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  1. Heh! 3 more being worked on simultaneously
  2. @zergrush: The problem in your videos has nothing to do with the visibility problem we've been discussing. The func_statics shown in this image: have no clip models, so when the AI is at the far end of the room, looking back in the player's direction, a test for visual occlusion fails, since there's no clip model to occlude the AI's LOS to the player's eyes (pink cube). Result: he can see the player hiding up on the package. So this is a map issue. To check, I removed the no clip model designations and rebuilt the map. The AI comes all the way back to my side of the room and doesn't spot me until he has cleared the corner of the shelf I'm hiding behind. Mischief managed.
  3. Yeah, I debated whether to provide a clue to those, but in the end opted not to. Glad you enjoyed it.
  4. Ill take the save game. 2.07 or 2.07 hotfix?
  5. Ha! No clue. These are normal AI. Got a video?
  6. With the release of WS5, I now have some time to look at the visibility situation. Will start in the next few days, with the target of 2.08 for any improvements.
  7. We're all in the same boat. Your comments were much appreciated!!
  8. Announcing the release of the fifth William Steele mission! Summary Steele visits Commerce Bank, looking for incriminating evidence stored away by Captain Marston of the City Watch. The William Steele Missions Commerce Bank is the fifth of several Steele missions. Altogether they'll tell a story of corruption, greed, and revenge. At some point, I might package them as a campaign, in addition to the single missions. (We’ll see about that.) If you haven’t played WS1: In the North, WS2: Home Again, WS3: Cleighmoor or WS4: The Warrens, I suggest you complete those before playing WS5: Commerce Bank. Download The mission is available via the in-game downloader. You can also get it here. Place ws5_commerce.pk4 in your fms folder. TDM will recognize it as a new mission. Build Time Nearly 3 years. I18n Commerce Bank is currently not set up for translation. EFX This mission takes advantage of EFX, so make sure you turn that on. Thanks Thanks to the TDM team for creating a terrific platform for storytelling and stealth gaming. Thanks to my beta testers: Aluminum Haste, Boiler's_hiss, and nbohr1more. And thanks to YOU, for playing! Known Issues If you experience low frame rates, please consult the Performance Tweaks page on the Wiki. Important This mission requires TDM 2.07 or later. The William Steele story relies a lot on readables. Please try to read every readable you find. Most importantly, Enjoy! Screenshots WS6: Baleford Museum Baleford Museum will hopefully be released in late 2019.
  9. A mapper can place monster_clip over the fire to keep AI from walking through it. If the fire isn't substantial enough to make the player think the AI would be hurt walking through it, m_c can be skipped.
  10. Won't be done. Design decision long ago against this to not hurt ai walking through fires.
  11. You're moving around. Perhaps he heard you. Edit: Since you have a savegame, try loading it, then immediately typing "inaudible" on the console. This suppresses all suspicious sounds from the player. If he spots you again through the wall, then it wasn't hearing that brought him to you. Edit 2: It's also possible that he was close enough to you to see your left shoulder. LOS checks eyes/feet/left shoulder/right shoulder.
  12. Once I get out of WS5's beta test and release it, I'll start looking at the visibility issue in detail for 2.08. Until then, I welcome all test maps folks want to contribute, plus videos they have time to post. I'll add these to my already existing test maps and see if I can come up with an improvement that doesn't cause agita for existing missions.
  13. The AI will never see you as an enemy "immediately". There will always be a short period of reaction time entering combat state where the AI pauses to assess what he's seeing. I think I expressed this back in the day as what to expect if you jumped down right in front of an AI. His reaction is going to be "Huh? What the hell is this? Hey! I found him, brothers!! To me!!". That thought process is going to take a bit of time.
  14. We do a lot of testing of each new TDM release, and we depend on feedback from the folks doing the testing. If no one complains about a particular issue, then that issue remains "hidden" until such time that someone does complain. In this case, since it took 6 years for someone to notice something was off is sort of a testament to how robust the code is, and the fact that most players tend to avoid fully-lit situations stretched out the discovery time. That's not to say that covering the fully-lit situation is unimportant, but given the triage nature of bug fixing, we prioritize the problems that bring lots of complaints, and pass on the ones that are noticed only occasionally until we have time to address them. AI behavior when the player is fully lit apparently is not something that bothered people enough to cause a flood of complaints in this area.
  15. Let me know when you start beta and I'll look at what's going on.
  16. 3 - It's a bug if the area is black and the AI is spotting a body deposited there. You can have AI not spot bodies by setting chanceNoticePerson to 0, but that's not recommended, because they won't see anybody. The scene needs to be examined to find out where the light is coming from enabling passing AI to see the body.
  17. 2 - Remove the "wait" spawnarg from the path_sit. What you want is path_corner->path_sit->path_wait->path_anim->path_wait->path_corner. Adjust the wait times on the path_waits as needed.
  18. 1 - You have one or more horses in your map. Each of them is embedded inside either worldspawn or monsterclip at dmap time. What you need to do is move each horse so its origin is at least 50 units from nearby worldspawn or monsterclip.
  19. It's not so much the door handling as it is the searching. If the guard turns away from you, and you're not in his FOV, he isn't going to register you during those frames. So it's going to take a bit longer to continue ramping up. I think there's an expectation that if the player is fully-lit and close by, that the AI will easily spot you and climb quickly to alert index 5 (combat) regardless of how good his vision is. Perhaps that's a factor that should be added to the current calculations. (??) That change, however, might work to the detriment of the player in less-than-fully-lit situations, which means some maps will play differently than they have for the past 6 years.
  20. CutN looks fine. Not sure what's going on with the Bakery Job door. I see an example of an AI getting confused, which happens now and then. And distance is always part of the equation.
  21. Without making any code changes (i.e. NOT fixing the "bug"), I played with the vision factors to obtain the 1-2-4-8s suggestion (time it takes for the AI to draw his weapon and start moving toward you). So that I don't have to make a multitude of movies for different situations (I try to avoid making movies), you can make these changes to your Darkmod.cfg file to see the results, and test them in whatever situation doesn't seem right to you in 2.07. (i.e. fully lit in CutN, AI far away) seta tdm_ai_vision_hardcore "0.544"seta tdm_ai_vision_challenging "0.272"seta tdm_ai_vision_forgiving "0.136"seta tdm_ai_vision_nearly_blind "0.068" To get back to the 2.07 settings, just delete these lines from your Darkmod.cfg and run the game. The 2.07 settings will be restored.
  22. @Springheel: Your take on these numeric/naming suggestions?
  23. The player is seen as an enemy at level 5, but only if he's closer than 787 units (20m). (In CutN, the "too alert" guard and the player are ~980u apart.) It might be easy enough to have the AI look toward the player during level 2 (suspicious), but when he reaches level 3, he's going to start to search, and he's going to need to look where he's going. As for the "complicated" suggestion: AI don't know where they are until they get there, so they won't be able to gauge "exited POV" until they've done it, which would require that they turn around and retrace their steps to regain POV. I'm not sure I want to wrap my head around the complexity of that code, since pathfinding is going to pull them each frame back onto their patrol route. I have an idea how it could be done, but I don't have the time atm to implement that much new code.
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