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  1. One issue impacting ray tracing in games will be the terminator artifact. It looks like this, and you'll se it in Quake2RTX. The proper way to solve it is to use very high polygon models, which obviously comes at a huge cost. Basically if you have lights that cast sharp shadows, especially the sun, you get jagged stair-step artifacts because of the low polygon model. http://www.creativewithjaakko.com/2017/07/27/low-poly-artifacts-in-cycles/ Pumping up the render samples will NOT make this go away.
  2. Well ideally Doom3, TDM, and Thief would all get support for RTX. :) Yes, I have one of those cards in my system. I know that Thief and TDM are definitely different things, and I wasn't talking about mixing the two. I don't think classic Thief is open source. Someone found the source code, dumped it on the Internet, and people have been fixing and enhancing it ever since. But Square could put a stop to that if they wanted, since they never gave permission. It's just that Thief is 20 years old and they probably have better (aka more profitable) stuff to do than going after fans who are keeping a 20 year old game alive and compatible with new systems.
  3. "correctly made assets" What's wrong with TDM's assets? Why would they not be appropriate for use with path/ray tracing? You've already got the diffuse, the normal, and the specular map. At least for most stuff in TDM. This stuff had to be created by Nvidia (or by modders) for Quake 2 RTX. Unless you mean assets of TDM are too high poly to run real-time with the full path tracing treatment. Or that there is no roughness map. A crude solution for this last bit is to just invert the specular map. At least that's how I do it in Blender. On top of the engine enhancement, a Thief RTX port would require all the assets to be augmented with specular and normal maps. They have none, far as I know, just like Quake 2 originally did. That would take a lot of work, come to think of it. But at least it's not like remaking the game from scratch. Square/Eidos should do it.
  4. https://www.polygon.com/2019/9/19/20874384/french-court-steam-valve-used-games-eu-law French court rules that Steam’s ban on reselling used games is contrary to European law Sometimes I do have to remind myself that there really are places in the world where governments don't just metaphorically suck off corporations all day, and on the flip-side, actually stand up for consumers' rights. Sadly, I don't live in one of those places. I think if I did though, I would actually buy more games. Kind of ironic! Over here, they brainwash the masses with superfluous scandals in order to make sure citizens are distracted from the gradual erosion of our rights. "Did you hear what random celebrity/random elected official said/did yesterday?!?!" No, I didn't, and I don't care.
  5. Yes Doom 3 would be great with path-tracing as well. Think of all those computer screens, and imagine them actually emitting light! Would definitely play through it again if this came out.
  6. 1. Produce an updated version of the two games with RTX (full-blown path-tracing) support. If Nvidia did it with Quake 2, then Square/Eidos could do it with the Thief engine. 2. Leave the game open to modding. We want fans to create custom levels that take advantage of the path tracing and global illumination on RTX. 3. As tempting as it may be, don't make the game require a connection or check-in with mandatory online spyware services in order to be played. I'm actually surprised and a little disappointed that Nvidia didn't grab TDM and port it to RTX, with path tracing. Maybe the polycounts in TDM are too high, I don't know. Many of the modern AAA games that are getting ray tracing only use it for the reflections, and not for everything, like Quake 2 does. That means an updated game from 22 years ago has a renderer that is more faithful to reality than modern games being made today. You've gotta admit, that is kind of funny. For example, instead of using invisible point lights, they use area lights for everything. The textures actually emit light and cast shadows based on their color, shape and size. All reflections are dynamic and real-time. Think of a character swinging his sword around and it reflecting the environment, and anything else that is moving around in the environment too. Polycounts aren't everything, and this is amazing to see.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dq6T5BojXc8
  8. I still remember, back in the day when I thought Microsoft was on my side, I would go out of my way and install all the optional updates to Windows. They weren't critical fixes, but some of them had descriptions like "resolves issues with X", so I figured "why the hell not?". Boy was that a long time ago.
  9. And the lolz keep coming. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/09/03/windows_10_cpu/ What if I want a computer without any of these online data-mining services integrated into it, that also doesn't randomly get hijacked by the OS vendor to install third party products that I have no interest in? Wait, I already have that, it's called Debian.
  10. Would be weird for sure. The movie-going public likes action, violence and explosions. And Thief is the opposite of that. Or at least, it's supposed to be.
  11. https://techcrunch.com/2019/08/27/microsofts-lead-eu-data-watchdog-is-looking-into-fresh-windows-10-privacy-concerns/ Imagine your operating system, the software that your computer depends on in order to function, being spyware. Now imagine that this software is developed in a country whose government truly could not give less of a fuck about policing corporate behavior. Corporations in the US do whatever they like, and fines are engineered to be just the cost of doing business. Sure, you can use a different OS, but that requires skill. And interoperability is a problem, because in spite of using the same mp3 files that have been around for 20 years, every new version of Office comes with a new file format in order to throw a spanner into cross-platform support and make editing and reading documents on other platforms more difficult to do.
  12. Would be cool if we got a 44KHz edition of the sounds in this game. It was tough for machines to do in 1998 but less than nothing now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjDkRpDMuwk
  13. Question: How many capacitors can ypu pry out of a running computer and have it still work? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHzaDzwIl1E Answer, a lot more than you'd think!
  14. Shout out to the developers of Blender, it is one of the last few programs today that isn't out to trick me into things I don't want, Blender is not loaded with telemetry to be disabled in ten different places, and it doesn't install random extensions behind the scenes without my permission! It's like, the way software should be designed! You might think that this is a dig at Microsoft, but it's not. Even popular FOSS applications today are shamelessly doing all of the above. https://www.theverge.com/2017/12/16/16784628/mozilla-mr-robot-arg-plugin-firefox-looking-glass Somehow Blender has managed to become big and successful while still respecting the user! Now, they're even getting big donations from big game development studios! I myself am proud to have supported them by buying some material on disk!
  15. This topic reminds me of the other one I made. Anyway, how to actually make games better. * cut-scenes should be used sparingly, not every five minutes. Most of the time I should be interacting with the world and the characters in it, in real-time. My actions should actually impact things, which is harder to pull off with cut-scenes. * Come up with more genuine, innovative game ideas. Doom was innovative. Thief was innovative. They did something new, and they did it well. I like the idea of a game where you are a police officer and you have to figure out who to apprehend. That would work well in the Grand Theft Auto world/engine. And it would be more interesting than just another mission where the player has to clear out a building. * also think there should be fewer remakes. I mean, Tomb Raider has been remade like 3 times now. Doom has been remade 3 times as well, although Doom 3 was certainly very different from classic Doom. But just upping the visual quality and republishing a game from fifteen years ago is not... exciting
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