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  1. 7244 brushes 1256 patches 2845 entities 245 shaders 369 models 106 skins tons of visportals I have a memory utility running all the time, and with nothing else running, it shows: 22% before I start TDM. 26% with TDM idling at the main menu. Start dmap . . . 54% when dmap completes. 52% after a couple minutes of idling at the main menu again. 4Gb memory. Given the two quite different memory usage levels before and after dmap, it looks like dmap is hanging onto nearly all the memory it requested to crunch the map and create output files.
  2. I used to drive myself nuts aligning textures whose faces didn't share the same plane until I figured out a crutch. Change the misaligned texture on adjoining faces to a texture that is so easy to align you could do it blindfolded, like stone/cobblestones/flagstones02_plain_cornerstone_right. Do the alignment, then paste the true texture onto the faces. The editor won't change the horizontal and vertical offsets or orientation, so you end up with perfectly aligned textures.
  3. The glass in the unlit skin (lights/electric_wall_fancy_up_unlit) for the model lights/non-extinguishable/electric_wall_fancy_up.lwo is bright, so when the light is turned off and I change the model, the lamp still looks lit in the dark. Any chance of getting the glass darkened? I haven't tested the unlit skins for any of the other electric lights that are similar to this one. As a comparison, the unlit skin for the grille light (lights/non-extinguishable/grill_light.lwo) is perfect. Thanks.
  4. I want the objective to be added when the readable is dropped. That's the only moment when I can assume the player's read it.
  5. No, I've never manually edited the map file. I just had an incident where I added a handle to a door with one layer visible (not Default). I brought up the layers window and selected another layer to be visible (while retaining visibility on the first layer) (also not Default). When I clicked on the visibility box for the second layer, my new handle disappeared and I found it in Default. So there's definitely something weird going on. Maybe models are getting assigned to Default in the same way as patches, and the editor doesn't move them until later.
  6. Ah, but the H is silent, so you're still good.
  7. Okay, haven't played that one yet.
  8. I reached a milestone yesterday. Apparently the size/complexity of my map no longer allows me to dmap and test in the same session. If I dmap, then map, the game crashes with a malloc error. If I dmap, quit, restart, and map, everything works fine. Looks like there's a memory issue. Just a note in case others have a game crash they're chasing down.
  9. NOAT? Thanks for adding this to TDM and DR.
  10. I don't recall any fan missions doing this, so I'm asking here. I want to add an objective after the player reads a readable. I can't find anything in the wiki about this. I can activate a script when the readable is frobbed, but I don't know how to recognize the moment when the player turns away and the readable is dropped, which is when I want to add an objective. How do I do this? If there's a fan mission that does do this, just point me to it. Thanks.
  11. I'm using (relying on) layers in my mapping. I'm around 7500 brushes now, with a couple dozen layers. I'm finding that many brushes are getting moved to different layers automagically, probably when DR loads in a map. As you can guess, this is a royal pain, especially if I have to move an entire layer. As an example, I keep the player start and a trigger together in the layer PlayerStart so I can move them around the map for testing. Yesterday I loaded my map and found that a lantern was the only thing in PlayerStart. The player start and trigger had been moved to a different layer. I know that some mappers don't use layers, but, for me, layers make DR usable on my 5yo computer. Anyone else experiencing this?
  12. I like the rats, but I wish there was rat_clip, because they eventually get stuck on steps or ramps. Since rat_clip is prolly a big job, can anyone suggest a way to keep them off steps and ramps? I've watched them go up steps and come back down, but at some point they can go up the same set of steps and get stuck. They just press their little rat paws against the next step and sniff around. Even walking over them doesn't dislodge them.
  13. All of a sudden locked doors won't open, whether using the lockpicks, the master key, or a key specific to the door. The door handles just jiggle and give me the "I'm locked" sound. I don't even get the red flare around the item icon when this happens. I went back a few revs of my map, and the problem occurs there also. The only thing I've done since yesterday--when locked doors could be unlocked--was go off to play a fan mission, then come back to editing. I started up the fan mission again, and I'm experiencing the same bad behavior using the lockpicks. They worked correctly last night when I was playing. So it's not a problem with my map. Perhaps some global setting? Has anybody seen this before? A forum search turned up nothing. Thanks.
  14. That works now. I'll use that method so I don't have problems switching back and forth to published missions. Thanks.
  15. That did it. Thanks! Now back to my map.
  16. dmap can't find the map, so it hasn't had a chance yet to see if there's a leak.
  17. Thanks for the suggestions. I had already tried uninstalling Heart, and dmap still failed. Some setting was silently changed for running fms, and uninstalling didn't change it back. Using the command line options on a Doom 3 shortcut allows dmap to find the map, but it knows nothing of the darkmod resources, so it fails loading textures, etc. I added the options to the tdmlauncher shortcut, but dmap still can't find the map. Still broken.
  18. My file structure is "doom 3/mymap/maps/mymap.map". I invoke dmap using "dmap mymap.map". This has worked fine for a couple months, but after playing a fan mission (Heart) for a while, dmap now says it can't find mymap.map. How do I get dmap back on track? Thanks.
  19. Bug filed in bugtracker. Thanks.
  20. When the Clipper is toggled on, duping a brush doesn't offset the clone. I created countless duplicate brushes before I realized what was happening. (In one case, as many as five.) Clones should always be offset, regardless of the Clipper setting. A problem worth filing a bug report on?
  21. I should add that until I realized what was going on, I was recreating what I thought were deleted patches. So I ended up with more than a few duplicate patches sitting on top of one another. So there is a downside to the current patch behavior.
  22. Given 3 layers: Room, Blocks, Default, all visible. Create a new brush. It gets assigned to the Default layer. That's fine, and makes sense. Hide Default. Create a brush. The editor now has Room and Blocks to choose from, and it picks Room. (I don't know how it decides. Maybe it's the last visible layer in the alphabetical list.) Hide Room. Only Blocks is now visible. Create a brush. It gets assigned to the Blocks layer, the only visible layer. Now, if you create patches instead of brushes, they all appear to be assigned to the Default layer, regardless of what layers are visible, and regardless of whether the Default layer itself is visible. This isn't logical. So there are two problems: 1. Patches are assigned to Default, regardless. 2. The editor doesn't recognize right away that a new patch, now belonging to the hidden Default layer, shouldn't be displayed. It waits until you do something else, like hide/show layers, or create another patch, or resize a brush, or whatever. The upshot is that if you create patches when the Default layer is hidden, they will suddenly disappear at a later time. The workaround is that you have to immediately move a new patch to the desired layer, which is illogical if that layer is the only one visible. IMHO, patches should behave like brushes.
  23. I've encountered a problem with patches. I doesn't occur with brushes. Use layers. Have one layer visible. Create a patch in that layer. The new patch now belongs to that layer. Hide the layer. Show the layer. The new patch is missing. Show the Default layer and--voila!--there's the patch. It was moved to the Default layer when its true layer was hidden. However, if you create a new patch when only one layer is visible, and explicitly move that patch to the visible layer, it stays put across layer hide/show. Has anyone else seen this?
  24. Yes. I have a ghost AI whose angle is important. He doesn't walk around, and needs to look in a certain direction.
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