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  1. Well, I just think that this was the intent. It maybe did not work out as intended, but it is too late to change that...
  2. But the way it is, creating skins is easier for people with little to no experience in creating textures. You can simply create a skin by exchanging one material with another. No need to create a texture from scratch. That (I belive) is the versatility Springheel meant: The easy possibility to create new skins.
  3. Ok, this is strange. The last time I worked on it, the animations were working. The IK was implemented via trial and error by me, as I had no real knowledge about it. I just copied, what I could find in other AI and tried to transfer it to the Werebeast. The main problem (as far as I can remember) were slopes above a certain degree, which made the animation look very unnatural (anything above 20-30°, if I remember correctly). This was also the reason, why I stoped working on it: I simply did not know what I was doing and transfering what I could find was not enough to make it work properly In case, the files on SVN are not up to date, this is the lastest version I have: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t97u6lm914fen7o/werebeast.pk4?dl=0 I had problems with my hard drives some time ago and had quite a lot of data loss, so these are the only files I have. Another reason that dampened my motivation.
  4. Not sure how elaborate the last part was for you, but it could be achieved quite easily via S/R: you set the machine as non-frobable at the beginning and give the lever (that goes into the inventory) a response to frob with the effect "set machine frobable". Not sure if this is easier than what you did, but wanted to mention it.
  5. Yeah, CTD is "Crash To Desktop"; which is still better than BSD "Blue Screen of Death".
  6. I am not sure for which mission the numbers wheel was created. It could also be that it was the other way around: it was made a core asset with the same name, so the required script was removed from the entity and was now missing for the original mission, which had to be updated to fix it. But if it works now, everything is fie, is it not? EDIT: I just found this thread, where someone had a CTD in one mission with the lock. Apparently it was created for A New Job.
  7. The error above stems from a specific entity (a numbered wheel for a safe) that was originally designed for a specific mission. If I remeber correctly, this entity was later on made available for the core mod, but the script still had lines that were only applicable for the original mission, but was changed in 2.07. Still, it is an entity that you see from time tot time to cause errors. If it works fine in a later version, it is possible that the script had an error in the previous version, but was fixed by the map author.
  8. The read-only is very likely an issue with Win10. You could try another installation path. Win10 has a couple of paths (especially on the C : drive) that it won't allow to be writeable. This includes some of the Programs folders. I have a designated drive for games and have not had any issues, since then.
  9. Regarding scale it helps a lot to put a random AI somewhere in your scene. With that you have a reference point on how big everything is and it is easier to get the scale right. If you are more of a numbers person, you can use the info on this Wiki page: 1 DarkRadiant unit = 0.909 inches = 2.309 cm. So, if you know how tall a room should be in real life, you know how many units you need in DR to be realistic. The page also contains some useful information regarding how big any openigs may be, how steep a slope is traversible for players and AI etc.
  10. In Firefox I still find it rather disturbing that you can simply display all saved passwords. Of course, one would have to get physical access to your browser, but still this is a feature that I think should not exist. If you want to see for yourself, just go to options, select "privacy and safety" (or something similar? My version is German, so I am not 100% sure how it is called in the English version), then "credentials and passwords" (as above not 100% sure if this is the correct translation) and hit the "Saved Credentials" (see above) button. There you will find a button with someting like "Display saved passwords" and you can just review all passwords saved in Firefox. So, if you are interested in learning the passwords of any family members that use the same machine, this is the way to go.
  11. The design of the Mission downloader is currently under discussion in this thread: I would recommend to make your suggestion there, as it is a quite similar topic,
  12. I have played The Last of Us only up until half of the game (I was told I have been at the point when the story got really interesting), but unfortunately my living community dissolved at that time and I have never gotten to buy a PS3/4 myself (mainly because I would also have to buy a fitting TV, as well). It is still one of the games that is quite high on my priority list. Thus, I cannot really compare the two emotion-wise, but the gameplay is similar regarding sneaking. If I remember correctly The Last of Us also usually had one "correct" path while sneaking. But I believe that Plague Tale is less forgiving in that combat is way harder than in The Last of Us. You are "only" a teenage girl against trained knights, after all.
  13. I am playing at normal difficulty (on PC btw. but with game pad) and it was not that hard so far. I did die a couple of times, but it was mosly carlessness. Oh, one setting that makes it a bit more difficult is: I turned off the aiming help (there is still some, but it is far less pronounced). I like that the protagonist uses a sling. It makes the implementation of different ammp types more realistic than with a bow. Not sure if a sling was ever considered for the Thief games, but was discarded in favour of the bow. Does anyone know something about that?
  14. Hi all, I think some of you might be interested in "A Plague Tale : Innocence". It is mostly stealth based, although the stealth system is quite linear and unimaginative. You usually know exactly what the game wants you to do. Instead, it focuses more on the story, which is quite interesting, in my opinion. If you like games like "Uncharted", but in a medieval setting, you might like the game.
  15. Due to a server crash the site is currently under maintenance, so a couple of features are missing. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you, when it will be up again, but it will be at some point. You can check this thread to keep up with any new developments.
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