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  1. https://old.reddit.com/r/assholedesign/comments/duu7lg/the_fact_that_i_need_an_internet_connection_to/ This discussion gave me a good laugh. I wonder what you are supposed to do when they no longer feel like running the service that you can't play your games without connecting to anymore. But even pointing out a concern like that probably gets one flagged as a hippy/commy/terrorist/whatever.
  2. Talking out my rear end here, but I think multiplayer would be a more practical feature to implement. I mean, id games and engines are ALL about the multiplayer. Doom 3 had it, limited as it was. But the reason I am just talking out my rear is that I don't know what changes were made while transforming Doom 3 into The Dark Mod that would need to be reworked in order to support multiplay. It is likely much more complicated to support than I think that it is.
  3. Here here. Nothing like playing videos in the Firefox web browser, which still does decoding in pure software in 2019, instead of using one of the native video playback applications in the OS, which uses proper hardware acceleration, thereby leading to less heat and longer battery life. And, Google and Mozilla are in a race to see who can build the biggest web browser that renders older computers obsolete. There's a reason many Linux flavors are dropping support for 32-bit computers, it's because in a few years, you won't even be able to use one to browse the Internet due to both web browsers (and websites) surpassing 4GB per process memory constraints!
  4. GREAT song. It sounds like there is a sample from a numbers station in there. Youtube does harm the quality of the original though because of compression, especially in the highs (as compression usually does). Song captures night time perfectly. Not just the opening, the whole thing.
  5. I put in a feature request to see ads on the Windows 10 boot screen. Why not? Ads are already on the lock screen and start page, and you can't use the computer during the boot process anyway, so that is a perfect time to show you some ads! Come on Microsoft, fetch some ads while the computer is running and randomly set them as the new boot splash, it's not hard! I could probably code that one up. Anyway, the request just got silently deleted. It's like when you bring up one of those topics that specific religious groups have a track record of covering up and really don't want to talk about. Or maybe they're just going to steal my idea, and not give me proper credit for it. At least we can express ourselves openly here without corporations censoring things. And since I don't use Windows 10, I really truly do want them to put ads on the boot screen, so that I can laugh some more. I'll just have to be patient.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHIT2or-F9o "tracheotomy man" ha ha ha
  7. Ah, okay, maybe that's it, then. One of the things I always loved about Thief was the huge difference in reaction of guards to a small sound vs a sudden huge noise made by the player. You would literally scare them if you e.g. landed on tile hard or hit a door with the sword and they previously didn't know you were there. Nice attention to detail. I confess I was a door basher when I was young. It was the first thing I did if I didn't have the key and the lockpicks didn't fit.
  8. My two sense is, this particular topic has been brought up and beaten to death various times over the years. It would require a whole lotta work, for minimal gain, maybe even some loss. So it's not gonna happen. As a player and a fan, I honestly don't really want it to. Rampant commercialism is a big part of what has ruined modern games, to the point that I won't even download them for free.
  9. What happens if you normally sign into the PC with a Microsoft account, but you are offline now?
  10. https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-10-users-fume-microsoft-wheres-our-local-account-option-gone/ Average user: "Domain join account"... da fuck does that mean? I better not click it because I don't know what it means. All I want is an offline account. (assuming the user even knows what this means) And I've learned already that clicking stuff I don't understand, is bad. Now why won't they let me use my computer without giving them all this personal information? I never had to do that while I was setting up my old one! But the truth is that if this system works correctly, then people who are new to computers will not even realize that an offline account was an option.
  11. I don't mean sound for you the player to hear, I mean sound for nearby AI's to hear. They don't seem to be sensitive enough when one of their nearby comrades is slain, as long as they don't actually see it. One example of this is on the new boat mission. I killed an AI sleeping in their quarters while someone was walking through the hallway and the AI out in the hallway didn't notice. If this were Thief, they definitely would have heard the sound. Thoughts? I know that this is regarding game balance and is thus very difficult to get right.
  12. Haven't played this yet, but it sounds pretty cool, like the ship mission from Thief 3, (one of the highlights from that game). Also something we haven't seen a lot of in TDM.
  13. For me personally, this is where I drew the line. https://www.extremetech.com/computing/241587-microsoft-finally-admits-malware-style-get-windows-10-upgrade-campaign-went-far Once you start deliberately designing your products to trick, take advantage of people or wear them down with incessant nagging, that is beyond the point of forgiveness in my book. To Microsoft's credit, malicious user interfaces are pretty standard today. I have an Android tablet with one particular app on it, solely for offline use. It asks me if I want to update the app constantly. I say "not now". That's because my only options are "not now" and "update". This particular app is written by a certain company with a track record of pushing the boundaries of acceptable behavior.., so I don't really want it connecting to the Internet. They just do not understand, or more likely choose to not understand, that I do not want this software connecting to the Internet, ever. It is solely for offline use and there should be an option to permanently dismiss a dialog like this and make it stop nagging me. If there was an option in the UI to firewall this program off from the network entirely, I would have done so already. Back when software developers had a shred of respect for users, there was always a "don't ask again" button. But those days are long gone, save for in the free and open source world. We don't pick on Microsoft exclusively, but this is a Microsoft thread, so Microsoft is naturally going to be the prime subject of discussion here. I don't imagine that there are that many Apple users on these forums, because Apple isn't big in the computer gaming sector. I myself have almost no experience with their products whatsoever. Likewise for Chromebooks/Chrome OS. They have hardly any presence in the gaming sphere, save for very simple games that do not require demanding hardware
  14. https://old.reddit.com/r/Windows10/comments/d93xir/stuck_on_this_screen_dont_want_to_create_a/ It's like a disease that you can't get rid of without performing a special voodoo incantation. God forbid someone wants to use their _personal_ computer without a Microsoft account!
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqFNbCcyFkk Today, the Simpsons is completely devoid of any of the creativity, wit, or clever satire that once made it great. In short, it has run it's course and should have ended years ago. Some of the staff left. Others died. With them, apparently went the heart and soul of this show.
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