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  1. Congrats on releasing your first mission! I had a great time testing it, and I already know that it's a high quality product!
  2. Thanks for your kind words, though I'm sorry to hear you ran into problems. I've gathered that some of my contraptions were unstable.
  3. Thanks for the praise! I'm glad you appreciated the attention to detail, I feel like I almost went overboard in this one adding little details that the vast majority of players won't find. The side missions thing is probably going to be a staple for my missions, along with secrets, since they're so much fun to add in and most players seem to enjoy that.
  4. Glad you liked it! Sounds like you explored pretty well. I think your guess is probably correct.
  5. Those are kind words indeed! I'm glad you liked the ratter challenge too haha. By the sound of it you will get a real kick out of CoS 3 that will be released in the spring. The way I imagine it Clifton Grove is a fairly small, independently minded borough where people are a bit suspicious of outsiders due to the relative poverty surrounding them. I was thinking the population would be in the low thousands. Almost the entirety of Clifton is accessible in Pearls & Swine, maybe 85%. Brooksdale on the other hand is much larger and more cramped. CoS 2 only let's you explore I would say the northern 1/3 of it (the least ghetto part). So I would probably say the population here is well above 10k maybe even over 20k. I would say that moving two thirds of your current estimate over to Langmiller's ward would be fair. That district has much taller buildings and and has a larger footprint. I might add that my other map, The Night of Reluctant Benefaction, takes place in East Farley Acres which is probably about the same size as Clifton when you combine it with West Farley Acres that has not been made yet, this area is east of Brooksdale which is hinted in a readable. In CoS 2 I also hint at a borough named Woodpine Cross which is north of Clifton and northwest of Brooksdale. I'm planning on setting a mission here after CoS 3, with it being probably in between the two in terms of size and class. I can't think of any other named districts off the top of my head, though I suspect both Melan and Sotha, and maybe Goldwell have done so in some of their missions. Good luck in your continued studies of the demographics of Bridgeport!
  6. Fascinating topic! Seems like you have a real passion for demographics! This idea never really occurred to me, though I will say I've long wanted to have a map of Bridgeport showing the location of all the different wards and boroughs (I'm a bit of a map nerd). I'm glad to see my "part of town", Brooksdale and Clifton Grove represented in your statistics. Though I think you overestimate the population by two orders of magnitude ^^. The skybox of the city around it are really meant to be other districts/wards some of which are as yet unnamed. I do wonder how you chose which names to include. I would say Langmiller's Ward from the Crucible of Omens mission should be in there, and I'm sure there are others named in other missions as well. Also isn't the Old Quarter and Stone Market from the Thief universe? That said, it's a really interesting population census that you've put together!
  7. Glad you enjoyed it! I would say that the mission is definitely inspired by Mother Rose but plays quite differently. The audio design was one of my priorities and I agree my GF did a good job on the voice acting.
  8. Oh my ... how did that happen? You were able to grab 500 loot before triggering the first conversation? That happened to me during testing a couple of times, but never if I triggered the conversation at the door. Did you noclip around, or do I have another bug on my hands?
  9. That is super strange. If I do update the file I'll make sure to leave the door frobable always. Those are actually custom still, even though you see them in a lot of missions. I asked Bikerdude for permission to use them but I think they're basically free to grab for mappers at this point.
  10. Glad you enjoyed it! My 14 yo made it all the way through though she was creeping very slowly for most of it My GF could barely make it through the garden before she screamed and ran away from the computer though! You're welcome! In what way was it surprising?
  11. Wow that is really strange, nothing I've ever seen or anything my testers have. Can you explain what happened from entering the second floor up to the point where door stopped being frobable? Did it open and then close or never open at all? I would suggest reloading or restarting the mission, but if this is a reproducible bug I may be able to do a quick fix.
  12. It's open right? It's intentional that it doesn't close back since I wanted to set the opening time to a slow creepy pace. It wouldn't make sense that when the player closes it it's still moving as slow.
  13. Story: Build Time: Thanks: Download: In the in-game downloader, when it's back up* or at the following locations: Dropbox http://darkmod.taaaki.za.net/fms/lhl.pk4 http://fidcal.com/darkuser/missions/lhl.pk4 http://www.southquarter.com/tdm/fms/lhl.pk4 *right now the mission server is down, which means you will need to manually download and install this mission. Download the pk4 file from dropbox above, and place it in your folder called LhL inside your "fms" folder in your TDM install directory. Let me know if you run in to problems! Gallery: Hints, Tips, Walkthrough, Spoilers(!):
  14. Wow, that is pretty amazing. I got it to run pretty well on my work laptop in chrome. That web application certainly has a lot of potential! As far as porting TDM into webbrowser format, it may be worth looking in to but we have few people with that level of code-fu and time to work on it. Maybe once we get a good VR client it could be worth looking in to this though! If nothing else it could be a fun way to spread TDM to the masses if all you have to do is to embed the game in a post on a forum / social media ^^
  15. When you're planning out your objectives and realize you want to add no less than 12 side missions... 😅

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