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  1. Due to a server crash the site is currently under maintenance, so a couple of features are missing. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you, when it will be up again, but it will be at some point. You can check this thread to keep up with any new developments.
  2. They are seperate. But I think Springheel has Admin rights for the Wiki, so he can grant you access.
  3. Destined


    There are a couple of tutorials that can be found on the Wiki. I would recommend the A - Z Beginners guide, if you like the tutorial in text form. On the first page there are links to two video tutorials that are also very recommend, if you prefer videos.
  4. I just saw, that I have not added that part in the A - Z Beginners Guide in the Wiki. I will add it as soon as I find the time, so it can be found by newbies.
  5. I am just glad, we are back again. And thanks taaaki for you work in keeping everything running! It is really appreaciated!
  6. You could also try a trigger_multiple (not sure if this is the correct name; I don't have access to DR right now) that switches the particle state each time it is triggered. As long as it is placed on each entry/exit, it turns the particle on each time the player enters and off each time the player exits. The only problem is that it is also triggered by AI, so it only works if there are no patrols there. Refarding the security camera: I have not heard of a working setup for that. The cameras are relatively new and so far they can only project a picture to another location. As far as I know, no recignition of the player is possible in that. For your case it might be possible with a script, but not with a simple trigger setup.
  7. But wouldn't it clip through the wall, if the player went back? To change this, you could try to unhide it each time the player enters the zone and hide it again, when he leaves. However, you would need to have a working location setup. This link shows how to set locations up: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Location_Settings Ypu would need a script for thus, but there is an example given on the page, that should give you a clue on hiw to do it.
  8. How do you run your script? As far as I know, you need a function that calls the script. If you can set an "on death: run script" for the zombie, you can skip the condition with the health check and simply use the remaining part that counts and prints the "killed" value.
  9. You can use any picture editing software (even paint) for that. They should all be able to give you the RGB values of colours you set with a slider. I think it would still be a bit of trial and error (as the colour will most likely look different on the particle), but it may help.
  10. I think you are missing the point. He does not want to remove fire based light sources indoors. All he suggests is to exchange torches with other extinguishable light sources that fit better into an indoor environment, but have the exact same properties gameplay wise. You can use light sources that have the same light radius and intensity and are oviously extinguishable by the player that are simply not torches.
  11. Just in case you are not on a US keyboard: it may not be tilde, but circumflex. Gernerally, the key right above "tab"
  12. I think he was mainly responding to Filizitas' comment "Take away everything you didnt create so we might see what you ACTUALLY did. I only see Blurry bright light and garret. And garret is definitly not yours.", which pretty much says "you did not do anything, but turn up the light" and has not the least constuctive part in the criticism.
  13. Silencing the lute player is a problem that has been discussed before. If I remember correctly, it was origially meant for AI that cannot be alerted. See this thread for a discussion on missions that had the lute player for reference. Maybe you can find another discussion about silencing him in one of the mission threads. The idea with moving the speaker is quite good. I would probably go with that. Regarding the quill: I thought that it is automatically attached and removed, when you play the writing animation, so it may be a bug. May also be that I am mistaken.
  14. I would make Object2 not droppable and create a hidden objective to get Object2. With getObjectiveState you can check if the objective is met. If it is, Object2 has to be in the inventory. Maybe there is also a direct method, that I do not know, but it would be an option.
  15. As far as I understood, the issue was that the default sound for finding empty speaker during play testing was playing. Apparently, the cvar "s_playDefaultFile" that is supposed to be set to 0 was turned to 1 for some installations.
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