_rat suggests rats have their own paths around a map. Is there a way to specify that a monster_clip brush only block rats? I have rats near swimmable water, and they sometimes run along the edge of the water and stop, sniff around, then run right out over the water to fall in and drown. I'd also like to keep them off stairs with more than a couple steps. They tend to get stuck halfway up or down. How high a step would block a rat? They seem to be pretty good climbers. Thanks.
  7. One of my patrolling AIs fell into water and died. The water was swimmable and over his head. When I found him, he was standing on the bottom, arms raised. He was carrying a torch, and it lay at his feet, extinguished. His sword lay next to the torch. I jumped into the water and frobbed him, dragging him a little ways. He came along nicely, wriggling all over the place like the dead do, and when I let him go, he stood right back up again. Have others seen this behavior? I also had a couple guys on different teams and they got into a swordfight. The loser fell to the ground dead, but a moment later, said, "Well, I guess you won this one." I doubt if AI are supposed to talk after they're dead. I didn't try to reproduce this behavior, it being late and my head hitting the keyboard. I can file bug reports if they're needed.
  8. I understand it can take long to dmap a map. My 2200+ brush map takes about 4 mins. However, when my 90-brush map sits in dmap for 20 mins, and it normally takes 5 seconds, it has to be something other than loss of CPU cycles. It has to have something to do with the complexity. I ran into "one more brush" hanging dmap on 2 separate occasions today. When I finally changed a complex catwalk into a func_static, the problem appeared to go away for good.
  9. I backed up to a known good map version and came forward again, ending up with the same configuration. dmap likes it now. The only complexity in the added brushes is the prefab arch_stone_large01. But in debugging the problem, I had started with the bad map, deleted everything I added, except for this prefab, then iteratively deleted prefab brushes and dmapping again. When I had a single brush left from the prefab, dmap finally liked it. But if I added back a brush, dmap failed. If I deleted a brush anywhere else in the map, dmap was happy again. A strange problem. I was just curious about what loop dmap was getting stuck in.
  10. What is dmap doing after the line "FixGlobalTjunctions" appears? I have a 1-room 95-brush map that dmap hangs on at this point (it's working on entity 0). I've got it down to where if I delete a brush in the map, it completes. Add the brush back, it hangs. Pick another brush, any brush, delete it and I'm ok. Put it back and dmap hangs. I know it's not a brush limit problem. I'm curious as to what dmap is working on at this stage. Thanks.
  11. Well, I went to add to the buglist, and I don't see a "new issue" button. So I assume I have to log in to file a new issue. Tried to create a new account, but the visual check thingy doesn't work. In Firefox, two words with a total of 14 chars are presented, but the form takes no more than 5 chars, which isn't enough. I tried using IE, but that didn't even show the words to enter. So either someone needs to explain how I do this, or someone needs to do it for me. thanks
  12. I added a boatload of entities and models to my map yesterday while decorating. Afterward, dmap crashed. It took an hour of debugging to determine that decorative/vases/pot_ceramic_open was the culprit. I created a new map with a single room and this vase in it, and it crashed dmap. Is there a list of known problems such as this? Or is this a surprise? dmap crashes right after the message "FixGlobalTjunctions".
  13. Back in the day of making Doom deathmatch maps, we would fill all the spaces that could hang up the player with clip brushes. That way, someone could fly down a hallway w/o fear of running into corners, support posts, trim, whatever. A stealth game doesn't have the need for constant motion (like a deathmatch), but the same principal applies if you want to keep the player out of certain places.
  14. I'm placing an iron gate in my map. I can give it a creaking gate sound when I open it (snd_open). I can give it a clanging sound at the moment it closes (snd_close). However, I can't give it a creaking gate sound while it's closing. This is unnatural, since the gate ought to creak whenever it's moving. So I looked at the triggers. There's a trigger for the moment the door starts to open (trigger_on_open). There's a trigger for the moment the door finishes opening (trigger_when_opened). There's a trigger for the moment the door closes (trigger_on_close). But there's no trigger for when the door begins to close. I would use this to trigger the creaking sound. Can this be added in a future release? Then the trigger events for a door would cover open, opened, close, and closed. Thanks. (Unless someone knows an existing way to add the missing sound. I couldn't find one.)
  15. Wrt my window into the void, it looks like adjusting one end of the angled ceiling fixed the problem, so it was a sliver problem. Here's hoping it doesn't return. Thanks for the quick help.
  16. If I don't need caulk on surfaces that face the void, and I don't need it on surfaces that are flush against other surfaces (per the "Caulk" writeup), it seems the only surfaces left are ones that aren't flush against other surfaces, and which the player will never be able to see. Maybe a surface that lies inside another brush? Like a beam that ends in a wall rather than against it?
  17. Thanks for the tips. I'm using a grid size of 8, so it's not a small grid size that's doing it. And I don't use caulk. There is, however, a slanted ceiling touching this brush, so perhaps the brush intersections at the top of the doorway (see pics) need some tweaking.
  18. Working on my first map. Maybe this is discussed somewhere, but after searching the Forums, I found nothing. My map builds fine (no leaks), but there's one wall brush that has a black "window" into the void. I can see through it, and see the interiors of other rooms w/in the view. The window is NOT the entire brush, just a section of it. I've tried removing a nearby visportal. I've tried removing a nearby torch. I've tried replacing the "bad" brush and even changing the geometry a bit. But the window remains. Has anyone encountered this? If so, how do I fix it short of redesigning the entire neighborhood? I've attached two screenshots. The first shows the window in the wall. The second shows what I can see through the window. Thanks!
  19. Another question. The Startpack Mappers' Guide says, for Common projects: "You also need to copy the file doom3\mymap\xdata\startmap.xd to doom3\darkmod\xdata" But startmap.xd doesn't exist. I found briefing.xd and custom.xd (only) in the xdata folder. Is this missing, or is the Guide out-of-date?
  20. I'm a newbie to this, and hopefully this question (my first) is going to the right place. (If not, please redirect me.) In the Startpack Mappers' Guide, it mentions darkmod\maps\gamma_ref.map, but the map isn't there. Does it still exist? If so, where? Thanks.
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