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  1. can I move the topic or delete it completely?
  2. Hey, I know I'm asking much but I'm playing this game since early beginnings. I would really appreciate some kind of sorting mechanisms for all available maps, so they get sorted for e.g. making date or release date (So each map should automatically get a release or making date when its build) and also per version number (and ofcourse back to alphabetic order). Because over all those years its really hard to keep track of all those maps I've played or reinstalled when the game was lost. An additional search function by name would be splendid. greetings Mc
  3. hey, I know I'm asking a lot, but after so many years and so many nice Fan Mission, I would be really happy if you could change the download mission screen. I Think it needs more detail overall: My suggestion is to improve release date, author, title and size to at least: an official version number & last updated (still seeing the original release) and an option to sort all missions alphabetically, per release and per updated date. greetings Mc
  4. nice mission just a little bit blurred at the outside from the ship if you look away. and the book is stuck so i cant continue (1st i read it, then took the treasure and read it again) but funny treasure around the ship and i could just k.o the cook if you fix this bug its really nice .
  5. thx i got it... im so damn blind... i took everything from the opened crypt except the soul jar btw it was a nice puzzle, but 2 easy
  6. i broke the story line when i picked the wrong scroll and could get our of the cage ^^ then i kod the bad hammerite and was happy 2 haved saved before... but where the hell is this damn soul stone? im up in the last? tower with the hint of the last magician who sealed the dimension portal with this soul stone but the stone ist there...
  7. omg, i just missed 1 door... the one room with the rusted key ^^
  8. i can't get out of the station ^^ i found the same key 2 times but im still missing the key 4 the sewers. i know 2 dead men but both neither have the key on or under them...
  9. ok thx so i just have to find the tool and open the gate ;-) a little strange is that the most things dont highlight as the iron peaces, the crystals etc just the loot is highlighting... the tool wasnt found but i think the readables give some clues for it ^^ u've well hidden the 4th cheese Greetz Mc
  10. sure im no native english.speaker ^^ my wrong grammer or bad compositions of words should tell everyone ;-) but as long as u can understand me and get the point of my view i think its fine if there are furthermore changes to have missions in other languages ill try my best to help (if i have some time left) but this is only possible (for me) from english to german. in this mission i did not know anything ^^ i found 8 crystal pieces and get an objectice completed. i also found 3 cheeses and think i have to get 1 more but im not sure... even the words for the cheese in the menu differs for the one in the objective (if it is 1 ^^ ) so im totally lost.. i opened all doors and chests, got enough loot but have an objective missing i dont understand and perhaps the cheesy one. and btw why should i steal 4 pieces of old cheese? greetz Mc
  11. i want an english version too ;-) the mission looks nice but if u have no story or cant read anything its really strange btw which language is it?
  12. Congrats for this nice FM. i hope in the release is enough loot to be found or im better in finding it ^^ btw plz dont forget my number in the Name .
  13. hi, i was able to turn off the catalyst ai some mins ago: i found something very useful with google and tried it myself: 1. In CCC set up your AA & AF settings, make sure that Catalyst AI is set to "High Quality", and make sure that the "Enable Surface Format Optimization" check box is unchecked before continuing. 2. Search for a file named 'Profiles.xml'. Mine was located here: C:\Users\McPhisto2051\AppData\Local\ATI\ACE\Profiles.xml 3. Right click on the file once the search is done and select "Edit". 4. Find 'CatalystAI' and change Enable to Disable 5. Now run the MOM.exe file. Mine was located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\MOM.exe 6. Restart your PC and you should be set. Now you can use the latest drivers and CCC and disable Catalyst AI. it really worked. but i wanna say i did not see MOM.exe working even if i clicked it about 3 times. GL & HF.
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